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Taking a playoff pulse

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but GTP’s second poll is all about the D-1 football postseason and which format you’d prefer to see.  For the purpose of this exercise, don’t worry about the horsetrading it would take to get where you want to go.  I simply want to see what everyone likes the best.

Here are some details on your choices:

  1. Blutarsky’s eight-team, conference champs only playoff:  reduce D-1 to eight ten-team power conferences, with some judicious rejiggering to balance out conference strength.
  2. Eight-team, current conference champs only playoff:  Troy would be in, Florida would be out.  So would the polls and computers, though.
  3. BCS Guru’s “plus one”.
  4. Mike Slive’s “plus one”.
  5. Eight-team playoff, based on top eight teams in BCS rankings.
  6. Sixteen-team playoff, based on conference champs plus eight other highest-ranked teams in BCS standings.
  7. 1-AA sized playoff (20-24 teams)
  8. The BCS
  9. Your father’s postseason:  bowls without BCS.  Ahhh, the way we were.  JoePa’s favorite.
  10. Other (describe in comments)

Alrighty then – let’s see what we’ve got.



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Why does Gary Patterson hate brackets?

Doesn’t he get this whole “settling it on the field” business?

Q: Why do you support the BCS?

A: I’ve got an easier road to win a national championship than I do going to a playoff. Five years ago, people said the TCUs of the world, Boise and Utah would never play in a BCS game and be successful. Now we’re doing that. It’s only a matter of time before the other stuff’s going to happen. You’re going to find a team that’s going to get a chance to be there.

Q: How does that happen?

A: Keep winning. Start high in the polls, play good people. People are figuring out the Mountain West Conference is a tough league. We gained the respect, and that helps us with the respect down the road with the computer rankings. There’s only one way you can make a point and that’s not to whine about it, not to complain about it, just to go out there and prove it on the field. That’s what we try to do at our program. I think that’s why people around the country have taken TCU as one of their favorites this year because we tried to do it the right way. That’s what it’s all about, trying to do it the right way…

The man obviously doesn’t have a clue.  Maybe Hatch and Barton can talk some sense into him.


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We’ve never had it so bad.

Those of you who consider the Georgia program to be in the throws throes of a death spiral might do well to read this article to get some idea of how the program is received by observers of some of its poorer relations.

You might also reflect upon the data from these charts:

Perennial recruiting powers

The following schools were ranked in Rivals.com top 10 recruiting classes in the country the most times for the period 2000-2009:

School No.
Florida State 8
Georgia 8
Southern Cal 8
Florida 7
Oklahoma 7
Texas 7
Miami 6
Tennessee 6
Alabama 5
Michigan 5

Perennial football powers

The following schools were ranked in the final Associated Press top 10 the most times for the period 2000-2009:

School No.
Ohio State 7
Oklahoma 7
Southern Cal 7
Texas 7
Florida 5
Georgia 5
Va Tech           5


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Plausible deniability

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but is it possible that Corch Meyers is setting this whole leave of absence thing as a defense in case things don’t go well enough in Gator Land in 2010?  I mean, when you read that Notre Dame assistant Corwin Brown is a possibility as Florida D-coordinator (and, please, please, please, hire that man), you can almost hear the excuses being formulated.

Or, more likely, the blame.  I hope Coach Addazio has a very sharp sword to throw himself on should the time come, so at least the end will be brief.


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We’re putting the band back together.

So, at what point in time should we start referring to Southern Cal as Knoxville West?


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Gone, but not… oh, never mind.

Amidst the announcement that Florida State is vacating 12 of Diddy’s football wins, comes word that the fan base has taken that news very, very hard.

… According to FSU, renewal of booster memberships is up 90 percent compared to early 2009, while monetary gifts have jumped 17 percent.

Florida State’s ticket office has reported an 80 percent increase in new sales and ticket renewals have skyrocketed. By this time last year, the ticket office had 423 renewals. This year, they have 2,327, a spike of 450 percent.

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