It’s been a while.

The saddest thing about this chart isn’t that Georgia’s listed in fourth place on it.

Championship chasms
Here’s a list of teams that have waited the longest between national championships. This list only includes teams that have won multiple championships.
Team Year won Next title Span
Michigan 1948 1997 49 years
Tennessee 1951 1998 47 years
LSU 1958 2003 45 years
Georgia 1942 1980 38 years
Pittsburgh 1939 1976 37 years
Texas 1970 2005 35 years
Ohio State 1970 2002 32 years
USC 1978 2003 25 years
Nebraska 1971 1994 23 years
Minnesota 1941 1960 19 years
Alabama 1992 2009 17 years

It’s that if Georgia were to win a MNC in 2010, its current run would rank eighth.  Sigh.


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  1. kckd

    Not much to be ashamed about being on that chart. Look at the teams on it. The thing people are forgetting is not many teams have on national championship, much less two.


  2. Prov

    I wish we could stop pretending USC won a title in 2003.


    • NCT

      It’s not explicit in the linked post’s chart, but based on the entry’s introductory language and Tech’s absence from this list, I think the list info is based on AP championships only. Tech has arguable claims to national titles in its history, but none within 38 years of the 1990 Coaches trophy (still UPI, I think?).


  3. Phocion

    On the bright side, if Minnesota should manage to win a title again they will move Georgia down on that list!

    (Then again, the next title for Notre Dame bumps Alabama out of the Top Ten.)


  4. Brandon

    When I saw this headline I thought this post was gonna be about Tiger Woods, it looked like it had been a while for him today as well


  5. The 2007 Kentucky Wildcats

    You’re welcome, Georgia. Neener neener.


  6. Morgan

    Prov, that SC team was absolutely stacked, and most likely would have laid LSU to waste.


    • DWH

      I don’t know man, LSU had Matt Maulk.


    • Phocion



    • Prov

      If you are going to claim to be in a BCS conf. then don’t claim to be the Nat. Champ when you don’t make it to the BCS champ. game.


      • They didn’t claim to be the national champions. The AP writers selected them as a national champion. Plus, if LSU is going to use that BS of “we were undefeated in regulation” crap to justify getting into the BCS title game over a one loss Oklahoma that beat the #1 team in the country the last week of the season, then they should have to recognize USC’s national title that year. Seeing as how USC was also undefeated in regulation.


        • Phocion

          Ahh…you’ve entered the “Alabama Zone” in your defense of USC in 2003. It is great and all that we can explain what happened on the field and in the polls that year because it was in recent history. But jump forward a few of decades and see if you don’t sound a lot like a Crimson Tide fan trying to explain a split title from the 40’s 50’s or 60’s.

          Can’t imagine it? Just give it time. 🙂


        • Prov

          So USC never references that title in media guides, etc? My only point is that all of the conferences agreed to a certain system (however flawed that system is or isn’t). Yet, when it doesn’t work out for them under the agreed upon system they go to another source to validate their success. I would have been much happier watching LSU vs. USC in 2003 but that is not the match-up the BCS produced. USC needs to respect that.


      • *the last week of the season in 2007.

        Damned typos.


  7. Mike

    UGA really counts 1942? What polling service rated them #1 again?


    • Derek

      Other than 1980, here is the history of UGA’s MNC’s:

      1927 – With a 9-1-0 record, the Bulldogs were called the “dream and wonder team” and were ranked No. 1 in the nation with one regular season game remaining, but were upset by Georgia Tech by a score of 12-0 at Grant Field in Atlanta, Georgia. Nevertheless, at the end of the season, Georgia was ranked number 1 in two polls recognized by the NCAA. The Bulldogs were also listed as number 1 in two other polls of the 1927 season, but most recognize Illinois as the 1927 National Champion.

      1942 – 11–1 Georgia was chosen as champion by at least half of the recognized polls. Georgia was led by All-Americans Frank Sinkwich and end George Poschner, along with a young back named Charley Trippi. The Bulldogs knocked off 9 consecutive opponents and ranked No. 1 in the nation. Georgia earned a Rose Bowl bid after it blanked Georgia Tech 34–0 in Athens to end the regular season. Georgia then edged UCLA 9-0 in the Rose Bowl

      1946 Georgia went 11-0 and beat North Carolina 20-10 and was proclaimed national champions by half the national polls.

      1968 Georgia was chosen by one national poll when they went 9-1-2 losing to Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. Overtime was not allowed in the NCAA yet so Georgia tied with Tennessee and Houston.

      Note that the school only claims one of these four. A very good argument could be made that they should also claim 1946, but they don’t.


      • Mike

        UGA fans are starting to sound like Bama fans. Making up NCs.


