”The goal is to win, but recruiting is very, very subjective.”

Marc Weiszer shares an interesting quote:

”I would say our recruiting class is a lot like our year this year. We didn’t have the kind of year that I wanted to have, but we still did a lot of good things. We won eight games. That’s not good, but …I’m not going to try to paint a picture that’s any different than what it is … we definitely lost some good players.”

Nope, that ain’t Mark Richt speaking.  It’s Jim Donnan, in 2000.  That class turned out okay.

Who did Donnan sign that year? Guys like David Greene, Sean Jones, Musa Smith, Johnathan Sullivan and Will Thompson, who all were starters on Georgia’s 2002 SEC championship team.

So did Richt’s less-than-impressive-on-paper first class.

From that 2001 class, Georgia signed D.J. Shockley, who led the Bulldogs to the 2005 SEC championship, as well as David Pollack, Fred Gibson, Greg Blue, Russ Tanner and Gerald Anderson.

On the other hand, Dean Legge recalls a couple of more recent and more highly touted classes.

In 2007, Georgia didn’t sign Eric Berry, Allen Bailey, Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer, Nick Claytor, D.J. Donley, Antwane Greenlee and Cameron Heyward. Tech signed four players in the top ten – their margin of error was wide. Two of those players are stars – the other two not so much. Georgia, by contrast signed two players in the top ten of 2007: Caleb King and Israel Troupe. Get the picture?

… The next top players, in order, the Dawgs signed were Rennie Curran, John Knox and Chris Little. None of them will be playing in Athens in the fall – two of them never really played there at all. We are through the top 15 in-state players for the year 2007, and Georgia will have one of those players on the roster in the fall. Now Caleb King is pretty good, but he needs help. It’s a good thing for Georgia the bottom of the recruiting list picked it up in a big way. Non-Top 20 players Clint Boling and Justin Houston have become very good players. I would have loved to see Berry or even Heyward at Georgia.

In 2005, Georgia signed another small class – and a slew of the top recruits never played. Tavares Kearney, Corey Moon, Brandon Sesay, Antavious Coates and Ian Smith never, for one reason or another, made a contribution on the field in Athens. A class of 19 was even smaller…

Legge’s real point, applied to this year’s class, is valid.

… Recruiting is about making the margin of error as large as possible for the future. But Georgia’s margin of error with [the 2010] class, just like the 2005 and 2007 classes, is small – they need production from the top of the lineup. Injuries always affect recruiting classes – other forms of attrition do, too. One of the 19 players signed to this class will be gone soon; one may never make it. Hamilton, a junior college transfer, won’t be in Athens in two years. Lonnie Outlaw probably has to get through Georgia Military before he ever gets to Georgia. Benedict missed some of his senior season with an injury – Brandon Burrows missed all of his hurt, too.

That’s not running those players down… that’s reality. The margin of error with this class is razor thin. It is like the classes of 2005 and 2007 rolled up into one – a small class, with the top player in the state going to Tennessee and with the rest of the top ten going to somewhere other than Georgia.

Things may work out well; they certainly have in the past.  But last year exposed a flaw in how little a contribution has been received from the ’07 class to date.  Luckily, the ’08 and ’09 classes turned out very well.  And because of that, there probably isn’t too much of a concern about the talent Georgia will trot out on the field the next two seasons.  But it’s pretty clear that the quantity and quality of the 2011 class needs to be significant to avoid a potential drop off in 2013 or so.  The good news is that the in state talent pool for next year’s class looks to be outstanding, Georgia will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 27-28 slots to offer and the coaching staff ought to have its ducks in a row to capitalize on the situation.  It’ll be critical for Richt that he makes it all come together.


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  1. Thomas Brown

    Georgia tek student from India attacked on Georgia tek’s campus another unidentified person. Kshitij Shrotri, another former Georgia tek student big in the news stabbed not only a person on Georgia tek’s campus, but also injured a Georgia tek Police Officer.

    Georgia tek ends Number 41 in Scout.com recruiting rankings. The AJ-C says that doesn’t matter. Only 5 of the high school players in all of America want to play on Offense for Paul Johnson.

