All’s well that ends well.

UGA Athletic Association and Decory Bryant settle Bryant’s lawsuit.


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7 responses to “All’s well that ends well.

  1. The Realist

    Kudos to the UGAAA for doing the right thing.


  2. aristoggle

    Gotta say it’s about time we did right by him. A missed deadline to purchase an insurance policy shouldn’t require the kid to suffer an economic hardship. I hope we covered his attorney fees, too.


  3. Mike

    Why did it take so long if they were going to pay it out from the get go?


    • Reading between the lines of the story in the Athens Banner-Herald, I think there were two issues that delayed the settlement of the case:

      1. Bryant’s attorney wanted to pursue whether the athletic association is an arm of government and should have the same legal protections; and
      2. The athletic association and the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. duked it out in federal court (for more than two years) over who would have to pay legal costs.


  4. Russ

    About time. With the money we make, this should have been paid several years ago.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And, protestations about UGA planning on “doing the right thing for Bryant all along” and “taking care of” him notwithstanding, if there is anyone out there that believes Bryant would have gotten one red cent out of UGA or its insurer without him hiring a lawyer and suing their collective asses off I have some property in the Okefenokee that I’d like to sell you. Maybe the problem with settling was the insurer, maybe not. I don’t know or care to find out. It is a shame that the kid had to file suit to get his university to do something they should have done voluntarily. Like the FLA coaching staff avoids telling kids about the lying BS from CUM to previous FLA recruits, I’ll bet this is something that the UGA coaches do not bring up as a talking point with prospective UGA recruits.