For the cost, those cupcakes ought to taste good.

They may be easy games, but we can’t call them cheap wins at Auburn anymore:

Auburn will pay $2.425 million for three of its four non-conference home games in 2010.

That sum includes $1 million payouts to Arkansas State and Louisiana-Monroe as well as $425,000 to Tennessee-Chattanooga…

The school also will pay $2.325 million for three non-conference games in 2011 — $950,000 to Utah State, $975,000 to Florida Atlantic and $400,000 to Samford.

I wonder when they’ll raise season ticket prices next.  Quality home games like that should have the fans fighting over seating.



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13 responses to “For the cost, those cupcakes ought to taste good.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So those three schools can defend their virtue by saying “I may be easy but I’m not cheap.”


  2. Brings to mind the punchline to that old joke: “we know what you are, we’re just haggling over the fee.” 😉


  3. Jbird

    Auburn, Ole Sis, and Kentucky are battlin’ it out for the girl(s) “behind the green door..”. I just hope the Obama administration doesn’t find a way to slap a “luxury” tax on my already too damn expensive 6 season tickets…


  4. Boz

    You would think they’d throw the home state teams a bigger bone…


    • 69Dawg

      The state legislature should make the state schools play in state schools. If you are going to play cupcakes make them our cupcakes not some other states. Before GT or UGA schedule any Div IAA schools they should have to schedule GA Southern or now GA State. Why should a Georgia state school pay a non-Georgia state school 400,000+ when our smaller schools could use the money. Heck if Alabama can beat the snot out of GA State we should be able to do it too.


  5. HVL Dawg

    UT-C must be suckers.


  6. It’s a damn shame that a team plays 8 home games and their fans still bitch about being left out in 2004.


  7. Phocion

    So what, again, was the complaint when Boise State was asking for a nice payday while this group of victims gets numbers like these?

    Perhaps some people should reassess their criticism of the two-time Fiesta Bowl winners and their self-perception. (Then again, those people might choose to stick to the Old Boys Club line and ignore the evidence)


  8. keith

    That is an excellent point on playing in state cupcakes. Why not do it and as you say, its a big financial boom to these small schools.