Junior Day dos and don’ts

With word that Auburn is bringing back Big Cat Weekend – no doubt Mike Slive is thrilled – you might be interested in what Rodney Garner had to say about how Georgia conducts its junior day events.

… Georgia defensive line coach Rodney Garner, who oversees the team’s recruiting efforts, said the Bulldogs hosted about 150 prospects on campus at two junior days last month. Georgia has two more junior days planned this spring.

“You have to show the players different aspects of your program each time,” Garner said. “You have to make sure kids won’t get bored. You don’t want someone telling you, ‘Well, I was at the first junior day and the second junior day, why should I come to this one?’ Obviously, the more you can get a player on campus, the better chance you have of signing him. If I’ve had a young man on campus four times, and he’s only been to another school once, I like my chances of getting him.”

Garner said the Bulldogs’ first junior day took place on the last weekend of official visits for current high school seniors in January. Prospects learned about the school’s strength and conditioning program and academics. The second junior day took place this past weekend. Prospects learned about the school’s sports medicine program and the team’s philosophies on offense and defense. Prospects also attended Georgia’s home basketball game against Florida.

A third junior day is planned around spring practice later this month, and a fourth junior day will take place at Georgia’s annual spring G-Day game at Sanford Stadium on April 10.

“Recruiting has evolved into a year-round process,” Garner said. “If you’re not careful, you’ll have something planned every weekend. It’s something everybody is doing, and if you’re not doing a good job getting kids to your campus early, you’re behind the eight ball.”

No word on white limo rides, though.  Guess those will stay in Alabama.


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6 responses to “Junior Day dos and don’ts

  1. NCT

    I realize these kids are looking at and attracted by things that are different from the stuff that turned my crank when I was looking at colleges, but dang, our campus (for starters) sells itself. Do parents come? Because their cranks may be built a little more like mine. And I can’t help but assume that the Florida basketball game was a huge plus. “Like this, times 10.”


  2. Marmot

    First, I enjoy your blog and it is perhaps the only non-AU blog I read regularly. Now to business… what point are you trying to make here? That Georgia’s recruiting is superior to Auburn’s? That Auburn doesn’t treat recruiting like a “year round process”? That Auburn doesn’t bring juniors in for multiple visits with each visit being unique and interesting? I think Auburn currently does those things in spades, plus they have a major event in BCW that pays significant dividends in drawing the interest of highly rated talent. I realize that the limo (which has nothing to do with the actual recruits, but rather re-connecting with Alabama high school athletic programs) and even the spectacle of BCW seems low rent to you, but imagine I told you that if GA coaches continued their current recruiting efforts and then added to it a limo trip to major GA high schools plus a Big Dawg Weekend, and that those extra activities would improve Georgia’s team recruiting ranking by 3-5 spots on signing day, would you still turn your nose up at it. I’m just sayin’… if it works don’t be so quick to knock it. And from where I’m sitting, it works.


    • The only thing I was knocking Auburn for was the secondary violations from last year’s Big Cat. And the limo, which I find kinda cheezy. (To each his own on that, I guess.)

      Trust me, any staff with Trooper Taylor on it treats recruiting as a 24-7 job. I can’t knock the results.

      Thanks for the blog praise, by the way. I hope you’ll comment more often here.


      • Marmot

        Kinda looks like I was getting worked up over nothing. Yeah, the white sedan limo was lame, but the stretch hummer was all kinds of awesome.

        As for secondary violations, I’ll reword one of my previous questions: if I told you Georgia could improve its team recruiting rankings 3-5 spots by committing five more secondary violations (for which Georgia self reports, suffers minor penalties and gets negative press) would you support the extra violations?


        • Dog in Fla

          “but the stretch hummer was all kinds of awesome.”

          And Marmot, it’s not only that even though some may smell a rodent, the hummer also says it has a Touch of Class…

          However, what the Auburn stretch hummer does lack is a top mounted .50 caliber Ma Duce machine gun named of course in honor of II Duce, the famous Italian Fascist WWII hero.