Not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Via Brian Cook comes news of this rather astounding development:

… Hearst Newspapers has teamed up with Bleacher Report to share content. From Editor & Publisher:

Hearst Newspapers is teaming up with the Bleacher Report a citizen sportswriter site to introduce Local Editions in four of Hearst’s markets: Houston, San Antonio, Texas, San Francisco and Seattle.

“Bleacher Report’s publishing platform provides a powerful way to serve our readers quality, original content that complements our own coverage,” Stephen Weis, executive vice president of the Houston Chronicle and general manager of, said in a statement. “Working with Bleacher Report, we’re able to reach out to local fans and add a variety of viewpoints on each of the day’s sports stories that matters most to our readers in their home markets.”

The plan is to use B/R on all the local newspaper websites to boost their online coverage and provide more analysis from other voices, stating that the local editions will start using Bleacher Report “original content.”

Bleacher Report? What’s next, teaming up with  Jeezus.  This is depressing evidence of why traditional media is slowly swirling around the toilet bowl nowadays.  Put more politely,

… From a business standpoint, Bleacher Report seems to make a lot of sense, but in practice, there’s something missing. Perhaps it’s just a level of checks and balances that other content networks have, but to everyone I’ve ever spoken to, including some people who write at Bleacher Report, the network is the wild, wild west of sports blogging. And that’s saying something. People put up whatever they want, and the outlandish articles get thrown to the top of Google searches like they are legitimate news and commentary. It’s both a testament to the company, and incredibly scary, that a good business model and questionable content with zero accountability and very little respect in the industry can get them as far as they have.

Very little respect… but just enough, evidently.  Sad and appalling.


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4 responses to “Not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  1. thewhiteshark

    You got that right. The writing, reporting and so-called analysis that typically comes from Bleacher Report is frequently amateurish and sometimes just horrible.


  2. masivatack

    Hey, FREE Journalism! Sweet! I suppose this was inevitable, you kick and scream loud enough and act like a complete embecile long enough, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame. Which is about as long as I expect this to last.

    But hey, it has worked for Mark Bradley and Jeff Schultz for how long now? They don’t actually pay those guys, right?


  3. Phocion

    If you have read the Houston Comical lately you will know that the Bleacher Report is perfectly in line with the rest of their content.


  4. RedCrake

    I don’t think the AJC could get any worse, but this might do it. I suppose we should be happy Hearst isn’t in the Atlanta market.