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Guess you had to be there.

Great write-up from Spencer/Orson about one of the iconic plays in Georgia football history:

Of course, if you’re soulless, you could take Bill Bates’ word for what happened.

“Let’s talk about that game,” Bates volunteers. “Sure, Herschel did well, ran me over, whatever, scored a touchdown…”

Whatever, indeed.


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This is what passes for journalism these days.

In an article worthy of footballcoachscoop.com – except that it’s presented on a legitimate TV news station website – we learn that the Pac-10, Big XII and Mountain West conferences are on the verge of upheaval… if, um, well, “It could happen”… it’s so close, even though, er uh, “This is all speculation…but sources are telling ABC 4 Sports…” okay, they’re unnamed sources, but it’s so happening… if, uh, “Several dominoes have to fall first, but here’s how it could all play out…”

If these folks get paid by the “if”, they’re gonna be very wealthy one day.  Fine reporting, gents.


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Another reason why Georgia is doomed in 2010

The bad news just keeps on coming:

… Belin’s results are undeniable. This season, two of his linebackers were in the top 10 in the SEC in tackles — Chris Marve (second) and Patrick Benoist (eighth) — and Marve made the All-SEC second team. In each of the last five seasons, Belin has put one of his linebackers on the first or second team All-SEC teams.

That is a feat former linebackers coach John Jancek never accomplished.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Eat… there’s no football for a while.

  • For Georgia Tech, more and more, it’s looking like Andy McCollum.
  • When you haven’t played in a bowl game in two years, scheduling two 1-AA teams in the same season doesn’t seem like the brightest move.
  • This has to be a record“The Gophers football team under coach Tim Brewster the past three years has had six coordinators.” Best of all, the AD thinks it’s some kind of coincidence.
  • Oversigning at Florida?  No problem – Meyer… er, Addazio… er, somebody will take care of it.
  • Today’s musical question “So if we’re more certain that Alabama was the best team in college football than we are that the Saints were the best team in the NFL, which system is really closest to fair?”
  • Fun facts about 2010 SEC/Georgia recruiting:  (1) Georgia (the state) provided more SEC signees than Florida; (2) Georgia only signed kids from three states (Tennessee and Vanderbilt signed kids from twelve different states); and (3)  On a percentage basis, no SEC school signed more recruits from its home state than Georgia did.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Georgia recruiting, yours truly was asked to answer a few questions about it over at The ACC & SEC Blog.  Feel free to critique.


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