They hate paperwork at Michigan. They hate lying even more at the NCAA.

I’m inclined to agree with Brian Cook that, when you look at what the NCAA is accusing Michigan of, there isn’t that much there.  So, yeah, the school is likely the victim of some journalistic hyperventilating by the Detroit Free-Press.  Still…

  • Nobody at Michigan wants to wake up looking at headlines similar to this.
  • Rich Rodriguez has the honor of drawing the first major violations ever alleged against the Michigan football program.  No matter how you spin that, it’s not something you’d like to see on your resume.
  • Rodriguez is lucky he’s working at a school where the administrators act more like grownups.  What do you think his fate would be were he the coach at someplace like Texas Tech?  (It might be a good idea to win a few more games this year, though.)
  • Oh, and Alex Herron?  Two words for you, buddy:  Dez Bryant.


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2 responses to “They hate paperwork at Michigan. They hate lying even more at the NCAA.

  1. 69Dawg

    Well at least we will get to see if USC’s paid players are treated as a greater violation of the NCAA rules than holding too many practices. I’m betting the NCAA screw this up like they do everything they touch.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Good Golly Miss Molly. Is that it? WTF are these NCAA types doing about Junior and Orgeron trying to steal committed recruits from UT (some already enrolled) when Junior got the call from USC? Not to mention Junior’s tactics while at UT (like the UT gals rubbing boobs against recruits and visiting them at their high schools)? I’m losing respect for the NCAA more every day.