    Georgia tek has zero 5-Star and only three 4-Star recruits according to Scout.com

    Georgia tek ends Number 43 in Rivals.com recruiting rankings. The AJ-C says that doesn’t matter.

    Scout.com ranks UGA’s recruiting class Number 21 with 4 Top 100 players, all on Defense.

    1 is 5-Star and 9 are 4-Star according to Scout.com for UGA’s recruiting class, widely hailed as 1 of the worst ever, especially on Offense.

    UGA will have one of its best Defenses this coming season and will feature the 2 best kickers on one team in America.

    The Offense remains a question mark with the track record of Coach Richt’s Offensive Coaching Staff to actually have a Quarterback Prepared and Ready, if indeed they do not also again waffle on whom it is who they actually will play at QB and RB, as they have shown a penchant for as if they cannot identify talent when they look at it.

    3 Freshman Quarterbacks is all UGA has for this season, none of whom has seen the field. That’s not very smart. The lone other UGA QB Logan Gray has been asked to move to another position, after they also failed to prepare him in 5 Seasons at UGA, a top recruit out of Missouri who has had fair catches on punt returns, a unmemorable pass from the Florida end zone, and other than that no meaningful snaps in his 5 years here working with Coach Richt’s Coaching Staff.

    The Lone 5-Star and All 9 of the 4-Star Recruits for UGA are all on Defense, except for 1.

    That 1 recruit of note on offense is a 4.6 oft-injured running back, who because of a lack of speed, attempts to run over tacklers in high school, leading to numerous injuries to his knees and ankles. Ken Malcome. UGA Offensive Coaching Staff has waffled quite a bit in recent years even trying to figure out who it is who is their running back. They Redshirted Knowshon Moreno, whom we then got to see play only 2 years here. And, in the big games when we did play him, Knowshon averaged 14 carries only.

    Then, this last season, the UGA Offensive Coaching Staff Redshirted or tried to Washaun Ealey, who led the Bulldogs in rushing last year. In the 3rd Quarter of Game 5 in a 13-game season, the UGA Offensive Coaching Staff ripped the Redshirt off Washaun Ealey, but even then, they only Started Washaun Ealey 2 games. And, those were not the last 2 games that Ealey did Start. It is quite an Indictment on the UGA Offensive Coaching Staff, and so too are the 22 Fumbles again last season by 14 Different Players.

    The Offense has just had a Devil of a time since DJ Shockley graduated with Honors following the 2005 SEC Championship 5 years ago.

    Fumbles have been a mainstay of our Offense since, so too have been Interceptions, and then there are the Penalties, starting us at 1st and 15 just about every other drive.

    We’ve been behind the 8-Ball and Remain There on Offense.

    If the blame for that belongs on Matthew Stafford with his 51 fumbles and interceptions to only 51 Touchdown passes, or the blame for our sputtering turnover prone offense belongs on Logan Gray, or on Joe Cox or on Richard Samuel, or on Knowshon Moreno for that matter, then the pervasiveness of last season’s 14 players with 22 combined fumbles certainly shifts to what we are teaching all of the players, or in the Case of the UGA Offensive Coaching Staff, what they are not teaching any one, ever.

    Georgia tek did far worse, but then again Georgia tek plays 6 games against teams not even in a bowl game and hasn’t won a Major Bowl Game since 1955, 56 years ago.

    1.Brent Benedict is injured. Injured Offensive Linemen here, tend to remain injured throughout their careers.

    2.Kolton Houston needs to put on at least 40 lbs. before he can be sent out on the OL too.

    3.Kenarious Gates is a project on the OL.

    4.Hutson Mason is a project at QB. A project at a school who has not exactly excelled in recent years of getting any QB ready any year. Not since Coach Richt became the CEO instead of training his own Quarterbacks here and calling his own plays then for those Quarterbacks he himself Coach Richt trained here.

    5.Ken Malcome I covered and his injuries and speed, he himself says he lacks. And with an SAT of 800 and GPA of 2.4 he is expected to struggle in class.

