More why Georgia is doomed in 2010

Since I’ve been cast in the role of yin to T. Kyle’s yang, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring next year’s schedule to your attention.

Here ’tis:

Sat, Sep 04 University of Louisiana-Lafayette Athens, Ga.
Sat, Sep 11 South Carolina * at Columbia, S.C.
Sat, Sep 18 Arkansas * Athens, Ga.
Sat, Sep 25 Mississippi State * at Starkville, Miss.
Sat, Oct 02 Colorado at Boulder, Colo.
Sat, Oct 09 Tennessee * Athens, Ga.
Sat, Oct 16 Vanderbilt * Athens, Ga.
Sat, Oct 23 Kentucky * at Lexington, Ky.
Sat, Oct 30 Florida * at Jacksonville, Fla.
Sat, Nov 06 Idaho State Athens, Ga.
Sat, Nov 13 Auburn * at Auburn, Ala.
Sat, Nov 27 Georgia Tech Athens, Ga.

The first thing that jumps out at you is the non-conference slate.  ULaLa, Colorado, Idaho State and Georgia Tech collectively is a less imposing bunch than last year’s group of Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Tennessee Tech and Georgia Tech was.

Georgia dodges Alabama from the SEC West.   Georgia travels to Auburn, true, but it comes after the kind of game that Auburn itself typically plays before facing the Dawgs.  And the Dawgs have done okay on the Plains of late.

We can bitch about not having the off week before the Florida game, but that didn’t exactly help last year, did it?

South Carolina will likely be its typical hot, pain in the ass matchup early on, but that’s no different than usual.  The ‘Cocks face Southern Mississippi in the opener on a Thursday night, so they’ll have a little more time to get ready than Georgia will.

If there’s a tough part, it’s back to back road games at Mississippi State and Colorado followed by a home game against a Tennessee team that waxed Georgia in Knoxville.  Still, I’d venture to say that Georgia will be favored to win in all three of those games.

All in all, the schedule is significantly more manageable than last year’s was.


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26 responses to “More why Georgia is doomed in 2010

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I assume you have already prepared your Georgia-South Carolina pregame analysis? Blah blah.


  2. Calvin

    It would be nice to have an off-week sometime in the middle of the season. Not that having it before a certain game is that important, but having an off week sometime in the season (other than before the last game) gives a team time to heal.


    • BeerMoney

      Unless, of course, we somehow make it to Atlanta to play in the 1st weekend in December. Then that off-week at the end of the year might carry some extra weight even with the game against NATS.


  3. D.N. Nation

    Georgia dodges Alabama from the SEC West.

    LSU, too. Though we owe that bloated oaf some payback.


  4. The Realist

    We’re doom’d, I tells ya. Doom’d.


  5. Todd

    Maybe we will finally treat Ufk like a big game for the first time, since, 2001?

    When CMR first came here, Ufk was a conference measuring stick, but for the last 8 years, they have been mostly an also-ran.

    Every year that game feels a lot more like Scu than UF. We as fans and the team seem to totally ignore Ufk, and the fact that they are our primary rival in the SEC East.

    Hopefully, after all that has gone on lately, we will treat Ufk as a rivalry again.


  6. Todd

    Good call, cannot believe I forgot that one. CMR engineered a masterful opening drive with MoMass taking that reverse and throwing quick hitters on the sideline.

    I was sitting in the Ufk blue-hair section near where Leonard Pope broke Jason Allen in half. I thought that he may have been dead because it took at least 30 minutes to get him off the field.


  7. Will Trane

    Carolina and Mississippi State games will be very good indicators of where the new defense is and where it will go the balance of 2010. I think the Dawgs offensive will be very tough to stop even with a new QB…for all purposes the only inexperienced spot on the O. I think the 2010 team, including the D, will surprise a few people…I like their chances…it is a good schedule.


  8. NRBQ

    Eleven straight weeks.

    Whew. I’m gonna be worn out.


  9. Phocion

    The Non-conf is definitely a step down from recent years. Sure, the trip to Boulder following playing at Starksville isn’t the easiest thing, but Colorado is nothing more than a nice name…the program is a bit of a joke these days (lucky to hit .500).

    The toughest part of the sched is the early and sustained jump into SEC play.


