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Lost in translation.

Now the GPOOE is getting questions about Florida’s recruiting – on the NFL Network, of all places.  He gave an impassioned response.

… There has been some criticism of Urban Meyer that he didn’t get Tebow prepared for the NFL. Host Rich Eisen asked Tebow if other SEC schools would use that to recruit negatively.

“They can just worry about trying to come back and beat Florida — that’s what they need to worry about,” Tebow said. “To defend coach Meyer and to defend Florida — he has taught his players over the last six-eight years the best of any coach in the country. You look at his players once they actually get on a team — they know football. We teach football. We teach schemes. We teach concepts that relate to the next level.

“He does a great job of teaching guys to learn football, learn concepts and be able to translate when they get to the next level.”

I don’t think “translate” means what he thinks it means.  At least if he means it in the sense of  “destined to become a major contributor on Sundays“.


UPDATE: By the way, it’s probably worth mentioning that the schedule for this year’s SEC Media Days is out and the conference has thoughtfully scheduled Corch Meyers’ session for the first day.  I can already smell a reader poll on the over/under for Tebow questions.



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Jimmy Sexton: I run this conference.

Mike Hamilton, as the saying goes, never bring a knife to a gun fight.

… At issue is the buyout that Dooley would have to pay UT should he decide to split town ahead of schedule, a la Lane Kiffin.

Tennessee wants a stiffer penalty than the $800,000 buyout it gave Kiffin.  Dooley and his agent Jimmy Sexton don’t want the buyout to be too high.

Sexton has made it clear that he doesn’t believe that Dooley should be punished — not sure how someone making $1.8 million a year is being punished — for something that Kiffin did.

Of course, Sexton also represented Kiffin, so perhaps athletic director Mike Hamilton should simply say, “We’re not punishing Dooley… we’re punishing YOU.”

Fat chance of that.


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Less glitz at G-Day

Herbie’s not coming this year.

G-Day time, TV: UGA announced that the G-Day intra-squad football game on April 10 will start at 2 p.m. and be televised on CSS.  Georgia’s home baseball game vs. Ole Miss on that day will be moved to 4 p.m. to accommodate fans who want to attend both events.


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Michael Elkon beat me to the punch this morning with this, but that’s okay, because he says it better than I would have.

And as somebody who based part of his decision on where to attend college on getting to see live ACC basketball, I couldn’t agree more with his last sentence.


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Monday morning buffet

Dig in, folks.


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