Could Georgia have two 1000-yard rushers in 2010?

Don’t snicker, campers.  With the announcement that Richard Samuel is moving to linebacker this season, it’s a legitimate question.  If you breakdown Ealey’s and King’s 2009 stats, it’s not that farfetched, provided the injury bug doesn’t derail either’s season.

Take out the mid-season stretch when King’s play was limited as a result of the busted jaw he received in the LSU game, and you’re left with a seven-game body of work in which he carried the ball 96 times for 554 yards, for a 5.77 ypc average.  That pace over thirteen games translates into almost 14 carries a game and a 79.14 ypg average, resulting in a total of 1029 yards.

If you pick up with Ealey at the Tennessee game, when he seriously became a part of the mix at tailback, you get these numbers over the last eight games of the season:  113 carries, 684 yards, a 5.85 ypc average.  For a thirteen-game season, that pace works out to about 14 carries a game, an 85.5 yards per game tally and a total of 1111 yards.

Yes, I know all the standard disclaimers about past performance and future results apply, and, again, Georgia will have to stay injury-free, not just with the backs, but also with the line, to have a legitimate shot at this, but given the likelihood that the playcalling will be structured to protect a rookie quarterback, I tend to think there’s a decent chance of accomplishing this.  And if you’re a believer in running the ball and stopping the run as two big components in playing successful football, that’s a good start.  It’ll be up to Coach Grantham and his charges to do something about improving that 36th ranking in rushing defense to deliver on the other part.


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11 responses to “Could Georgia have two 1000-yard rushers in 2010?

  1. Maybe Richard Samuel’s tendency to run into people and stop at first contact will translate into the ability to run into people and make a tackle at first contact . . . something we could use in an ILB.


  2. Will Trane

    Erase the names…find the position on the roster…and in 2010 Dawgs will run the ball with authority…look at the interior line and the TEs…if this guys continue to play and to develop from 09 into 10…Georgia will be hard to stop…not only will they stretch the field vertically, but horizonatly…they will get to the edge more this year…so if they see alot of the 4-4, they will feast on some teams.


  3. Steve O

    Here’s a little overlooked nugget… can you say Pending Kiffin NCAA Beatdown. – T minus 2 weeks and counting……


  4. D.N. Nation

    Marc Curles’ (who else? other than Penn Wagers) no-call on the cheap shot on King was even worse than his more famous ’09 boners. Fireable offense.


  5. Macallanlover

    Agree, a big rushing attack is very possible this season with the talent we have back at RB, OL, a new QB, and receivers that really make you respect the pass. It all hinges on the OL performance and I got burned thinking they would get it done this past season. I will remain cautiously optimistic about this year and act like I am from Missouri.


  6. dean

    Speaking on the Samual switch, I wonder what the chances are of him being redshirted this year? Learning a new position under a new coordinator with two years of eligibility left is going to be tough.


    • King Jericho

      According to his scouting report from 2007, he played a lot of LB in high school. I would think that since it’s a new scheme for everyone, it’s probably a pretty even playing field despite he hasn’t played linebacker in a few seasons. Nothing some hard work and good coaching over the offseason can’t fix. This is just speculation, because I can’t back it up at all, but I would think a big factor in redshirting a kid on a position like LB would be for them to grow. Samuel’s RB position requires very similar skills and build, so I think a lot of what’s to gain through a redshirt would be better somewhere else.


      • Pumpdawg

        It was reported when he came to Athens that he wanted to play linebacker but the coaches thought he would be a better running back.His quote”I like hitting better than getting hit.”


  7. Greerdawg

    Bruce Figgins will be busting up the edge of our opponents defense – he will have meaningful impact on our running game