In good company

Check out this video at Rivals of the top 10 QB camp performances since 2006.  While past results are no indication of future performance, yada, yada, yada, if you’re a Georgia fan, you’ve got to be encouraged by Aaron Murray’s lofty placement on the list.

Also, as you watch, make sure you pay attention to (1) Tebow’s delivery and (2) the first guy whom Murray throws the ball to.


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14 responses to “In good company

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Tebow’s delivery was tighter then than now. Murray has a nice quick release and I’m encouraged hearing accuracy.


    • Prov

      You know who else won the accuracy award at Elite 11? It was a major talking point last summer.


      • Puffdawg

        Good point. No sense in getting excited about the players currently on the roster when we can dwell on past ones who didn’t perform.


        • Prov

          My point was that off season talking points don’t always pan out. Grain of salt, etc., etc. Nice try though.


          • Al

            I bet Cox was accurate… just not when flustered. I’m super excited Murry won the accuracy award (How can it hurt???). All players are different.


  2. Chuck

    That is great, and I like having QBs at the top of this list, but I would rather trade that for a SEC championship and a MNC. I don’t think UF fans are very disappointed that Teebs might not be a great NFL QB is all I am saying.


    • DawgPhan

      I must have missed the post where folks were talking about elite 11 videos are better than MNC…thanks for pointing that out.


  3. 69Dawg

    I believe AM was also the shortest QB in the 10.


  4. Derek

    First, pretty amazing that Tebow regressed under Meyer. I hope our staff has a before and after film to show QB recruits. Tebow’s release was better than Mallett’s at the time the film was shot.

    Second, I know that in some ways Dawg fans feel like we got burned with Stafford. The attitude being so what if he’s the No. 1 pick and the best QB ever at the Elite 11, where’s the hardware? And I sympathize with that sentiment. But we should remember 2 things, but for a horrible game vs. USC in the SEC opener as a Soph., Stafford plays for the SEC and NC titles. He was something like 15 of 42 when 17 of 42 probably would have won the game. If Tony Wilson makes the catch…. The other point I would make is that you can not watch Aaron Murray’s highlight film and not be impressed. The kid is legit and he appears more focused and more mentally tough than Matt. I see this kid as Eric Zeier (accurate, tough, a leader, a grinder) with foot speed. Aaron Murray may be the best to ever play QB at UGA and you can hold me to that. If you don’t trust me take note of the fact that Colt McCoy said that Murray was one of the most impressive players he has ever seen.


  5. keith

    I would be one of the ones that would echo the Gators sentiment of, I love seeing Dawgs in the pros, but give me the college hardware any day.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown



  7. Thomas Brown

    You said you are blaming Mike Bobo, and therefore by direct report, Coach Richt for Coaching of Quarterbacks. That is what I read “it pains me to say.”

    You don’t say Matthew Stafford had a great freshman season. I noted that.

    You mentioned toughness throughout, and focus on last year. Now, this season everyone is expecting 6 feet 198 lbs. Aaron Murray to take over, when once again, Buck Belue points on this issue as well that Aaron Murray has been injured both of the last 2 seasons now. You mentioned 1 of them.

    All I know is that we have not had a QB ready to take over since DJ Shockley in 2005. And, before that, none either.

    Now we have 3 freshmen QB this season, none of whom have thrown a pass and Aaron Murray still hasn’t taken a snap yet under center in his lifetime. Just shotgun only.

    10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 years.

    Lost 6 of the last 8 to Florida and the vols the last 4 years.

    If, as you say straight up, we have issues on coaching of Quarterbacks here and now we asked Logan Gray 5 years in this system to move to wide receiver which he doesn’t want to do, and we have had 53 Interceptions, 82 fumbles and have averaged Number 96 NCAA Penalties the last 4 years; I really don’t see any conundrum whatsoever to point out that I too am quite satisfied we will have 1 of our best defenses ever this coming season, and once again will continue to struggle on Offense.

    Is that what you are asking ?


    • Thomas, please quit cutting and pasting comments from other blogs into threads here. It’s really getting tiresome and adds nothing to the discussion.

      I don’t object to you expressing your negativity about the program here, but at least make some effort to provide original comments that are relevant to the thread you’re commenting on.


  8. dawgfan17

    “He was something like 15 of 42.” I think that says about all we need to know about why we didn’t win a title in 2007. Why in the world were we throwing it that often in a game that was close when the qb was not having a good day. I’d rather have 40 carries that only average a few yards a carry that continue putting a young qb in that situation. Not to mention the extra rest the D could have had instead of being right back out there after all those incompletions. Just a thought.