“Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight, exit light, enter night.”

At Virginia Tech, you don’t want to “mess with the tradition”.

Because playing amplified music at earsplitting levels at sporting events is so, you know, different than what you hear at other venues.  Special, even.

I know this is likely to come off sounding like one of those “hey, you kids, get off of my lawn” moments, but I really hate that crap.


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  1. Gob

    At least VT’s choice of song is relatively unique to their program. I swear I heard “Zombie Nation” played during every single game I watched this season, except (I think) Georgia home games. Everyone plays that song. I think the specific choice of “Enter Sandman” at VT is enough to qualify it as “tradition,” at least in the short term.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh great Senator,

    Frankly, If the vid of the Hokies getting ready to hit the field to Enter Sandman does not give you goosebumps, maybe you should consider blogging about something other than college football.

    Who cares what Tech does?


    • Frankly, If the vid of the Hokies getting ready to hit the field to Enter Sandman does not give you goosebumps, maybe you should consider blogging about something other than college football.

      It doesn’t, but I won’t. 😉


      • The Realist

        Not a Metallica fan, eh?


        • It’s not really that. I’ve just grown to dislike the practice of blaring amplified music at sporting events. Basketball and hockey are the most obnoxious about that. It seems especially useless at a college game, when you’ve got bands.

          The Who is one of my all time favorites and if I never hear “Baba O’Riley” before a game in Athens again, I won’t shed a tear.


          • Go Dawgs!

            I can’t really go with you on this one, Senator. While I think it needs to be mostly about the bands, there’s a place for the piped-in music, especially during the pre-game videos, which I think are awesome.

            However, I whole-heartedly agree with you. “Baba O’Riley” should never, EVER be played at a sporting event. Football games are no place for sunshine and moonbeams, if you’re going to play music to pump up a crowd, it’s got to be something aggressive.


            • MT

              As a relatively recent graduate, I can tell you that the only part that the students really look forward to in “Baba O’Riley” is the “we’re all wasted” line at the end.


              • Normaltown Mike

                Sadly, the majority of students never hear this b/c they’re still guzzling Keystone Light around a broken styrofoam cooler and debating how long you have to wait before you can leave class if the professor is tardy (the answer is zero minutes, if you don’t want to go to class then skip dill weed).


                • dudetheplayer

                  Yeah, because the problem with the Sanford crowd is the students who show up to the game late.

                  What about the alumni who like to sit on their hands the entire game until the opponent’s 3rd downs in the fourth quarter?


                • Normaltown Mike

                  Yeah, the problem IS the students that show up late and over served. The students that show up early and our loud the entire game are great. Georgia would be better off if student sections were first come first serve and once full the dopes in white oxfords and neckties who show up mid 2nd QRT are SOL.


                • AJ

                  umm…the student section is first come first served


                • 4wholefriedchickensandacoke

                  we pleaded with damon from the stands in 2008 to go back to the who instead of elton john. elton john ruined our defense.


          • Russ

            Amen Senator! I love the Who, and I hate amplified music at college games. My hate of it overcomes my love of the Who.

            So, yeah, get off of my lawn you whipper snappers!


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Note the empty seats at the stadium formerly known as Grant Field. Throw South Carolina in there with Strauss. I guess he was heavy metal in his day.


  4. Bulldog Bry

    (can’t see the video b/c I’m at work)
    I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I like their entrance because it IS different. It sure gets me pumped up when they are playing the nerds.

    And because I live in Roanoke and I’m surrounded by Hokies everywhere I go, I can tell you that “tradition” (especially in terms of football) only dates back to around 1998 for the majority of Hokie nation.


  5. The Realist

    On the whole, I am against piped in music. It’s soooo NFL. I prefer the band to play. I like the soloist in the Upper Deck. I like “Glory, Glory.” I like the pomp and circumstance that is unique to college football.

    Howevuh, I would personally be out of my mind (okay, even more so) with “Enter Sandman” blaring and my team charging onto the field… especially in a night game. The way the song builds up slowly then explodes is mesmerizing. A night game in Blacksburg is one of those stadium environments I must see before I die.

