Clean Old-fashioned Resignation

It’s always refreshing to check in on the Georgia Tech boards once in a while to get an idea of how the other half thinks.  After the 45-42 debacle of 2008, we were treated to assertions that football in this state would never be the same again.  Evah.

In the wake of 30-24 returning us to a more normal state of being, it’s time for Yellow Jacket minds to come up with a new way of looking at the world.  And they don’t disappoint:  the game just isn’t that important any more, now that Georgia Tech has taken its rightful place among those schools in the national title hunt.

Of course, if it were my school winning games against Mark Richt at an eleven percent clip, I’d be doing some seri0us rationalizing as well.



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23 responses to “Clean Old-fashioned Resignation

  1. Chris

    Lets put it in terms the Nerds can understand. When they play World of Warcraft and they win 11% of the time would they feel the same way? Don’t think so.


  2. The Realist

    Message Board alternate reality, courtesy of “babuka”:

    The UGA game will continue to mean less from a season defining point to fans as long as GT keeps winning in the national picture and keeps beating UGA at least half the time.

    There is so much goodness in that delusion that one can’t adequately parse its delicious flavors.


    • RedCrake

      I’m not sure what I find more hilarious, that they think Tech will keep winning in the national picture (wouldn’t that involve, I dunno, winning their bowl game?) or that they think they will beat UGA half the time.


  3. Charles D.

    Hmm, I imagine a lot of UGA fans felt that way about the UF game in ’02. And ’03. And ’05.


    • What, that the Florida game didn’t matter as much any more?

      I never met those folks. And they certainly never made the trip to Jax.


      • Charles D.

        No, no, I am saying that they are making the same argument that a UGA fan could have that since we were now the better program from ’02-05, that those losses were not as big a deal “nationally” as they were in 2001 or 2000, etc, just as Gtu fan is claiming that since they are now a better program than UGA that the loss is less painful.

        Just pointing out the stupidity in the Gtu fans’ logic. I cannot help but draw parallels to our rivalries with Gtu and UF. Unfortunately, we are the hammer in one and the nail in the other, but they are almost identical, disregarding the conference ramifications of wins and losses.


        • MT

          That’s a stretch…

          Maybe it’s just me being from South GA, but I think UF has been the biggest game on our schedule, year in and year out, since we’ve expanded to 12 team conference play.

          Beating Tech is like beating your sister in a footrace; it’ll happen 99% of the time unless you have the mother of all hangovers


        • D.N. Nation

          Trek isn’t a better program than Georgia.

          That ACC Championship and $1 will buy the Crickets a bag of chips. Put Trek in Georgia’s schedule and they drop 5 boners too.


        • Ben Rockwell

          The loss in 2002 wasn’t a big deal? You mean the loss that absolutely kept the Dawgs from a MNC title shot? I don’t think there’s a single Dawg fan who saw a UF loss as not a big deal during that span since a conference loss (a divisional loss at that!) is always a big deal.

          I understand your talk about the parallels, but the UF game (and any conference game, really) should always be a big deal.


    • DavetheDawg

      You have a vivid imagination.


  4. Irishdawg

    “I cannot help but draw parallels to our rivalries with Gtu and UF. ”

    Except that the UGA-UF rivalry has been cyclical; Florida has owned us for a while, just as Georgia owned them for a while. Tech hasn’t dominated this rivalry in the last half century.

    Oh, and winning a conference title in the crappy ACC and then shitting the bed in a bowl game does not make one a “national power”.


  5. Paul's Johnson

    You boys seem to care a lot about what we think.
    Which is important in any “rivalry”. But one thread on one site isn’t exactly what I’d call a consensus sample of the Jacket psyche.

    But two years into the Johnson regime, our fans feel one thing that wasn’t felt prior and its that we’re competitive again. Competitive on the field, and we’re recruiting and getting our share of in-state kids, as we should be. Regardless of public comments, last year pissed CPJ off big time. He’s refurbished his staff just like ya’ll, and the goal is to win and win often. I believe he will succeed.

