Wednesday afternoon delight

Feel free to indulge:

  • Care to guess the number of teams in BCS conferences who scheduled more than half of their out-of-conference games against other BCS-level foes in the past five years?  That’d be ten.
  • Here’s part of what Mike Hugenin has to say about the resurrected (at least for the SEC) Cam Newton’s game:  “He’s a punishing runner, with surprisingly good speed. He has a strong arm but still is relatively raw as a passer.” Hmmm… sounds like a bigger version of Kodi Burns to me.
  • They may be whining over the new recruiting rule about head coaches in waiting at Texas, but it doesn’t sound like Mack Brown’s having too much trouble getting early commitments.
  • If  Paul Dee, chairman of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, is accurate when he says his organization tries to be consistent, then here’s a likely road map as to what’s ahead for Southern Cal.
  • The Mark Richt-on-a-hot-seat meme hits a bump in the road.  And it’s all our fault.
  • Bitter?  Nah, not too much.
  • One amusing thing about Junior’s world view is that he tries to present himself as the innocent bystander who just happened to receive the Southern Cal offer out of the blue, and, well… what could he do?  Anybody who thinks he wasn’t lobbying his ass off for the job after Carroll told him he was leaving for Seattle is delusional.
  • More proof that Tommy Bowden got less from more than any coach in the ACC over the last five years.


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4 responses to “Wednesday afternoon delight

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    While the premise of the well written (as always) David Hale post is “ain’t it chicken” for certain top SEC teams to not play OOC road games on a regular basis I must respectfully disagree. When Bama, FLA, Auburn and LSU are among the teams who consistently will not go on the road to play out of their conference, one has to ask is that part of the reason they have been successful? What did UGA get out of the UGA-Okie State game last year except a black eye on national TV and a loss of team confidence that probably contributed to other losses. The job of the AD is to put his team in the best possible position to be successful. Can anyone say with a straight face that the UGA AD is doing a better job of that than the ADs at Bama and FLA? Give me the Bama/FLA/LSU method of scheduling any day. 5 MNCs in the last decade for the guys who are doing it differently from us is proof enough. Let’s play a few more cupcakes at home, particularly to start the season, rather than shooting our toes off at the get-go. Brawn is necessary in football but brains are, too. Especially when you are trying to win championships.


    • dawg1976

      our AD is not good and is close to being pathetic… I’d join a crusade to find a new AD and would fully support any campaign to get rid of his sorry ass.


  2. S.E. Dawg

    Coach Mark Richt on the hot seat? Really? Although I have nothing to back this up but I would say that 90% of the Dawg Nation support CMR. We have one bad season with complaints coming from the other 10% and the media takes it and runs with it.

    The media and the fans have cause CMR to not express himself fully (watching what he says). I was at NSD and he began to make a statement, then stopped and says, “No I better not say that.” He is very cautious as to what he says these days. Media and some fans take every word and disect to mean totally different than what it was intended. Now everyone complains that he won’t open up.


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