Meet the new (temporary) boss, same as the old boss

This is how they roll in Gainesville, Florida:

Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin was a Steve Addazio hire. The two worked together at Syracuse, and Austin said Addazio called him a few days before National Signing Day to gauge his interest in the job in case it came open. This means Meyer and Addazio knew George Edwards might be planning to skip town before signing day… [Emphasis added.]

With how many members of the Class of 2010 do you think they shared those thoughts?

And Tim Tebow was recruited as a linebacker… just ask Jevan Snead.


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13 responses to “Meet the new (temporary) boss, same as the old boss

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Here’s my question. Why doesn’t the media rip Meyer for this? Don’t say because they worship him, because everyone was pretty hard on him for his resignation/leave of absense. Why is the Senator the ONLY ONE WHO’S OUTRAGED?


  2. Charles D.

    I don’t think it would have affected their recruiting class one bit.

    Who the hell is George Edwards, you know?

    Those kids aren’t going to UF for any coaches besides Meyer and the fact that UF is the 2nd(arguably 1st) most prominent program in the country.

    Yes, it sucks, because they are one of our primary rivals, but those are the facts, and it is our fault for not putting UF away in the earlier part of this decade when we had a chance.

    Our choke jobs against them in ’02 and ’03 allowed them to stay nationally relevant and for an imbecile like Zook to continue to recruit very well.

    If we had taken care of business then, when we were the better program, we would not be in this situation now.


    • Prov

      I tend to agree with you. I think most of the outrage is that Myers owed it to the recruits to let them know; which is probably a fair point.


    • Mayr of Dawgtown

      Whether it would have affected recruiting or not (I think it would have), the point is that Edwards’ (the much touted NFL coach brought in as DC) leaving was hidden from the recruits. Just more dishonesty from [S]CUM.


  3. By every indication, and that includes quotes from recruits, Edwards was an utter non-factor in this recruiting cycle. Hell, he was only there a month. We’re talking a process that takes years (years and years if you’re Layla Kiffin’s husband).

    Sure, we can shake our fist over the principle of the thing, but chew on this first: Do we really want to draw attention to the fact that we got outhustled in part by a guy who was on the job for a month with one foot out the door the whole time? We’re just drawing attention to our own impotence.

    Here’s what I want to shake my fist over: Florida’s football program is as wobbly as its been since the Zook era and maybe since Galen Hall, and they still recruited circles around us.


    • Florida’s football program is as wobbly as its been since the Zook era and maybe since Galen Hall…

      Hmm… maybe. But I don’t think we’ll know for sure about that unless the wins start falling off.


      • Ginny

        Have to agree with Senator. This is a program that just came off of a season where a Sugar Bowl victory was a massive disappointment. I don’t know if “wobbly” would be the term I would use to describe them. Are there a lot of question marks for next year? Sure. But if they’ve shown anything in the past few years, it’s consistency. Winning 2 NCs in 4 years might be the reason for some recruits to look over the fact that half their team/coaching staff left. An 8-5 season that ended with 3 defensive coaches getting fired screams “wobbly” a little louder, I think.


        • My “wobbly” comparison is between Florida present and Florida recent past.

          Yes, we are our own mess, which is my point. We aren’t in a position to knock them over when they stumble. The fact that they can take the #1 RB from Georgia when they haven’t produced a 1,000-yard rusher in Meyer’s whole tenure sorta speaks to that. They’re at a point where they don’t even have to try.


          • Will (the other one)

            So was the UF basketball team a few years ago.
            Funny, I don’t see many on ESPN claiming Billy Donovan as the “best HC in CBB” anymore though…


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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Regardless whether Edwards was a factor, this incident says the same thing we’ve suspected about Meyer for years. He is a hustler who thinks he can clever his way out of anything. I guess you would be too if it worked that well for you.

    I consider it the solemn duty of somebody in the Bulldog Nation to make sure each and every Florida player starting summer practice knows this information was kept from them by their coaches.