Recruiting violation funnies

It sounds like Derek Dooley has a sense of humor.

Dooley said his law degree should help avoid trouble with the NCAA. “I do feel like I’m one of the few coaches that can read the NCAA rules and know what they mean.”

Although I doubt George O’Leary finds Steve Rubio’s current boss very amusing these days.



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6 responses to “Recruiting violation funnies

  1. hodgie

    I forget exactly what the NCAA’s mission is. I thought it was something to do with making sure all schools and players were in a fair playing field. However, when a school is punished for their coaches actions and he is allowed to move on with no penalty to himself personally, it is unfair to the schools and players. This type of stuff goes beyond reasoning to me. I just don’t understand. I also thought I’d never say “Poor George O’Leary.”


  2. rwrjr

    My favorite line in that regards Rubio receiving “compliance training” at Tennessee. I think they meant “non-compliance training.”


  3. 69Dawg

    There is a pecking order in the NCAA starting at the top and ending at the bottom (the players) otherwise how could you explain that a scholarship is only good for a year but a player must sit out a year if he wants to transfer and play DI. I’m no expert but I assume that if the school pulls the scholly the player is then free to transfer and play immediately, if not a good lawyer needs to get involved.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I am almost to the point with the NCAA that their rules are so obtuse and their enforcement so arbitrary that I believe all the major teams in CFB should withdraw and form their own association. In fact, I thought that is what the CBA was supposed to be. If the head coach tells the asst/intern “Don’t do that” and the guy does it anyway and then quits, how is that the fault of the program/school? As I have said in earlier posts, the NCAA gets excited about something like this but does nothing about blatant violations/violators like Ed Orgeron and Lane Kiffin. How is anyone supposed to respect the NCAA anymore? I know I don’t.


  5. Vinings Dog

    I am in the securities business and I will bet the NCAA operates like the SEC/FINRA. There are multitudes of little “gotcha” rules for us normal folk and yet the Madoffs of the world get ignored for years.

    As an example, I have a JD from UGA and was recently told by our compliance department to take it off all stationery, business cards, etc. Never mind that my degree designation has been on my card for over 25 years.

    The compliance goons make me monitor my associates’ e-mails. I have to personally initial all commission print outs, and I can get into very hot water if I use an unapproved e-mail address to correspond with one of my business partners.

    Meanwhile, back at the Ponzi Scheme Ranch……