    6.Michael Bennett a 6 feet 3 inch string bean is not particularly fast and a poor downfield blocker is not expected to have much impact either. He is a very good student, but was not offered a Scholarship by any BCS school but UGA’s Offensive Coaching Staff, alone. He looks like a tough kid, and I like it that he is extremely smart.

    7.Lonnie Outlaw at 6 feet 7 inch 190 lbs. receiver also was offered one Scholarship. UGA Bulldogs Offensive Coaching Staff must know something no one else does, right ? I mean they have proven they can evaluate talent, right ?

    Clearly, the Defense is Great this coming season. Clearly the 2 best kickers on one team in America makes our Special Teams Great. Expect Todd Grantham to be assigned to the struggling kick-off team. So, therefore Clearly the Focus is on this FAILED OFFENSE of Mike Bobo’s.

    7 of 85 Scholarships are provided on Offense this season. 8 percent of our Scholarship this year is all we add to the biggest question mark for this upcoming season, yet again – Offense. This is a really bad sign, and clearly an Indictment of the UGA Bulldog Offensive Coaching Staff that the recruits just do not find Mike Bobo’s Offense Fun.

    And, they certainly haven’t done anything on Offense.

    Whomever you blame.

    It just sounds to me like the Recruits themselves do not find this Mike Bobo Offense any Fun whatsoever to want to be a part of.

    I know I do not find our Offense any Fun at all, and have not in years and years and years and years. It has caught up with us finally. We need to make changes not just because I do not see any impact players in this year’s recruiting class on Offense but because we have done a horrible job of evaluating talent on Offense, played Favorites instead on Offense and have been the single most penalized team who threw the single most interceptions and fumbled the most of any struggling Offense in America.

    I blame the Entire Offensive Coaching Staff of Coach Richt’s, all out of position from what they played that they are now in Coach Richt’s Offensive Coaching Staff, coaching. And, none of them standing out as doing a good job of coaching their players. They also have a combined NFL experience of 0.

    That’s my opinion.


    • Prov

      Didn’t UGA have the second best scoring offense in conf. games last year? I could be wrong, but that doesn’t seem too bad.


      • Actually, Georgia tied for first, with Arky.


        • Prov

          Pitiful. Fire them all!


          • Dawgaholic

            Hard to recruit offense when you return 10 of 11 starters and the entire 2 deep of skill players save a slot receiver.

            Most high school receivers and running backs are looking for a school where they can redshirt.

            Not only has our offense been one of the most productive in the league the last two years, it has often done it against well-rested defenses due to our defense’s inability to get off the field.


    • The Realist

      There may have been some cogent criticism in there somewhere, but, for the life of me, I can’t identify where it is.

      Senility is underrated.


    • Macallanlover

      “Trouble, Trouble……trouble trouble trouble trouble” Woe is us, how we will ever survive without the blessing of the recruiting gurus or the Monday orning QBs? Sky is falling, verse 15 since CMR arrived.


    • Will Q

      Well, hell, why don’t we all just stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye?


    • Hackerdog

      Wall of text; didn’t read.


  2. The Realist

    What’s the deal with Gainesville, GA? Georgia must have a terrible relationship with the coaches there or something. It seems like none of the players coming out of there even consider Georgia. And, they produce a D1 player or two every year. Anybody know?


    • Dog in Fla

      If it’s anything other than just the usual we’ve done some imaginary thing to irritate the high school coaches there, my next guess would be that over the past two decades the use of the word ‘Gainesville’ in any Bob Davies geographical rival context has very bad vibes. So much so that it freaks out our recruiting staff so badly that it’s been diagnosed as a DSM-IV psychosocial and environmental disorder.

      Instead of using psychotherapeutic drugs, not that there’s anything wrong with getting max dosed up on those except of course for the usual permanently disabling and/or fatal side effects, to suppress the disorder, our staff just stays away from Gainesville, Georgia, because hearing, like the Garmin lady saying, ‘Turn right to get to Gainesville…Now!’ or reading the word ‘Gainesville’ off an old school road map or a Gainesville high school football program to figure out the number of the kid you are supposed to be recruiting triggers the onset of the disorder.


