Excuses, excuses

Sounds like a bit of seed-planting making the rounds in Baton Rouge:

… Miles knows the climate. He will not speak about it specifically in public. But he knows what the score is. He is well aware that he has not received a raise nor has his contract been rolled over the last two years, which decreases the amount of money he will be owed through his buyout should he not be retained for the 2011 season. He will have four years remaining on his deal after the 2010 season, which means with a $3.75 million a year salary, he could receive as much as $15 million should he be fired. A possible NCAA investigation into recruiting violations by Miles’ program could give LSU cause, however, and decrease the buyout significantly.

Sure, sure, that doesn’t sound like much.  But ask Mike Leach about what a school is capable of blowing up if it sees an opportunity arise to wriggle out of a big buyout.



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3 responses to “Excuses, excuses

  1. JasonC

    RE: Writing on the wall
    I noticed that LSU’s TE coach left for the same job at Memphis. I know he was following Porter, but wouldn’t that be considered a step down?


  2. Macallanlover

    Yet to be seen if TT’s move will pay off for them, financially, or on the field with Tubbs taking over. From what I have read, I cannot see a jury letting Texas Tech get away with such an obvious plan to screw the Pirate. I doubt it ever gets to a jury though, TT will settle and move on.

    Putting that whole situation under a spotlight is not good publicity for the school, and the politics of the Administration and Board of Trustees coud be too ugly for public consumption. At LSU that would be considered high entertainment and would be cause for more workday parties, if there are any dates left without a party already scheduled.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Das Hat may be hoping that Rich Rod has his third straight losing and, therefore, final season at Michigan so Mama can call and he can escape from Baton Rouge.