We’ve never had it so bad.

Those of you who consider the Georgia program to be in the throws throes of a death spiral might do well to read this article to get some idea of how the program is received by observers of some of its poorer relations.

You might also reflect upon the data from these charts:

Perennial recruiting powers

The following schools were ranked in Rivals.com top 10 recruiting classes in the country the most times for the period 2000-2009:

School No.
Florida State 8
Georgia 8
Southern Cal 8
Florida 7
Oklahoma 7
Texas 7
Miami 6
Tennessee 6
Alabama 5
Michigan 5

Perennial football powers

The following schools were ranked in the final Associated Press top 10 the most times for the period 2000-2009:

School No.
Ohio State 7
Oklahoma 7
Southern Cal 7
Texas 7
Florida 5
Georgia 5
Va Tech           5


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24 responses to “We’ve never had it so bad.

  1. Pumpdawg

    Not trying to be a jackass Senator, but it’s “throes”.


  2. Will Trane

    What those numbers represent when compared to the won / loss records is this …where was the coaching and the playing during some of those years. Could be that CMR is acquiring a BBA and realized those numbers along with the defense numbers the past three years just did not equate. Those number probably led to the realization that serious changes had to be made on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. The current defensive staff will reverse the relationship between scouting combine numbers (for whatever they are really worth) and the results on the field.


    • Hackerdog


      You missed the second part of the post, where UGA has been ranked in the AP top 10 five times in the last 10 years. Not too shabby.


      • Ben Rockwell

        And the Dawgs and Va Tech are the only schools on that second list who also don’t have claims to a MNC with their current HC, which I think is at the core of this whole “Richt is on the hot seat” thing. If things ever line up and the Dawgs ever get over this hump and reel off a MNC or three, we’ll tell our kids and grandkids about the time some of the Bulldog fans wanted Mark Richt (who will probably have something on campus named for him by that time) fired b/c of a few bad seasons.


        • NCT

          Do they get the same kind of “hot seat” speculation up in Blacksburg that we do down here? Just wondering.


        • Macallanlover

          Bullseye. The only criticism of Richt is because he is the victim of a flawed system to determine a mythical title. He could easily have been given the chances given to Florida, LSU, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, etc. under similar circumstances. If people would quit claiming that which doesn’t exist, the playoff debate would die down. In the meantime, a really good man, doing a fine job, gets attacked by fans who hold him accountable for something he cannot control.


        • At least VT had a chance to play for the NC.


  3. justin p

    Funny thing is, we finished in the top 10 ap rankings for several years behind the players in the recruiting classes of 2000 and 2001 who weren’t ranked in the top 10.


  4. The stats don’t lie. CMR is on the verge of having the most successful 10 years the Dawgs have ever had. I am more impressed with his won/lost percentages than any other stat.The SEC is a very difficult conference to compile such stats. Now let the good times roll because it will get even better.


  5. Paul's Johnson

    It’s obvious that Georgia program is a model of consistency. But their inability to reach the MNC or overtake (or regularly defeat) Florida is driving its fans over the edge. The media here has not been that hard on Richt. And most of the pressure at UGA is internal (with the notable exception of the D/C saga).

    Perhaps winning a MNC will settle its fans down some, since for a decent amount of the fan base, there seems to be gap between where they perceive where their program actually is, and where they think it should be.


  6. Dog in Fla

    To commemorate all of the throws of death spirals at the Georgia football program…