  10. BeerMoney

    How about an early prediction as to game times/TV? Here’s my best guess:

    Sat, Sep 04 University of Louisiana-Lafayette Athens, Ga.–no TV 1:00 or 12:20 SECTV
    Sat, Sep 11 South Carolina * at Columbia, S.C. 6:00/7:45 ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
    Sat, Sep 18 Arkansas * Athens, Ga. 6:00/7:45 ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
    Sat, Sep 25 Mississippi State * at Starkville, Miss. 6:00/7:45 ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
    Sat, Oct 02 Colorado at Boulder, Colo. 3:30 ABC
    Sat, Oct 09 Tennessee * Athens, Ga. 3:30 CBS/7:45 ESPN
    Sat, Oct 16 Vanderbilt * Athens, Ga. 12:20 SECTV
    Sat, Oct 23 Kentucky * at Lexington, Ky. 12:20 SECTV/6:00 ESPN2
    Sat, Oct 30 Florida * at Jacksonville, Fla. 3:30 CBS (already set)
    Sat, Nov 06 Idaho State Athens, Ga. NO TV
    Sat, Nov 13 Auburn * at Auburn, Ala. 3:30 CBS/7:45 ESPN
    Sat, Nov 27 Georgia Tech Athens, Ga. 12:00 CBS or 6:00/7:45 ESPN/ESPN2


  11. 69Dawg

    After 50 years of watching UGA football I have finally decided to not believe any pre-season hype. College football is played by 18-22 year olds and they are capable of a lot of things but first and foremost they are inconsistent. It’s hard to get them up each and every week and as a result you are always one or two turnovers away from a loss.

    All of the love this past year for the OL turned out to be hype. I just re-watched the Bowl game were a bad Texas A&M D stoned our O for 3 quarters. I reserve judgement until we play SCU. If we beat the snot out of them, then and only then will I start to believe.


  12. NebraskaDawg

    Idaho State is the trap game


  13. Scooter

    That’s a very, very manageable schedule for Georgia. You guys should be undefeated going into the Florida game. And if you guys are ever going to contend for the East again, this is the year to do it when Florida is thought to be down.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The problem is that, once again, FLA has the week off before the WLOCP and UGA doesn’t. I realize that didn’t help us last year but that was because, frankly, the disparity between the teams was too great. This year we’re going to be better and they’re coming back to earth somewhat. When they need it they always seem to get help. Personally I favor the SEC setting a mandatory timeframe for all SEC games to be played of 8 weeks in the middle of the season so this gamesmanship about getting the week off before a big game and the rival not having that week off can be put to rest. UGA is not the only team to be victimized by that tactic (i.e. UTk in 2008, not that I feel for them). Play the OOC games at the beginning and at the end of the season. (Please do not give me that drivel about “the SEC sets the SEC schedule” and the ADs have no control–they DO have input as proven by Spurrier getting the FLA schedule rearranged so FLA always had the week off before the WLOCP when he was there).


      • Phocion

        Take a look at Alabama’s schedule when it comes to SEC teams having a week off before playing the Tide. Then see about that complaint of yours.

        Last year, BOTH Tennessee and Auburn had the preceding their Alabama games off. Mississippi State as well.

        Alabama was off the week before the LSU game.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          My point exactly. And what did Mal Moore do when the schedule was posted having six (yes, that’s 6) games where Bama’s opponent had the week off before playing Bama but Bama did not? He screamed to high heaven and rightly so. The year Fulmer got fired UTk was similarly victimized (although I shed no tears I acknowledge that it was not fair). UTk had a 5-6 season and their coach got the ax. The SEC, if it truly wants to be fair about scheduling, should not let things like this happen–period. Will things change any time soon? Probably not as long as Mike $lime is the SEC Commisioner. The only thing he cares about is money.


          • Phocion

            I just don’t think it is targeted. The SEC doesn’t favour Florida over Georgia anymore than it does Auburn over Alabama.

            Look at it this way…Alabama is the lead program in the SEC going into 2010, why would the Commissioners Office want to make it more difficult for its best team?


            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I don’t know if it is targeted or not. I suspect not. I do know that it is unfair and needs to stop. I have no confidence in the SEC Commissioner’s office to do anything right, however. As you said, why would they put the top program in the SEC in such a position. Question: How do you spell “stupid?” Answer: S-L-I-V-E. You can trace the problems with the officials right back to him, too. All he cares about is the money.


  14. NM

    We don’t play Alabama, but Tennessee (duh), Florida, and the Cocks do. We should all be big Tide fans this fall (well, until December, at least).


  15. Will (the other one)

    I’m not overlooking Arky at all. Mallet torched us last year and their D got better later in the season.
    The first half again looks more daunting than the last half of the season.


  16. is “bunch” plural?

    signed –