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The meme that keeps on trucking

It sounds like they’re getting all biblical out in Sooner land (h/t Oldgraydawg @ OnlineAthens.com) about what happened to Willie Martinez in Athens.

… Martinez, who turns 47 later this month, recently drew on the experience of those scratching, clawing and hanging on days as a player. His steady climb up the ladder to a head coaching position was detoured when he became the scapegoat for Georgia’s 8-5 record this past season.

The Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator the past five years and a member of the staff since 2001, Martinez was one of three defensive coaches Mark Richt fired Dec. 3 to appease angry Georgia supporters, many of which were calling for Richt to be sacked.

I dunno, but maybe we should all feel a little Jehovah-like after reading that.  Even if lost recruits weren’t mentioned…



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Amazing medical development at the University of Florida!

Apparently, you can be a little bit pregnant.

… Florida coach Urban Meyer is currently taking a required medical leave of absence but will apparently help with the hiring of a new defensive coordinator from afar, according to Foley. Foley told The Miami Herald on Saturday that Meyer will speak to Adazzio over the phone about the defensive coordinator position but Addazio will coordinate the hiring.

That’s some leave of absence.


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