        • Macallanlover

          Could have sworn I have heard some UF fans claiming some as well. You have “earned” none, same as UGA and Bama. But now that you have actually “earned” SEC titles, you can start getting over your “little man” complex and start acting like adults. You will also learn that everything runs in cycles so be careful about alienating the other conference teams and fans, not to mention the rest of the CFB nation. People in the North and West don’t realize you folks are just different from the rest of the South, not representative at all.


          • Mike

            First, all three football NCs are counted by everyone. Only one of the two that UGA claims is widely recognized. If UGA wants to count 1942, then fine, please do so. But by that math Florida can count 1984 too.

            So Florida has 2 more football NCs that UGA. Hardy a “little man” by comparison.

            In fact, Florida has a better football program than UGA, has a better overall sports program compared to UGA and is better academically than UGA.

            UGA fans are the ones looking up to Florida


            • Macallanlover

              You jest, of course. Don’t think I am one of those UGA fans who is intimidated by any of you gators. I respect that you have turned your program around, but you haven’t reached our level yet. My perspective pre-dates 1990, obviously yours is more limited.

              I count 12 SEC titles for UGA, much less for UF. There is no national title, so I count both of us at zero (and I did before 1996.) Careful about getting too full of yourself. I realize your vision may not allow you to see how many ups and downs there are in this game we all love, but every Dawg has it’s day. You may want to learn humility, it will come in handy. Every, and I mean every, program faces those dark days, and we all will again. Relax and enjoy the ride, it won’t last forever.


              • Mike

                Florida hasn’t reached “your” level yet?

                In the words of a famous man;

                “Illusion is seeing a house in the clouds. Delusion is insisting you live there.”

                Right now Georgia is nothing more than a regional power. In fact, with the exception of one, may two years in its history, Georgia has never been more than a regional power.

                A regional power in the most powerful conference in football to be sure.

                By comparison, Florida is a national brand name. Florida gets exposure and recruits from all over the country, in addition to its talent rich state.


                • Macallanlover

                  I say again, legend in your own mind. Not everyone sees you as you seeme to think. As stated, UGA has more earned titles. your perceived titles are just that. Your seasons in 2006 and 2008 were no better, none, than our 2002. If I recall your other “mythical” claim, you didn’t even have a winning record against your own in-state rival. Yep, clearly a team that is widely respected as the undisputed leader.

                  Seems you know a lot about illusions yourself. You just aren’t what you think you are newbie, so don’tx expect anyone to bow to you. And better programs than yours have fallen on tough times so go blow your hot air back in NY, and NJ where people like that kind of classless act.


              • Phocion

                Does that make UGa the NCAA version of the Prussians or the Austrians?

                I’d say UGa is the Austrians since even though your greatest days are behind you, you guys still exist. I suppose Uof Chicago could be the Prussians.


    • Was Florida playing football in 1942? 😉


      • Mike

        Not well, Senator, not well.

        In fact, during WW2 while Florida athletes were at war defending their country, UGA athletes continued to field football teams


  8. Macallanlover

    Rubbish, you cannot win what doesn’t exist. I more “embarrassed/bummed” by the 20 year drought between the most meaningful title in CFB, the SEC Championship. We had way too much talent to miss that many times.

    LSU ’03 was an excellent team, as good a defense as I have seen in CFB, and would have had an easier time with USC than a very good Oklahoma team in the BCS finale. The AP writers were just trying to flwx their muscles and a few people jumped on it, including the USC propaganda machine. I think OU would have worn USC out that year as well. Doesn’t matter, it is all just subjective opinions anyway.


  9. Krazy

    80…Thats how many National Championships those 11 teams claim. I’d say thats a pretty good list to be on.


  10. What the Dawgs did not have during the 20 year SEC draught was CMR. Personally I did not think any coach could be as successful at UGA as CMR has been. Happy to announce that I was wrong.


  11. Brad Knobel

    Nobody has mentioned two adjacent teams on that list claiming a championship in 1970. Of these two, Texas lost on New Year’s day 24-11 to Notre Dame, and Ohio State lost 27-17 to Stanford. Nebraska (11-0-1) was the only undefeated team left that year.

    This is all a symptom of the fact that, to this day, the NCAA does not have a championship in Div. 1-A football . (“BCS National Champion” is a marketing moniker, not an official NCAA title.) If you go to the official NCAA site, you can investigate the official listing of “consensus national champions” at

    Click to access 2009FBS.pdf

    (PDF, page 85). You will find three “national champions” for 1970, and, incidently, two (LSU, USC) for 2003. From the horse’s mouth.


  12. Thomas Brown

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    Sorry this is more news than discussing the fact that Georgia is 4th in SEC wins and losses over the last 4 years while The SEC earned 4 consecutive national championships by all these teams who leave UGA in 4th in SEC wins and losses the Last Entire 4 Years of our Offensive Decline.


  13. Barry

    Let’s have that reader poll!