    The non-conference nature of Georgia-Georgia Tech will continue to divide opinions at both schools, as the only thing at stake (other than possible MNC implications) is pride. Most all major rivalries are also conference rivalries as well. So many, many Georgia fans will continue to see Florida as their chief rival, while many of our fans focus on our ACC brethren.

    One program does not have to be down while the other is up. The competition in the immediate future promises to be fierce. I’m ready.


  6. sUGArdaddy

    P’sJ, you may be right. It might be competitive. But you’re not going to get any better. You’re not going to get better than Derrick Morgan, Morgan Burnett, Dwyer, Bay-Bay, and Nesbitt. And, oops, only Nesbitt of those is back. And you’re not going to find another more prototypical QB out there than Nesbitt. So, in his senior year you play us w/ the cupboard bare in our house. Running backs aren’t going to swoon to come to the Flats to put their hand on the ground. And WR’s aren’t going to swoon to come there to catch 15 balls a season. PJ lucked into some pretty good recruiting from Gailey’s last couple years.

    Mark my words. You’re going to look back in 5 years and realize you caught us on a rainy day in Athens when we’d lost hope of every goal that ’08 team set, with our two biggest stars having a foot already in the NFL, with a gimmick offense we’d never seen in a game that meant absolutely nothing in the long run. Win and we played Mich. St. in Orlando. Lose and we play Mich. St. in Orlando. We run this state. And we’re going to run it for a long time.


    • RedCrake

      *Standing ovation*


    • Paul's Johnson

      Brave words. R U trying to convince me. Or convince yourself?


      • Spence

        So here’s the problem, Mr. Johnson:

        You folks think that this series is competitive, when in fact Tech is in the midst of one of the (if not the) longest stretches of bowl appearances in its storied (sic) history. The last decade is one of the best 10 year stretches in Tech’s time on the gridiron, yet you managed to win only one game against us. This is 1/3 of the historical 30% clip that you fine young men typically win against UGA.

        Your suggestion that this series has become competitive, by definition, is speaking in a long term sense. Yet the data truly fails to back that up. The games themselves (51-7 aside) have on the whole have resembled competitive matches with close-ish scores, but that is irrelevant in the W/L column. But until you get some data that washes away any residual effects of Chan’s tenure, it is simply inaccurate to say that this series has become competitive. Get somewhat close to having a winning decade (and do it with eligible players) and we can resume this debate.

        Congrats on that ACC championship. I once won Employee of the Month at the fast-food joint I worked at in high school, so I know how it feels.


      • sUGArdaddy

        I don’t have to convince anyone. Caleb King and Washaun Ealey did plenty of convincing. What you and the Yech fans don’t get is the Mark Richt gets it. After our debacle against UK, I’ve never felt worse going into a Yech game. Well, there was that 2000 game…but I digress. We were wretched. Yech was rolling. We’d just lost to a third-world SEC country. We were on the Flats and the year before those bugs had figured out how to beat us. And our QB kept forgetting what color jerseys we were wearing each game. But even I forgot Mark Richt gets it. He understands how big that game is. His jaw was set and will be set for that game for the rest of his tenure. In fact, I’d say Mark Richt has sacrificed focus on the UF game for focus on the Yech game, and I’m perfectly happy with that. We’ll get that Jax series squared away soon, but we got this one back right. You dream of a time you go 8 of 9 against us…and it will NEVER happen. You know way? You know…because we run this state.

        Man, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving weekend!


  7. Chuck

    “…an idea of how the other half thinks.”

    You mean there are as many of them as there are of us? I had no idea. :0


  8. Pumpdawg

    The tech game will always mean more in the front office.If CMR had lost to tech as many times as he has lost to Florida,he wouldn’t be around.Nobody wants to admit there’s still a rivalry but just remember all the”hot seat”talk really heated up after the tech loss last year.