    Zombie Nation, on the other hand, makes me want to kick a puppy.


  6. sUGArdaddy

    I’m with you, Senator. All that junk screams “ACC”. I HATE piped in music, for things like that. I don’t mind the pre-game videos and the between quarter stuff occassionally, but Zombie Nation makes my ears bleed. Every time they did it at Tech, we chanted “High School Basketball”.

    College football is about marching bands. That’s what makes it different than any sport. We have bands. We play 100 year old songs that we all know the words to. Thank goodness our beloved Dawgs are one of the last bastions of true SEC traditions. We’re even about the last team that doesn’t have some kind of annoying piped in mascot noise…and I’m thankful for that.


  7. Agreed. I noted during the Arkansas game that it seemed that the loudspeakers were playing some psudo-raprock crap during every game break. I thought we had bands and a crowd for getting in opposing team’s heads.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Nothing says Western Virginia Hokie like Metallica and nothing says Zombie Nation like Cindy and Mindy and Kernkraft 400 which is what I always thought was the name of the 4th of July race at Daytona…


  9. You’ve nailed it……Zombie Nation does make one want to kick a puppy!!!!

    Put me down for ‘hate’ when talking about piped in music. It’s not a tradition when anyone can play a mp3 over the loudspeakers.

    Ba…HUMBUG!! Get off my lawn, kids!!!!


  10. sUGArdaddy

    The basketball schools are worst about it; therefore, UK and Arkansas (and the entire ACC) don’t know any better because they’re trying to “promote” football. We have a different way of doing it. We don’t have to promote anything on fall Saturdays. Have 80 guys put on silver britches…see 90,000 show up. rest six days. repeat.


  11. D.N. Nation

    Yes. Zombie Nation. *Wake Forest* was the first school to overuse it. That’s all I need to know.

    Was at the UGA/Bama hoops game Saturday and had to sit and facepalm when Fox’s Hounds went nuts for it. At least we don’t do it for football.


    • D.N. Nation

      sUGArdaddy’s onto something…I think you can pretty much nail teams with crummy histories (UGA hoops instead of UGA football) being the ones who go balls out for Zombie Nation.


  12. HamDawg11

    I’m definitely old school, give me a marching band over PA music any day, but you can’t discount the effect music has on today’s college athlete. As much as I despised the Soulja Boy antics in ’07, it did seem to get the team amped.

    I gotta admit, Enter Sandman had me going for a second, and I can totally understand how it can get the crowd fired up in Blacksburg. You can just sense the energy, the passion, the pure emotion of the fans…..ready to spur their team on to another scintillating 13-10 victory over another ACC rival!


  13. Phocion

    “If the music is too loud….”

    I don’t have a problem with the piped in stuff for the entrances…marching bands, no matter what they are playing, just aren’t going to be heard by the half of the crowd that is sitting at the opposite end of the field from them in a 90+ thousand seat open air stadium. And if you can hear them it is because the crowd for sections around you is relatively quiet while trying to hear the band…and that is the opposite of the effect you are going for at that moment in time.

    Bring the noise for the entrance…let the band play during the game…and leave the singing of the victory songs and the alma mater to the crowd at the end.

    PS: Zombie Nation is awful at any decible in any medium.


  14. fuck the barn

    “eye of the tiger” at jurdin/hare stadium is the cheesiest thing since the invention of cheese. Then again what do you expect from those damn barntards.


  15. jt

    Back in Black vs. Auburn for the blackout was just freaking cool.

    If you didn’t like that, you’re crazy.


    • D.N. Nation

      Everything about the Barn ’07 experience was awesome…but that’s mostly from the perceived rarity of it.

      I saw a Barn basketball game a few weeks ago where they played Zombie Nation after EVERY timeout down the stretch. That’s…not so much.


