This is what passes for journalism these days.

In an article worthy of – except that it’s presented on a legitimate TV news station website – we learn that the Pac-10, Big XII and Mountain West conferences are on the verge of upheaval… if, um, well, “It could happen”… it’s so close, even though, er uh, “This is all speculation…but sources are telling ABC 4 Sports…” okay, they’re unnamed sources, but it’s so happening… if, uh, “Several dominoes have to fall first, but here’s how it could all play out…”

If these folks get paid by the “if”, they’re gonna be very wealthy one day.  Fine reporting, gents.


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  1. Matthews Dawg

    This guy in the link above is from Alabama and if he is not, he should be! One sub-par year read below:
    Teams with the most top-10 finishes since 2000
    Texas 7
    Ohio St. 7
    Oklahoma 7
    USC 7
    Virginia Tech 5
    LSU 5
    Georgia 5
    Florida 5
    Recruiting rankings are very subjective, and I think you need to pay more attention to the rankings at the end of the season and not what some magazine publisher says in February. Also, there are plenty of ‘blue chip’ recruits in our program right now whom you can brag about to anyone in the country. These are national recruits who could have gone anywhere in the country.
    I’m not going to slam or endorse recruiting services in this space, but in the effort to make a point, here are some numbers to ponder: In the past 10 years, only 36 teams have been ranked in the final AP top 10. Think about those numbers and let them digest. Only 36 teams in the entire country have finished the season in the top 10 once during the past 10 years (2000-2009). That means it’s a pretty exclusive club. It’s the high-rent district. Georgia has finished in the top 10 five times during that period. To the right is a list of teams with the most top-10 finishes since 2000.
    I’m with you in that I like top-10 rankings, but being ranked among Coswell Cogs’ top-10 recruiting classes doesn’t do much for me. Final AP poll top-10 rankings? That’s something to brag about.
    If CMR has a few more years below normal, then he is on the hot seat! Amazing, give someone a platform and they don’t do the research. When we win the NC in a year or two, leave the man alone forever! Great man and Great Coach!! Go Dawgs!


  2. I was in the stands in 80/83. Then 20 long years with no SEC title. Did not expect one when Dooley hired Richt. Let CMR go and I think it will be another 20 years between titles. He believes and his staff believes that they can win. I believe it too.


  3. FWIW, the WWL is reporting the Pac 10’s considering expansion. Still, when you lead into the second paragraph of your piece with “this is all speculation…”, it makes you shake your hand at how the quality of journalism has eroded from telling the facts to telling what’s most likely to generate page hits.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Mediocre journalism? Meh, dog bites man.