Monday morning buffet

No snow, federal holiday… things could be worse.

  • Bobby Bowden wasn’t too keen on the coach/ambassador slot FSU offered him to clear the way for Jimbo Fisher to become head coach:  “It reminded me of Barney Fife. They gave him a gun, but they won’t let him put the bullet in there.”
  • Regardless of whomever winds up starting at quarterback, Aaron Murray is pretty pumped about Georgia’s offense this season:  “We have an unbelievable offense for next season. You look at the offensive line; we have, like, seven or eight [players with starting experience].  The skill positions are unbelievable. It’s not going to be all on your shoulders. We have a great running game, two great young running backs. With that offensive line, we should put up some great numbers on the running game.”
  • The sports media adapts – at least, the writers do.
  • Jon Tenuta’s career arc begins to descend.
  • Matt Melton does his annual SDPI thing, starting with the ACC.  Surprisingly, Georgia Tech wasn’t as dominant on offense, or as mediocre on defense as the common wisdom made the Jackets out to be.  But that Virginia offense was every bit as putrid as we thought.
  • Earlier, I missed this quote from Terrence Cody on a college football playoff, but I take it he’s not a fan:  “That’s stupid,” Cody said earlier this week. “I don’t think there should be any playoff. Why should there be a playoff? I mean, in the NFL they’re getting paid to play off and stuff.”
  • More antitrust logic from that bastion of clear thinking, Bleacher Report.  Dude, among several things you don’t get, the NCAA has nothing to do with the money from the D-1 football postseason.
  • Trojan Football Analysis takes a look at Monte Kiffin’s defensive philosophy and draws this conclusion: “Bottom line I don’t expect a whole lot of change in terms of defensive schemes…but I do expect better results than the defensive debacles versus Oregon and Stanford in 2009.” Maybe so, but a quick look at Tennessee’s defensive stats last season don’t indicate that Monte had particularly great success against spread attacks.


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3 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. JaxDawg

    Despite his enthusiasm, I hope Aaron remembers that the QB position is the most important on the team and that the season will be dictated by how well he (whoever) performs.

    Iow, don’t take too much solace in what you have around you. You still have to make it happen son.


  2. It still amazes me how many people think that the NCAA is responsible for the BCS and that the BCS violates any anti-trust law.


  3. Doubt it

    Everyone here is now dumber for having read the Bleacher Report story. What a load of manure. Check out the “author’s” profile — a Georgia Southern grad who loves his school but pulls for Texas. I’m guessing our fair reporter missed his antitrust economics course in Statesboro, but that’s just wild speculation on my part.

    And this moron never even allowed for the possibility that Alabama never really got up for a game against Utah because while the game meant everything for Utah precisely because they are outside the power structure, it meant very little to Alabama given Utah’s perception in the college football world. Rather than just enjoying a great victory for the school, this @sshat has to jump to the conclusion that by beating Bama without its star LT, Utah “proved” that it could have beaten UF, who didn’t win convincingly over Oklahoma. Being mildly retarded (apologies, Sarah Palin), the author apparently missed the part of the game where UF’s defense held in check an Oklahoma offense that was an absolute juggernaut. But I’m sure Utah would have done the same, right, because they beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl!!!!!