Tuesday morning buffet

Baby, it’s cold outside, so grab something warm.

  • You know, if they’d just extend the bowl season a little bit longer and open spring practice just a little bit earlier, the college football season could last as long as the NBA’s.
  • I didn’t want to believe this rumor, until I saw the last fact.  That sort of validated the entire post.
  • Don’t get too comfortable, Mike Archer.
  • Make sure you read Tim Tucker’s interviews with Mettenberger and Gray.  (I linked to Murray’s the other day.)  Is it just me, or does Logan come off sounding the least confident of the three?
  • I’m not sure what made me chuckle more reading this – the housebreaking joke, or the West Virginia fan offended by the crack about his state.
  • I am shocked, shocked to find that the guys at Eleven Warriors believe that RichRod is on the hottest seat in the Big Ten.  (Personally, my vote goes to the Zooker.)
  • Normally, I don’t like to spend time dwelling on commitment news, but check out the Curran-like production from Georgia’s newest commit for the class of 2011:  155 tackles, five sacks, five forced fumbles, a blocked punt, a field goal block and a fumble recovery for a touchdown last season.


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7 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Todd

    And, Amarlo Herrera is a great, great football name.

    I have not watched his highlights, but his size sounds ideal for a 3-4 inside backer.


  2. Richt-Flair

    Urbs in GT land is true. Techie I know spotted him in a Best Buy this past weekend, pointing and staring at an appliance.


  3. keith

    His daughter is sporting a Florida Gator T-shirt. I don’t know which is worse, the orange and blue she is sporting or that awful black and gold, or navy and gold, whichever they claim at this point.


  4. Irishdawg

    “I don’t know which is worse, the orange and blue she is sporting or that awful black and gold, or navy and gold, whichever they claim at this point.”

    I gotta go with the orange and blue. Orange never looks good -with the exception of Texas-, and that shade of blue makes my corneas itch.


  5. On a related note, both newly hired UGA position coaches made that list with Tenuta. Lakatos placed as the best Secondary Coach hire and Belin garnered honorable mention as Linebackers Coach coming in behind the aforementioned Tenuta.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Re: Tim Tucker’s interviews.

    It struck me that Coach Bobo wants to keep Logan in the QB stable through spring because he needs an insurance policy on the two freshmen. Maybe Bobo wants Logan around because Bobo isn’t too thrilled about what he’s seeing so far.

    Also, I’m sure any freshman QB benefits from having an upperclassman coaching him up. Logan seems to be keeping one foot on first base because the coaches haven’t given him the sign to take second.

    I think Logan is starting to see his role and it doesn’t sound as sexy as he had hoped for. I think that would affect my confidence too.

    Logan Gray = DGD.


  7. 69Dawg

    Unless Logan lights it up in the Spring or the two RS Frosh QB’s look awful Logan’s going to be a WR. Yet another player that the coaches can’t make up their minds where to play.