This year’s model at quarterback

Tebow, McCoy and Bradford are gone.  Matt Hayes gives us a list of the five quarterbacks in line to be the next big thing.  I don’t know – there’s plenty of potential and a couple of very good system QBs there, but when the top player on his list sported a completion percentage last season that barely topped Joe Cox’ (and will miss 2010 spring practice with a foot injury), let’s just say that things aren’t burning as brightly at the position as they once were.


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6 responses to “This year’s model at quarterback

  1. Charles D.

    Wow, so someone will finally start talking about Kellen Moore? Where was this writer last year when Moore did not even get invited to the Heisman ceremony?

    I long ago gave up on the Heisman having any relevance, I think Torretta over Hearst and Faulk did me in, but this year was the greatest travesty we have witnessed.

    Here are Moore’s stats: 3536 yards on 64% passing, 39 TD’s, 3 INT’s. How did a kid with those stats, on arguably the best team in the country not at least get invited to New York? It’s sheer lunacy.


    • Hackerdog

      Players for teams in small conferences, who play weak schedules, need to put up ridiculous stats to be in serious contention for the Heisman. Moore had a great year as far as efficiency, but that’s not as impressive to voters as yards or touchdowns.

      I think that Ndamukong Suh was the most impressive player in the country this year and should have won the Heisman. But the award goes to the best offensive skill player on a big team in a big conference. And that team has to have a good year.


      • Truthfully, the award has little to do with production. It goes to the “star” face of college football that year. Suh couldn’t win because he wasn’t widely known outside of die-hard cfb fans, and Moore has little chance because the media in most cities doesn’t discuss Boise. Look next year for Brantley at Florida to be in the discussion (if they’re good) or Mallett, or even a couple running backs if the year breaks the way I think it will.


    • Macallanlover

      No one is going to argue that Moore, and BSU for that matter, didn’t a great year, they both did. Kudos for all the accomplishments. But you are naive if you think the Heisman hasn’t become a joke, and has been that for decades.

      I don’t remember the last time I watched a Heisman ceremony, cared who won, or felt it was a legit award. They really should scrap it entirely and have position awards only. Best player in CFB, indeed! Advertising campaigns, media blitzes by PR guys, ESPN stacking the deck, padded stats to help the cause, etc. How sleazy can you get? Least significant award given in the post season, imo.


  2. Phocion

    I’m with you, Charles. But giving Moore credit would have given credit to the program he played for…and there are too many people with too much invested, either tangibly or intangibly, to have allowed that to happen.