Recruiting roundup: was it good for you, too?

Just a few items that jumped out at me in the wake that national signing day left:

  • Chicken v. Egg:  is it the top schools that make the top recruiting classes, or the top recruiting classes that make the top schools?
  • Deep breaths, Dawg fans… deep breaths.
  • Seantrel Henderson is the second sanest member of the Class of 2010.
  • The sanest member?  I’d have to go with Oklahoma signee Kenny Stills, based on this quote“I don’t want to name the school, but I’ve had one tell me that I’m already better than the kids they have there right now. What kind of recruiting are you doing where you’d say that a high school kid is better than juniors and seniors in college? I’m not questioning myself at all, but I have to think their kids are better than I am right now. Some of it is B.S.”
  • Yeah, I know Florida signed the Greatest Recruiting Class Of Our Era, but how ’bout that Mack Brown?  Texas offered 30 scholarships and signed every one of the 25 kids who took official visits.  Wow.
  • Have you ever heard players react to a last-minute rejection the way Bacarri Rambo and Jakar Hamilton did with their “Da’Rick, you’re dead to me now” comments?


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12 responses to “Recruiting roundup: was it good for you, too?

  1. baltimore dawg

    i’d like to imagine cmr delivering a variation on brick top’s line in the locker room before the ut game next year:

    “punish ‘im for me, rambo. . . “


  2. DawgPhan

    well anything that gets that UT game circled and in their heads is fine with me…I want to get back on the winning side of that one…


    • Macallanlover

      +1 We need to bury those obnoxious folks for good. Said it in September, will say it again, Rogers brought more negatives than plusses in my estimation. TN is a good fit for him.

      I like this class, but wish we had gotten the DT from Warner Robbins. Seemed like a perfect fit for us and a good kid. Don’t understand his decision, but we cannot win them all.

      My question after yesterday is: were Rogers and Akins really smart enough to qualify for UGA? One picks a school with NO quarterback talent, and the other chose Central Florida over UGA, damn. Maybe the perfume fumes messed up one’s mind, but the other is just dumb, really dumb, unless he has family ties to that school or is afraid of competition. Regardless, we have the talent on hand to win the East and will be attractive to receivers next year with Green and Durham leaving.


      • Puffdawg

        “…or is afraid of competition.”

        That’s exactly what went through my head. There is not one reason to go to UCF over UGA unless he looked at our depth chart and said, thanks, but no thanks.


  3. Barstool

    Why would Muschamp leave Texas again? Good lord, that is an unbelievable recruiting advantage.

    It’s not like he’s in Lubbock, either, he’s is Austin, one of the best small cities/big towns in the world, IMO. I’d just sit back, enjoy my already fat paycheck, and wait for my guaranteed even fatter paycheck in a few years. He is in, by far, the best situation of any coach in college.


  4. Congrats on a solid class, though I’d be bummed about Da’Rick if I were a Dawgs fans this morning. Not because he’s a talented playmaker, but because I’d have significantly fewer opportunities to incorporate “Da’Rick” in daily conversations. I wrote about what it feels like to be Canes these days…
    If God truly hates us, Mark Richt will be Randy Shannon’s replacement 2 years from now.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Somebody ‘splain this to me. UTk has its head coach jump ship a month ago. The HC job gets offered to at least 3 (that we know of) coaches–no takers. The AD finally (in what appears to be desperation) hires Derek Dooley from LaTech (a minor D-1A school not particularly even a power in its conference). Dooley has a losing record for his time (3 years) as a HC. UTk has numerous defections from its asst. coach ranks including its recruiting coordinator. Those spots for the most part remain unfilled. There was no DC in place until yesterday. The program appears to be reeling. Nevertheless UTk ends up getting what estimates is the 9th best recruiting class in the country. How did this happen? Why didn’t UTk end up with the 150th best recruiting class (which logic says should have happened)? I don’t get it. Someone please enlighten me.


    • Will (the other one)

      Lots and lots of “Business Decisions” still being made methinks.


    • Hackerdog

      Because UT is an SEC school with a stadium that seats 100k fans. Dooley’s not exactly a stiff (several of his losses were guaranteed beat-downs in exchange for a pay day from superior programs).

      If a high school kid wants to play in the best conference in the country, it’s the SEC. And UT is, arguably, in the upper half of that conference.

      And that ignores certain tactics like using 2 scholarships to land Rogers.


      • Mayor of Crazytown

        I hate it when you’re right. Still–you would think there should be a penalty for screwing up the way they did with Kiffin. Fall in sh!t and come up smelling like a rose. Ridiculous.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “Someone please enlighten me.”

    That’s what she or maybe it was a he said, which in condensed form probably means there’s a reason Derek used to be Nick’s recruiting coordinator in Red Stick City…


    • The Dalai Lama

      While I totally endorse the concept of “enlightenment” as stated most eloquently by our beautiful spokesperson above, I must, in the interest of full disclosure, advise that her conversion to enlightenment came during a session involving a German Shepard and a donkey which can be seen on YouTube.