    • baltimore dawg

      yeah, it’s strange. damon evans played there, so you’d think we’d have a natural in. guess that doesn’t count for much, though.


    • dudetheplayer

      Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing. We’re never even in the consideration for most of these guys.

      Bruce Miller (current HC at G’ville) was the former head coach at my high school for the first two years I was in school there, and I remember him thinking pretty highly of Georgia back then.

      Not sure what happened there…


  3. Spence

    How on earth haven’t you made a post yet about Kiffin signing a 7th grader. I read it on the AJC last night and was just giddy at the thought of your analysis.

    Please, don’t let me down, Senator.


  4. Spence

    Please ignore all of previous post, with apologies.

    You have met my wildest expectations, and I thank you sir.


  5. Paul's Johnson

    Recruitin’ will be a war in the Peach State this year. Like you guys, we also kept our powder dry and have extra schollys available this year. Pretty important recruiting year for both in-state major programs.


    • Macallanlover

      With whatever respect is due, your Johnson isn’t big enough to go after the same talent we do. Stick with the fat girls, Paul. Dodd doomed you to being a mid-major 40 years ago. Start working on new ticket promotions for this year, and keep your eye out for Ga State. They are closer to catching you than you are to moving to our level.


      • Paul's Johnson

        You just keep on whistlin’ past the graveyard, Sparky. You guys have enough to worry about as it is. Cheers.


        • Prov

          I enjoy your posts.

          /feeling congenial today


        • Macallanlover

          I don’t think you get it, pal. I am not one who “hates” GT, I just don’t respect you. I wouldn’t keep you as a home and home rival if it were my call, nor play you in primetime, at the end of the season. Many here feel differently, but a growing number of UGA fans forget when you were actually significant. Dodd screwed you and you haven’t recovered, that is just a fact.

          You have a student body who understands video games and martial arts better than CFB, play in a bandbox of a stadium near public housing areas, and are almost completely devoid of interesting coeds. You bring nothing to the party. We got more national respect from beating Arizona State than beating your, supposedly, Top 10 team. Your johnson just doesn’t measure up, Paul.


          • Puffdawg

            The interesting thing to me is Paul’s Johnson’s first appearance on here, if I recall, was on the post about Gov. Perdue’s refusal to bet on GT for the Orange Bowl. If I may paraphrase: “You doggies are a bunch of beer drankin’, tobacco spittin’, GED totin’, dog barkin’ idiots.”. Obviously, the gov knew something we knew, namely that GT’s mediocre ACC championship team was about to get their asses handed to them in a bowl game for the second year in a row. What made that night even sweeter was when the Foxhounds cleaned the collecttive clocks of the NATS’ vaunted ACC basketball team. Funny thing about humble pie. Lo and behold, this jackass comes right back to this website the next day (and weeks to come) and wants to have civilized conversation.

            I don’t mind being civil with other fans. However, I refuse to be after they come touting that bullshit about GEDs. I graduated from Terry and mine was a top 3 (in the country) rated program at the time of my commencement. I think they are top 2 now. So you can kiss my ass about that bullshit. Go away.


      • Prov

        I swear I read that as “both in-state MID major programs” and thought he meant Tech and GSU.


  6. NRBQ

    Apparently, Outlaw has the requisite ACT score, but not the right classes for admission.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible for him to catch up in one year at GMC, thus becoming eligible in ’11?

    That opposing coach’s comment about Outlaw “demoralizing” his defense makes me all warm.


  7. DawgPhan

    Is anyone else annoyed by the Thomas Brown posts? they just seem to ramble and be entirely too long for this sort of format..


    • dudetheplayer

      This guy does this periodically on various Dawg blogs.

      I thought the guy was a bot or something for the longest time because of the rambling and incredibly long-winded nature of every single one of his posts.


