One down, one to go in Gainesville

Hitting women is contemptible, but doing so when you’re on scholarship at a program that’s oversigned is really, really stupid as well.


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9 responses to “One down, one to go in Gainesville

  1. S.E. Dawg

    I wonder when the new rule kicks in concerning over signing.


    • It already did, but it’s a pretty toothless rule.

      An SEC school is not allowed to have more than 28 guys sign letters of intent during the signing period from NSD until some point in April when it’s over and LOIs can no longer be signed.

      Here’s the catch though – early enroll players who enter school in January don’t have to sign LOIs. Simply enrolling in school locks them in because they’d have to sit out a year to transfer. Therefore, SEC schools are really restricted to 28 guys plus however many they can get to come in early. Given that some schools can get 10 or more early enrollees, a Houston Nutt-style 39 member class is still possible even with the new rule.


  2. Charles D.

    I heard that Bama “suspended” one for spring practice yesterday, as well.

    I could only assume that that meant that one of the recruits that was borderline academically got a qualifying SAT score.


  3. Mike

    Florida was not over signed for the 2010 season. More than 3 of the 28 players signed were early enrollees and therefore counted toward last year.


    • Hackerdog

      UF is still over signed overall. Even after the Brown dismissal, they have 86 players on scholarship. So somebody is getting a red tag in his locker soon.


      • Mike

        Yea, I think that is right. Attrition will take care of itself. Florida will start the fall program one or two under the 85 limit due to academic casuality and/or transfers due to lack of playing time


  4. JC in Powder Springs

    Funny how a 5 star recruit from ’09 isn’t worth a nickel now. Depending on true freshmen to carry so much of the load is a ticket to disaster.

    Strong and Mullen carried a lot of the load for Meyer the last few years. It allowed him to spend extra time on special teams and recruiting. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens this year.


    • Mike

      I think Brown is worth a lot more than a nickle as a football player. He just did not behave well enough to earn a spot on the Florida team


  5. Loyed

    We still have a few weeks to go

    I wouldn’t put it past a few of our players to get arrested for something

    Maybe they breath too loud downtown?