Recruiting, back in the day

Chip Towers has a nice piece up on Herschel Walker’s recruitment, including this footage from Bill Hartman.


UPDATE: While we’re on the subject, Matt Hinton links to this great piece from a couple of years ago about the greatest college running back ever.


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8 responses to “Recruiting, back in the day

  1. Paul's Johnson

    I always wondered how much truth resided in the urban legend around Walkers selection of Georgia——that he wrote the names of his finalists on pieces of paper, thew them in a hat and whichever name he drew was where he’d go.


  2. War Eagle

    I scanned that article 3 or 4 times and never saw anything about Bo Jackson.


    btw, I enjoy your blog. It’s my entry into the college football kingdom.


  3. Dawgaholic

    Obviously scanning with an “Auburn” education.

    Probably graduated with honors though based on the mostly correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar skills exhibited in his post.


  4. > that he wrote the names of his
    > finalists on pieces of paper, thew
    > them in a hat and whichever name
    > he drew was where he’d go.

    If that is true, then Vince Dooley’s entire career and legacy was decided by a simple random pick.

    But for Herschel Walker, Dooley is a failure of a coach.


  5. Chuck

    An amazing look back. The December signing date passed? Who was the dude that was an assistant for GT? I have no recollection of him at all. But, Muck, Dooley was not a failure without Herschel. For those alive at the time he was a big success with the flea flicker win over Bama, he won several SEC championships as well. No doubt HW enhanced his overall reputation, but he was no failure without him.


  6. keith

    With HW’s three years Dooley averaged 8.04 wins per season. Without HW, Dooley’s average dips to 7.64. Dooley would have never made it to HW’s freshman season this day and age. He averaged 7.38 wins pre 1980 and he more than likely would have not made it past 1971 as the average dipped to 6.86. Dooley was definitely average at best, especially when you look at our schedules back then. Florida was not very good and we only played Tennessee once every few years. One could argue that the only good teams on our schedule year in and year out were Clemson and Auburn.

    Don’t get me wrong, I always liked Dooley and he did a great deal for Georgia athletics, but he was not the great coach people made him out to be and man did we have some great defenses under him. In fact take a look at this stat from Erk’s years as the DC.

    During the 17 years that Erk served as Georgia Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, the ‘Dawgs played 192 games and held the opposition to 17 or fewer points in 135 of them. In 74 of those contests, the defense kept the other team’s scoring in the single digits, including 27 shutouts. Coach Russell’s Georgia defenses allowed more than 28 points just 18 times in 17 seasons.

    With that kind of defensive prowess one could make an argument that Dooley’s record should have been a lot better.