      • Dog in Fla

        That’s correct and I think Thomas Brown who also calls himself Messenger or has an evil twin or doppleganger human or robot who goes by that name on the AJC just has a special place in his heart for our offensive coordinator and the stellar quality of our recruiting class this year and wants to keep reminding us of his feelings no matter how demoralizing it is almost just like trying to cover Lonnie Outlaw to try to follow his posts when like last season we had an offense tied for first in point production with the Petrino Malletts and especially even more so with when his early morning zero dark thirty all caps posts just like some have said mine are a pain in the ass to read and take up too much space here to which I say why bother to read mine because I sure don’t especially when they take up too much space.


        • dudetheplayer


          Now multiply all that by about 10 and add in random paragraph breaks and there you go.


          • Dog in Fla

            And by the way to top it all off i think that was rbuphtxyz who probably much to his chagrin told Thomas Brown a couple of weeks ago that hey Thomas why don’t you start adding something called by the few the far and the between of the quasi-literate here things called paragraphs to break up some of Thomases’ stuff like his random thoughts and kinetic comments that are all run together because we all can’t be faulkner to which up until the time of that creative writing instruction Thomas Brown had little or no use for the things called paragraphs to not only separate but also divide and conquer his words.


      • Normaltown Mike

        You’ve not seen a long-winded incoherent rudderless rant until you’ve read the musings of one Winfield J. Abbe on the Athens Banner Herald site.


  8. Thomas Brown

    Let me get this straight please, obviously I must be fuzzy on this.

    LOST to LSU
    LOST to Florida
    LOST to Tennessee
    LOST to Kentucky

    But UGA, Bluto and some other numnutt said, had the best scoring offense in The SEC ?


    2009 SEC Football
    Team Leaders
    Individual Leaders


    Team Statistics


    1. Arkansas 12 58 14 56 0 0 1 448 37.3
    2. Florida 13 56 21 52 0 0 0 451 34.7
    3. Auburn 12 50 14 49 0 1 1 395 32.9
    4. Alabama 13 47 29 39 2 0 0 412 31.7
    5. Tennessee 12 47 13 44 0 0 1 367 30.6
    6. Ole Miss 12 46 15 42 0 0 0 363 30.2
    7. Georgia 12 39 19 37 1 0 1 332 27.7

    Do you guys just make this bullshit up ?


    TOTAL OFFENSE G Rush Pass Plays Yards Avg/P TD Avg/G

    1. Florida 13 2928 2823 849 5751 6.8 51 442.4
    2. Arkansas 12 1632 3640 778 5272 6.8 54 439.3
    3. Auburn 12 2566 2622 842 5188 6.2 45 432.3
    4. Alabama 13 2806 2573 884 5379 6.1 44 413.8
    5. Ole Miss 12 2194 2673 800 4867 6.1 42 405.6
    6. Tennessee 12 2038 2707 821 4745 5.8 45 395.4
    7. Miss. State 12 2731 1732 821 4463 5.4 30 371.9
    8. Georgia 12 1885 2457 725 4342 6.0 36 361.8

    RUSHING OFFENSE G Att Yards Avg. TD Yards/G

    1. Miss. State 12 555 2731 4.9 21 227.6
    2. Florida 13 521 2928 5.6 26 225.2
    3. Alabama 13 550 2806 5.1 27 215.8
    4. Auburn 12 511 2566 5.0 21 213.8
    5. Kentucky 12 509 2319 4.6 26 193.2
    6. Ole Miss 12 453 2194 4.8 20 182.8
    7. Tennessee 12 446 2038 4.6 18 169.8
    8. Vanderbilt 12 451 1920 4.3 12 160.0
    9. Georgia 12 407 1885 4.6 14 157.1

    PASS OFFENSE G Comp Att Int Pct. Yards Avg. TD Avg/G

    1. Arkansas 12 232 403 9 57.6 3640 9.0 31 303.3
    2. South Carolina 12 228 402 9 56.7 2811 7.0 18 234.2
    3. Tennessee 12 218 375 13 58.1 2707 7.2 27 225.6
    4. Ole Miss 12 190 347 17 54.8 2673 7.7 22 222.8
    5. Auburn 12 198 331 7 59.8 2622 7.9 24 218.5
    6. Florida 13 218 328 5 66.5 2823 8.6 25 217.2
    7. Georgia 12 175 318 16 55.0 2457 7.7 22 204.8

