Lubbock, I’m here to help.

Tommy’s pumping up the jam:

“We know how to win championships,” he said. “You can just imagine here the excitement when we do win … because we’re going to win a championship. We’re going to win maybe two, maybe three, maybe four. It just depends on what the good Lord wants us to have.”

Well, in case you’re having trouble with your imagination, Red Raider fans, let me leave you with this image of what to expect.

I get chills, I tells ‘ya.  Chills.


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9 responses to “Lubbock, I’m here to help.

  1. Gob

    Nice little out he leaves himself there. If TTU doesn’t win four championships — or any — it’s not his fault. Nope, it’s all up to Jehovah.


  2. Julie

    Wingnut, Jr. to his right.


  3. jermaine's dye

    Too bad Yahewh’s plume of smoke currently resides over Austin.

    At least in the BIG 12.

    /roll tide roll


  4. Dog in Fla

    Why does Tommy always lift his hands, palms up no weapon, to the sky?

    (a) Celebrate being a winner as shown in the wild out-of-control one tissue roll Championship celebratory snapshot above;

    (b) Signify WTF, I did not have a stroke;,116130

    (c) Jimmy’s my agent, too;,129836

    (d) Mimic The Satanic Majesty (Jimmy’s his agent, too) who on request banished Tommy from the Plains

    (e) Even though Tommy had beaten Alabama something like three fingers two thumbs and pinkie in a row

    (f) Provides a good starting point from which to be able to grab Hugh from behind for preliminary negotiations on Hugh’s contract or simply just to get to know Hugh better

    (g) Now kids, it’s no longer in my left hand. Can you take a guess where it is?


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    I just find it interesting he pluralized the word championship.

    I count 2004 and….


  6. Spike

    How appropriate. In Auburn ,one needs a big roll of butt tape.


  7. Russell

    Auburn still sucks…Truly


  8. dawg1976

    I got a good laugh on your post (Lubbock, I’m here to help), Senator.

    “Tommy’s pumping up the jam… I get chills, I tells ‘ya. Chills” lol… got me cracking up laughing

    However, I do agree (with that Lubbock writer) coach Tuberville is a coach that is in the elite status of college coaches in America.


  9. dawg1976

    oops… that was the bank vice chairman that I agree with. not the writer of that article

    I blame… I just woke up