Gone, but not… oh, never mind.

Amidst the announcement that Florida State is vacating 12 of Diddy’s football wins, comes word that the fan base has taken that news very, very hard.

… According to FSU, renewal of booster memberships is up 90 percent compared to early 2009, while monetary gifts have jumped 17 percent.

Florida State’s ticket office has reported an 80 percent increase in new sales and ticket renewals have skyrocketed. By this time last year, the ticket office had 423 renewals. This year, they have 2,327, a spike of 450 percent.

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  1. Jump

    Poor “St Bobby”, he must see a something the fans had wanted for a while now!…..Sad, that he hung on just to beat Jo-Pa out, and it ended like it did.
    He’s a legend, but the tarnish of this (and the poor performances over the past few years) is something he’ll have attached to his lastimg image.
    Hard to say when is it time, but always eeasy to see once someone has breached that limit!