    FIRST DOWNS G Rush Pass Pen Total Avg/G

    1. Florida 13 150 123 13 286 22.0
    2. Alabama 13 143 114 15 272 20.9
    3. Tennessee 12 118 126 14 258 21.5
    4. Auburn 12 131 107 10 248 20.7
    5. Ole Miss 12 111 124 11 246 20.5
    6. Arkansas 12 86 140 18 244 20.3
    7. Kentucky 12 132 85 13 230 19.2
    8. Miss. State 12 140 78 11 229 19.1
    9. South Carolina 12 86 125 16 227 18.9
    10. LSU 12 96 104 17 217 18.1
    11. Georgia 12 87 108 14 209 17.4

    3RD-DOWN CONVERSIONS G Conv. Att. Pct.

    1. Florida 13 81 165 49.1
    2. Auburn 12 67 164 40.9
    3. Alabama 13 74 182 40.7
    4. Ole Miss 12 64 158 40.5
    5. Tennessee 12 66 165 40.0
    6. LSU 12 58 148 39.2
    7. Kentucky 12 69 177 39.0
    8. Georgia 12 59 152 38.8

    PENALTIES G No. Yards Avg/G

    1. Ole Miss 12 62 482 40.2
    2. Kentucky 12 55 487 40.6
    3. Tennessee 12 59 488 40.7
    4. Alabama 13 64 560 43.1
    5. LSU 12 76 569 47.4
    6. Miss. State 12 67 590 49.2
    7. Florida 13 83 645 49.6
    8. Vanderbilt 12 75 600 50.0
    9. Arkansas 12 83 654 54.5
    South Carolina 12 76 654 54.5
    11. Auburn 12 85 707 58.9
    12. Georgia 12 99 839 69.9


    1. Alabama 13 435:41 33:30
    2. Miss. State 12 381:18 31:46
    3. South Carolina 12 370:50 30:54
    4. Tennessee 12 369:21 30:46
    5. Florida 13 398:06 30:37
    6. Kentucky 12 359:57 29:59
    7. Ole Miss 12 353:52 29:29
    8. Arkansas 12 352:43 29:23
    9. Georgia 12 351:01 29:15

    Gained Lost
    TURNOVER MARGIN G Fumb Int Total Fumb Int Total Margin Per/G

    1. Alabama 13 6 20 26 6 4 10 +16 1.23
    2. Arkansas 12 16 11 27 5 9 14 +13 1.08
    3. LSU 12 5 13 18 4 7 11 +7 0.58
    4. Florida 13 3 20 23 11 5 16 +7 0.54
    5. Tennessee 12 14 9 23 6 13 19 +4 0.33
    6. Kentucky 12 6 16 22 8 11 19 +3 0.25
    Vanderbilt 12 7 12 19 6 10 16 +3 0.25
    8. Auburn 12 7 12 19 12 7 19 +0 0.00
    9. South Carolina 12 10 6 16 10 9 19 -3 -0.25
    10. Miss. State 12 8 17 25 13 17 30 -5 -0.42
    11. Ole Miss 12 8 9 17 9 17 26 -9 -0.75
    12. Georgia 12 2 8 10 11 16 27 -17 -1.42

    Yes, that is the best damn scoring offense in The SEC, or tied for first or whatever B.S. other lies you want to make up and agree with one another about.


    • TB, this is your second warning about accusing people of lying here. I certainly don’t mind disagreements – even heated ones – but taking posters’ comments out of context and then accusing them of fabricating statements crosses a line that isn’t acceptable. Do it again and you’ll become my first banned poster.

      For the record, the factually accurate statement is that Georgia and Arkansas tied for first in the conference in scoring in conference games. You could, as they say, look it up.


  9. Dog in Fla: punctuation and complete sentences are your friend. 🙂


  10. Metal Steel Chair

    I think Mike Bobo must have pants-ed Thomas Brown in 5th Grade.