Tuesday morning buffet

Lousy weather, so get something warm inside you.

  • It’s déjà vu all over again:  Boise State comes east, bringing the hype to start a season.
  • The Urban Meyer-doesn’t-prepare-quarterbacks-for-the-NFL meme continues to pick up steam.  Damned shame, I say.
  • Speaking of memes, Finebaum uses the Kirby Smart raise as a vehicle to play the Mark Richt-is-doomed card.  Again.
  • Junior cuts his brother-in-law loose, but hires another family member.  Christmas at the Kiffins is going to be a fun affair this year.
  • Classic Spurrier“Stephen should be able to hold his starting position, but I think last year was the only year I’ve ever coached where I had one quarterback and no matter what he did he stayed in the game. I still believe if a guy goes bad, you’d like to have someone else to put in.”
  • Maybe I need to cut back on the use of a certain expression.
  • It’ll be awhile before Willie Williams gets to taste lobster again.
  • Brandon Spikes on the Ealey eye-gouge:  the rivalry made me do it!
  • It looks like we’ve got our first throw-Willie-under-the-bus comment, from Branden Smith“I believe that we’re going to get more interceptions this year. Last year, we didn’t get that many picks, and I believe it was the scheme we were in. The scheme we’re in now, it seems like something everybody’s looking forward to – linebackers, D-backs and especially on the D line.”
  • Georgia doesn’t fare too well in Phil Steele’s most improved pass defense rankings from last season.


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14 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Silver Creek Dawg

    I know it’s a football blog Senator, but I had to pass this along. Driving to Misssissippi last night forced me to listen to Finebaum. His primary topic was Anthony Grant and the tough times he’s having in Tuscaloosa.

    I found it particularly interesting that a current student called in and sorta threw AG under the bus. Finebaum asked him about AG and his efforts to get the students involved and active (read rowdy) at the UA home games. The student said AG usually just sends an email (through the athletic department) to the students and didn’t really make much of an effort. The student contrasted his efforts with former coach Mark Gottfried, who was often out and about on campus and in T-town and Birmingham promting Tide hoops. Finebaum actually said he thought Grant could walk around almost every major city in the state and nobody would recognize him.

    It sure sounds like AG is rustling a few feathers already. Any other Dawgs glad we had to “settle” for Mark Fox right about now?


    • Left to Right

      Between Fox’s twitter posts, the “Top Ten Plays” highlights, the “Game Day Trick Shot” blog, and the fan support (yes, including “Peanut Butter Boy”, “Rocky” et.al.) and of course some impressive wins, an atmosphere is being created around this program that its actually FUN to play basketball at UGA. When was the last time anyone thought that?


    • D.N. Nation

      Bama’s record is comparable to Georgia’s, but Georgia beat the Tide head-to-head and has more quality/relevant wins. Also, a few shots go our way, and Georgia has a much better record. Grant was *supposed* to have better talent, but hindsight tells us that Thompkins/Leslie are better than anyone suiting up in Tuscaloosa.

      I was at the UGA/Bama game a couple of weekends ago. Bama actually looked decently coached, especially on defense; their press made our offense a nightmare for long stretches of the game. (Take notes, Billy Donovan, master of the World’s Most Ineffective Press). But they don’t have anyone who can regularly make shots, and no one who could guard Trey when he decided to go off. No shame in that- after all, he dumped a double-double on DeMarcus Cousins, too.

      The thing is, Bama just doesn’t have the smell of momentum. The fans, the crystal ball still dominating their dreams, don’t really give a crap, their gym is a library, and the team looks like it’s just playing out the string on offense. Grant’s prowess as a recruiter can’t be denied, so that’s their way up and out there.


  2. Irishdawg

    Spencer Hall makes a good point about how full of shit most draft analysts are, but I also think a valid point can be made vis-a-vis the spread offense vs. pro-style offense. The spread is not a system that gives QBs the prep work for the NFL. Spread QBs aren’t required to make the dropbacks and reads that pro set QBs are. Gary Harrell threw for a gazillion yards at Texas Tech, but did he even make a team as a free agent, or is he selling cars now?


    • 69Dawg

      Harrell is playing where all good spread QB’s go the CFL. They were laughing at Teabag’s shuttle time on the NFL channel this AM. What the UF fans don’t look at but the scouts do is that when Teabow was rushed and sacked he sucked. He was a great running QB who when he had pro talent (Harbin) was capable of getting the ball to him. Capable does not make a QB 42 million.


  3. Left to Right

    Nice mini-meltdown and use of faulty logic by Mr. Swindle, but my sympathies to him. I didn’t know what sleep deprivation was until after the birth of my first child. After a few days I felt like I was living in some kind of cartoon land.


  4. Dboy

    I am offically starting the movement to abolish the phrase, “thrown under the bus” from the English language. I have grown so tired of hearing I on all those trite reality shows that
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  5. If you stop using it, the mean will just shift, but you’ll revert to it eventually.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    “The Urban Meyer . . . . meme continues to pick up steam. Damned shame, I say.”

    Yea I can see the tears. And you’ve been doing so much to suppress the story.

    Paul Finebaum is a regular H.L. Mencken.


  7. Bulldog in South Alabama

    What Finebaum neglects to mention is that the reason Grantham was in Tuscaloosa at one point before being hired at UGA is that Saban was sure Smart was gone. Saban has already pegged his man in the event that he lost his DC, but it appears that Richt may have gotten the edge in the ultimate hire.

    Nothing will delight me more than seeing the Dawgs tee it up in the Dome w/ Alabama in the coming years and completely dismantling them from top to bottom. Richt has beaten Saban before, and it’ll happen again. Finebaum, though, is perfect for the fanbase he writes for.


  8. Paul's Johnson

    Finebaum has gone all in on the “decline and fall of Richt”, hasn’t he? I’ll give the Birmingham gadfly credit though. He was first to publish a claim that Richt may be in trouble. And unlike his chameleon-ish behavior regarding his Alabama teams, so far he’s sticking to his story. He’s funny to read, at least when he’s giving somebody else the business. That bit about 750K in ransom money was a hoot. That said, the state of ‘Bama can keep him.


  9. RC

    If there is a bigger dick-with-ears walking this planet than Paul Finebaum I’ve yet to- nor do I care to- see it.

    As David Letterman once opined in his Top 10 Best Things About Ted Kennedy, Paul Finebaum exhales carbon dioxide, which is good for plants. Beyond that, I’m at a loss to detail any further contributions he might make.


  10. Irishdawg

    “If there is a bigger dick-with-ears walking this planet than Paul Finebaum I’ve yet to- nor do I care to- see it.”

    He’s still less of an asshole than Colin Cowherd, but then so was Idi Amin.


  11. Macallanlover

    I have a different take on the Boise opener and feel it is great for CFB. Sure, they may get blown away like they did in Athens, but I don’t think so. Boise returns a lot of players and they beat two damned fine teams last year. QB Moore is a real gamer, and I think Peterson is one of the best coaches in CFB. I hate the field as much as anyone, and realize the schedule isn’t up to SEC standards, but anyone thinking these guys are not getting it done these days might be guilty of being a little snobbish. Lot of three star guys beating Oklahoma, Oregon, TCU, and Oregon State the past few years, that is impressive to me. And, they are fun to watch (if you adjust the color on your TV.) If they didn’t play VT, I don’t know what stands between them and a pass to the faux title game because they will be around #5 pre-season, imo.