  16. Normaltown Mike

    Senator: If you think football is bad (“BOOM!, Here come’s the BOOM!, Ready or Not, Ha-Ha”) then you need to avoid a Georgia basketball game like the plague. At late timeouts, they play all sorts of movie clips to get the fans “juiced”. I’d take the pep band playing any day over watching a movie clip (with the exception of the Rocky bit).

    IMHO the football game presentation seems more concerned with the advertising profits than they do creating atmosphere. If you watch the Redcoats, it is apparent that they are instructed to NOT play during the myriad McDonald commercials etc. Thankfully, I’ve seen them dispense with these rules in some 4th quarter grudge matches.

    Give me “Leroy Brown”, “Glory Glory” or “Hey Baby” played by our fine marching band any day over some cheesy rap/metal montage.

    FWIW, Lassiter’s soccer team was coming out to “Enter Sandman” in 1994 so the Hokies ought to give credit where its due.


    • I’ve been to a few bball games this year, including last Saturday’s. I had a similar reaction to D.N. Nation’s when Zombie Nation blared out – definitely cringeworthy.

      At least they’ve done away with the whole disco ball intro that went on during the Felton regime.


      • Normaltown Mike

        As well as the frustrating inability to “shoot” the ball before the “shot clock” sounds.


      • D.N. Nation

        They were doing the disco ball routine during the Harrick Era, too. IMO, they were *way* more ridiculous back then, complete with this epic “Where The Streets Have No Name” pre-lineup video, even when we were playing Furman or what have you.


  17. Charles D.

    Why is Zeke Bratkowski helping Tebow? That is sickening.



  18. Bryant Denny

    Fake juice, that’s what it is.

    Blaring an mp3 file as your team enters (no matter what the song) means your fight song probably just stinks.

    Regarding music played during the games: I hate it. What’s up with people thinking they have to be stimulated 100% of the time?

    Have a great day,



  19. mwo

    Piped in music has no place at a game when there is a band wearing red coats in attendance. Remember, everything was going swimmingly until someone played that damned Miley Cyrus song at the half of the Kentucky game this year.


  20. Smitty

    For those of you who attended the game Arizona State played Van Halen’s Running with the Devil when they came onto the field.


  21. B Man

    My brother and I were just discussing this over the weekend. Zombie Nation screams ACC, although I’ve heard it at places like Penn State where they ought to know better. Generally, when I hear a crowd going nuts for Zombie Nation, I think that’s a school with a good frisbee golf tradition.

    All that being said, if I were to choose one song to artificially enhance crowd juice, it would probably be AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells – and I’d only do it at night. Daytime is for marching bands.


  22. reipar

    If anyone reads the linked artice at the top I think they will agree we are all missing the urgent question here: What to do about the stink bugs?


  23. dawgy45

    I don’t mind some piped in music but I like to hear the Redcoats too; both have their place and time.

    However, a few weeks ago while watching one of the Dawgs home games on TV, during a timeout I heard that ridiculous NerdKrapt 400 in the background. I threw up in my mouth…and not just a little. I don’t know who is in charge of that, but it needs to stop immediately. The thought of good folks in red and black chanting and jumping up and down in some sort of techno-dweeb mating dance just sickens me. The songs of Metallica, AC/DC, and The Who at least have some manly qualities to them. That other junk does not. Leave it to the dorks in their pus-colored plastic outfits to jump around like…well, I think Slim Pickens said it best here:

    NSFW and not PC…you have been warned.


  24. BeerMoney89

    Georgia Tech should enter to “It’s Raining Men,” or something by the Pet Shop Boys. You do know why they are called the Pet Shop Boys right? Sam Kinison used to do a pretty disgusting yet riotous routine on the subject.

    Maybe when Tech breaks out their blue uniforms every now and again, they got switch it up and play “In The Navy.”

    There’s nothing more second rate than Zombie Nation.


  25. dawgfan17

    Absolutely hate pumped in music with very few exceptions. An hour before kick-off when teams are stetching it is all good, but once the game is on I want all noise to be natural, coming from the band and the fans. It is one of the many great things that seperates college from the pros.