Meet South Carolina’s latest “positive role model”

… well, at least as soon as he gets that pesky little court thing out of the way.

You do have to admire the efficiency of living with an attorney/former judge, though.  It sure saves on legal bills.

Seriously, this kid’s resume makes you wonder what the Ol’ Ball Coach is thinking these days.



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10 responses to “Meet South Carolina’s latest “positive role model”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ya know, there but for the grace of the almighty goes a Georgia recruit.

    I love the lawyer’s excuse that poor judgment caused him to bring alcohol on the school grounds. Duh.

    Let’s take it easy on South Carolina until game week. From now until September is the most enjoyable part of the season for them: they’re still undefeated.


  2. Dog in TN

    He went “a couple of months” without getting in trouble. Wow, a new record! Maybe he’s going for three now.


  3. Will Trane

    Damn! If I recently signed my LOI with any team in the SEC other than the Dawgs, I might want to reconsider. What a staff Coach Richt has in Athens now! If any recruit thinks of obtaining a degree and progressing as player, it does not get any better than UGA now. I’d bet every NFL staff takes strong notice of Coach Richt’s staff. UGA may now be the player development team for the NFL. Yeah if I was a recruit I’d hire an attorney, and find out how to get out of my LOI and matriculate to UGA. My gosh what a staff!!!


  4. TimRankine

    Ooooh, a little defensive there guys…”Your sarcasm sucks!”


  5. Thomas Brown

    We don’t have a damn thing to talk about, ourselves. How many arrests/suspensions have we had in the Coach Richt Era ? Afraid to look it up and answer that ?

    Exactly, AthDog.

    Here we are coming off 3 of the last 4 seasons now which most of us Bulldog fans feel have been huge disappointments to our players and to us, and our fan blog writer Bill King wants to talk about whom it is we can put a statue up for.

    2006 was certainly no fun with losses to Vanderbilt, Florida again, Tennessee again, and Kentucky again. If you are not hugely disappointed by that, there is nothing that you are embarrassed by in life. We lost 3 games against the 5 SEC East opponents. 2-3 Record in our own Division of our own Conference. We certainly are not on any national stage with a performance like that.

    2008 was certainly no fun giving up 30, 42, & 29 consecutive points in losses to Georgia tek, Alabama again, and Florida again. You just might recall we started that season ranked Number 1 in the Polls. Then, stunk up the stadium offensively and defensively and on special teams allowing opponents to rack up 30, 42 and 29 consecutive points. We became the laughing stock of college football not because we lost to 2 SEC teams that everyone but us knew were better coached teams than our own, but because of the manner in which we just gave up allowing more than 4 consecutive touchdowns against both, and then to top off our first Number 1 Ranking ever in the Polls to begin a season, in the last regular season game, we went out yet again against a team no one had ranked a single time all year long at our own house ‘Tween the Hedges and let lowly unranked Georgia tek score 29 consecutive points against us and we lost to Georgia tek at Sanford Stadium. I see no statues for this season, either. Without the win over UGA, Georgia tek certainly gets ranked by no one in the Final Polls and probably should not have been anyway.

    2009 was even worse. Sure, we lost to Florida again, lost to LSU again, lost to Okie State who even Houston beat but not us, lost to Tennessee again, and lost to Kentucky again. But, just how in the name of God can we look and see that Tennessee and Kentucky both went 7-6 on the season and that both have a losing record on the season were it not for their wins over us, and not view ourselves in Decline as we most assuredly are.

    2010 frankly on the Offensive Side of the Ball, has started out again hugely disappointing to all Bulldog fans and players, and believe it or not but even Coach Richt said he was hugely disappointed in our recruiting failings on offense this past Wednesday. Coach Richt blamed his disappointment on us fans saying that the reason we recruited only 2 injured offensive players is that we had to replace his defensive coaching staff. If we remain true to form 2010 and there is no one who feels we will not with yet another season of not having prepared a QB with only 3 freshmen QB (Just how does a team do that to itself?), and all the fumbles, all the interceptions and all the penalties this football program produces nowadays, this has certainly at least started out hugely disappointing to all amongst us but the DISNEYdawg.

    This could be 4 of the last 5 years viewed by the nation as hugely disappointing to Georgia Bulldogs in football.

    And, the 1 year that was not of the last 5 ?

    2007 when we started the season with not just Conference losses, but Division losses to knock us out of any hope of making it to the SEC Championship. On Offense, we put up 12 against South Carolina and followed that up with putting up only 14 against Tennessee. South Carolina, you may recall did not even play in a bowl game. 6 losses South Carolina had in 2006, just like Tennessee and Kentucky 6 losses this season just ended – that’s how bad South Carolina was 2007. Loss to South Carolina and for good measure a total blow-out by Tennessee again 35-14.

    We are in Decline folks, with a stubborn head coach who bragged this time last year that he would not be replacing Willie Martinez nor Mike Bobo. Or anyone else for that matter on his coaching staff of ninnies.

    We have issues on offense and clearly not being able to evaluate talent is right up there at the top of the list.

    Now, as a result, the recruits themselves do not want to play on this Mike Bobo no fun offense because they see the way we have squandered our offensive talent, played favorites, and looked absolutely miserable.

    We have a losing record All-Time to Tennessee, losing record All-Time to Alabama, losing record All-Time to Auburn, losing record All-Time to LSU, losing record All-Time to Nebraska, losing record All-Time to Penn State, losing record All-time to Pittsburgh, losing record All-Time to Southern California, losing record All-Time to Texas, losing record All-Time to Texas A&M, and a losing record All-Time to Wake Forest, losing record All-Time to Arizona, losing record All-Time to West Virginia, and I do believe with 17 losses the last 20 years to Florida that we are just not the football program the fans of this program would like to come in here and paint us as.

    Statues ? The only stinking statues that need to be put up around here are for the fans who try to put some spin on all this the last 5 years, since DJ Shockley graduated with Honors, and find that UGA has been better than Florida to name but one.

    I’d like to do something about it. There are others who feel that they instead are way more than just satisfied. Let’s erect a statue to them, the DISNEYdawg fans.


  6. Could someone get Herman Melville on the phone? I’d like to let him know that he is now the second most boring writer I have ever not bothered to finish reading.


  7. Thomas Brown

    Funny AH, but as usual you ducked the point.

    Here on this blog, we have been posting about a link provided daily saying how much in decline the UGA Bulldog football program is in.

    Then, today we are told by a poster to Get the Picture blog that a person is insane to dare admit it in public that 3 of the last 4 years have been huge disappointments.

    Your opinion, since you provide none on either side, is just a Flame.