Gators on Sunday: blink and you might miss them.

That noise you hear as you read this is the sound of printers in recruiting offices across the Southeast running copies of it to hand out to every five-star recruit being charmed by Corch Meyers Steve Addazio somebody in Gainesville.

And if you listen real carefully, you can probably hear Junior’s machine cranking away as well.


UPDATE: Year2 has another list of five-star Gators to look at. Day-um.


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4 responses to “Gators on Sunday: blink and you might miss them.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    The official Gator response:
    “Yeah, but at least we got those overrated players to the NFL”

    Never underestimate Corch.


  2. X-Dawg

    It seems that the Jaguars have been burned more than not by drafting local players – Fred Taylor being the exception.