Tuesday morning buffet

Grab that plate, campers, and dig in.


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  1. kckd

    Having Stafford over Cox at QB had more to do with the rushing YPG improvement than KM leaving.

    BTW, what do you mean by the “what is it with Georgia fans and Stafford” comment? There were two opinions put forth that were different and then the comments had supporters and detractors of both views.


    • There was a noticeable element of the fan base that had a “good riddance” attitude about Matt leaving early.

      If you notice in that post I linked, even the pro-Staff comment was prefaced by giving Greene credit for staying five years while Stafford left after three. As if Greene would have turned down the opportunity to be the first pick in the draft if he’d have had the chance…


  2. Charles D.

    Quite the bit of revisionist history on when comparing the QB’s offensive lines.

    Apparently, David Greene played behind “great” offensive lines for his entire career. One word: Inman.


  3. Hammer-time

    All seven teams in front of Georgia on the Decade list won one national championship during the decade. Not too bad…


    • Mike

      I noticed that also. Any program that want to be something more than a regional power has to win a national title, or at least compete for one on a regular basis.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Compete regularly is not enough–the program HAS to win a NC to be a national power. UGA already competes regularly for the NC (2001, 2007, preseason #1 pick in 2008, etc.). Bama had dropped out of the national picture before 2008 but now they’re back. UGA can do the same.


  4. rchrisfreeman

    Go to the CFB Data Warehouse and click all-time best teams, and sort by strength of schedule. Notice who is number two on that list. Now, click on all four of the twentieth century’s all quarter century teams list and note just how many programs share the distinction with Georgia of being ranked in the top 25 in all four twenty-five year periods. Georgia has been consistently good for a long time and has been good against very tough competition.


  5. MT

    I thought it was interesting in the Rivals article about the statement re: Hawaii/Ave Maria.

    While Ave Maria definitely has some serious financial backing between the Domino’s founder and the Tiger’s former owner, that’s a tall mountain to climb athletically, financially and even at a student body level (currently at 600 students).

    How many tier 1 colleges can Florida realistically support?


  6. For what it’s worth, I wrote the Stafford post. And I only mentioned the 3 years/5 years because that seems to be one of the big arguments against Staff. Senator – I am with you on this one. Who wouldn’t have taken advantage of being the #1 overall pick??? Nobody out here on these blogs. I have always felt like Stafford got a bad rap. That being said, I have actually been surprised by how many people have taken Stafford over Greene in our Comments section.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hope we picked Greene because he won championships, or at least got to the game.

    I simply can’t accept the idea Stafford did not have Greene supporting cast.


    • Hackerdog

      I recognize that football is a team game. A quarterback can help or hurt a team, but despite what you hear on ESPN, he can’t “put the team on his back and will them to victory.”

      If I had to pick a single player to give the most credit to for the success of the teams on which Greene played, it would easily be Pollack. If you look at the defenses that Van Gorder fielded versus Martinez’s units, I think the supporting cast argument holds up quite well.


      • Exactly. I don’t remember Greene suffering from as many dropped passes as Stafford did during his time in Athens either. If Tony Wilson or Tripp Chandler hold onto a couple of those passes in the Carolina game in 2007 we might be discussing Matthew Stafford as the last Georgia QB to win a national title. It’s not Stafford’s fault that the defense fielded in 2008 couldn’t hold Alabama/Florida/Georgia Tech below 40 points.

        The Georgia fanbase really disappointed me over the “good riddance” attitude they had towards Stafford when he left. I honestly question which of you so called fans wouldn’t have bolted from college your junior year if you had $41.7M in guaranteed money dangling in front of you.


        • Charles D.

          Actually, part of it is his fault.

          Part of the problem for the defenses under CWM is that they frequently had to start out drives on the opponents side of the field because of an interception that was thrown.

          How many turnovers did David Greene ever commit on UGA’s side of the 50? How many pick 6’s did David Greene throw?


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, you are right. Hale’s post about injuries (as it applies to the OL) scares the crap out of me, too. Can’t Richt use some of those extra schollys he has to get some big bodies from the JC ranks? Even if they are not NFL first-rounders they can spell the starters and hopefully assist the OL to make it through the season in one piece.


  9. The answer is this: Only Michigan, Notre Dame, and Texas have been in the top 25 for each quarter of the 20th century. Also Michigan and Notre Dame are sure having their problems over the past few years. Texas and Georgia are remarkably consistent programs.