Friday morning buffet

There’s always something worth nibbling on…

  • Dez Bryant has a future in politics:  “I lied, which everybody knows that I lied, but I also did tell the truth…” And I’m sure signing with Eugene Parker was a mere coincidence, Dez.
  • Here’s a study that indicates it’s easier to motivate favorites than it is to motivate underdogs.  That sort of undercuts everything we’ve been led to believe about Georgia in the Richt era.
  • I think it’s fair to say that Corch Meyers and Stan Drayton have a complicated relationship.
  • If you didn’t catch Marc Weiszer’s tribute to Mark Richt’s fiftieth birthday, it’s worth a click.
  • It’s a good thing Josh Nesbitt doesn’t need the practice time to work on his passing game.
  • Financially speaking, the state of California is dysfunctional.  UC Berkeley is even more dysfunctional.  But the football stadium is about to get a $320 million upgrade – paid for with borrowed money.
  • The playoff expansion quote of the day comes from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga basketball coach John Shulman:  “The peewees aren’t complaining about it. The mids aren’t complaining about it. The people who are complaining are from the Big East, the SEC and the ACC. Those people who come in ninth in their league and are on the bubble and don’t get in are mad. We’re not on the bubble. We’re either in or out.”
  • It’s easy to forget how young Richard Samuel is.  How young? “That’s younger than two of Georgia’s incoming freshmen signees, including linebacker Demetre Baker. Samuel was born in the same year as 11 other members of the Bulldogs’ 2010 recruiting class.”


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6 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Boz

    Nesbitt for Heisman. Rrrrighhht.


  2. hinesacl

    On motivating favorites. All you have to do is get everyone and their brother to call the underdog their “upset pick of the year” and it’s a Georgia win.

    Anyone remember Boise State? Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl?

    We just need to get a pool together and tell Mark May to say that Fl’rduh is the “upset pick of the year” over UGA. When Lou sayth…”Buth Markth, Floridath ith the favorithe”….May can just punch in the head a la that Oregon guy last year and say, “STFU, Granny!”


  3. That study goes directly against the huuuuuuge trend of coaches motivating players with the “nobody believes in you” tactic.


  4. 69Dawg

    I think this is another case favorites are usually the better team so naturally they are going to win more. You can be an underdog and get real fired up about it but if the favorite is just a whole lot better than you, you lose. Saying that favorites are easier to motivate is like saying people with cancer eat peanuts therefore peanuts must cause cancer. Favorites are going to usually win.

    What they really mean is Winners are easier to motivate than Losers.


  5. Mike

    The study is interesting and there are exceptions. The 2006 BCS Title game twixt Florida and OSU would e one. OSU came in very overconfident and Florida came in trying to prove something.