Envy and jealousy: I drink your milkshake.

In light of all the stupidity out there (**cough** Finebaum **cough**) focused on the ability of coaches like Kiffin and Chizik to draw ohmygod!-type recruiting classes without waiting to see if it actually translates into success in the field, this outburst in response to Junior’s dismissal of UCLA’s recent success in pulling a few SoCal-area recruits away from USC is chock full of teh awesome.

First of all, when Kiffin was working at USC last time Karl Dorrell was the coach in Westwood and he allowed the Trojans to take their pick of top recruits in So Cal like they were Neil Patrick Harris walking into a brothel. This time around it’s Rick Neuheisel coaching the Bruins — someone who lives for recruiting and has no qualms about stealing your recruit nor your wife. In other words, times are completely different now and Kiffin’s words sound solely like sour grapes coming from a man who saw a few top recruits choose UCLA over USC — not the way it was supposed to be (or used to happen). I’m not about to gloat over UCLA winning a few recruiting battles. Only time will tell if those really were victories for the program because most of player development depends on coaching. Neuheisel and Chow have a pretty good track record of maximizing talent. Pete Carroll was legendary for his abilities. Ed Orgeron was a flop. Lane Kiffin? I have a good reason to believe his results will not match his mouth.



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  1. RusDawg

    Isn’t Neil Patrick Harris gay? Am I making that up or delirious? That analogy doesn’t make any sense to me…..


  2. What’s really rich is Lane Kiffin making passive-aggressive comments about knowing whether Guy X “wants to be there or not.” I bet Tennessee fans wish their ability to discern that was a little more finely tuned.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    I’m pretty sure Doogie Houser is gay.

    That aside, am I the only person that noticed Auburn’s class (with 32 kids) is ranked top ten in cumulative scoring but is behind Georgia’s (19 kids) in average rating per player? Does quantity trump quality?

    Chizik’s approach is to get the kids he wants and then throw in Mohammad, Jugdesh, Sidney and Clayton for the sake of padding his numbers (at the 3:15 mark).


  4. NPH

    I think the Senator was referencing one of the greatest shows of our era, How I Met Your Mother.


  5. Dboy

    NPH’s milkshake brings “all the boys to the yard”

    to quote the somewhat famous song


  6. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay was definitely the root of that reference. Was watching it last week and it stuck in my head.