The meme is back in town.

This time, it’s Tom Dienhart’s turn.

As spring drills begin to heat up this month, Alabama‘s Nick Saban, Ohio State‘s Jim Tressel, Boise State‘s Chris Petersen, Oregon‘s Chip Kelly and Texas‘ Mack Brown, among others, are thinking national championship.

But other coaches are thinking of survival.

One of those being Mark Richt.  But, hey, at least his seat is described as being merely “warm”.


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32 responses to “The meme is back in town.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    This is a small tradeoff as long as the blogosphere/media keeps alive the “Corch can’t produce an NFL QB” meme.


  2. burt osborne

    The fact that Richt’s seat is only considered “warm” and that many UGA fans think any talk of his job being in jeopardy is foolish leads me to believe that UGA doesn’t take its football seriously.


    • james bradford

      it`s a georgia thing…you would not understand…


    • NCT

      Interesting. I reckon it depends on what one considers “seriously”. We want a lot of things out of our football program. Conference and national championships are only two of them.


    • Macallanlover

      Your post reminds me, UGA has no monopoly on simpletons for fans. I thought only UGA newbies would be talking about replacing CMR with what he has accomplished during, and throughout his tenure, but then you appeared me and demonstrated: they walk amongst us, they vote, and they are everywhere. There are some coaches I respect for both their football acumen and the way they conduct themselves and their programs, but I cannot think of a one I would trade CMR for, not one. The seat isn’t warm, certainly not hot, but may become vacant one day due to nutcases who surround CFB with no clue about the totality of the task.


      • Hackerdog

        Richt won’t leave because of comments left on blogs. He’s not on Twitter, he doesn’t read blogs or message boards, and the nut jobs who think his job is in jeopardy don’t have any access to him.

        Damon Evans, Michael Adams, and the big boosters who do have access are all pleased with the job he’s doing.

        It’s possible that, if he hadn’t hired new coaches after last season, then he might be in hot water at some future point, after more bad seasons, but even that wasn’t certain.

        Given that he hired what looks to be a very solid defensive staff, his seat stays cool for quite a while.


  3. Burt is a douchebag

    Burt, Mark Richt led UGA to 6 top 10 finishes in 7 years prior to last year, including #2 and #3 finishes nationally. He’s averaging 10+ wins per year and his two “bad” seasons both resulted in 8 wins. The reason his seat is not warm(no matter what the media and our rivals want to stir up) is because UGA DOES takes its football seriously.


  4. burt osborne is a douchebag is a fag

    Losing to gayturds (even with zook), wearing gay ass black uniforms too often, claiming credit for great seasons when UF and UT are in the shitter does not make Richt a great coach.


  5. The Realist

    What a bizarre exchange… Who the heck is burt osborne? I’m guessing Alabama fan.


  6. dean

    I heard about a poll (probably on the AJC) that asked when Georgia would win another MNC. One of the choices was “When CMR is gone” and if I heard correctly 33% selected that choice. If the poll was on the AJC then I’m sure some of the 33% were Tech fans but that’s still a disappointing number.


  7. From one who had given up on the Dawgs ever winning another SEC Championship after Herschel left: I did not believe CMR could do It, But he did. Hard for me to believe any other coach could do better at UGA than CMR has done & is still doing. I hope he stays on for a long time.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Mark Richt has done absolutely as well or better than anyone could have done with the situation in Athens. I hope he is the coach of the Dawgs forever. But we need to be sure that he is being given every opportunity to succeed. The fact is that everybody in UGA administration is not on the same page. They stuck the guy with having to open up in 2009 at someone else’s stadium and it blew up in everyone’s face. It looks like other such opening games are in the offing, too. Also games in the middle of the season where the Dawgs have to fly to the other side of the country, fly back, and then play an SEC game the following week can be really difficult. The real problem with that is not the game on the other side of the country, it’s the game when you get back. (I am absolutely convinced that playing Arizona State in Tempe was what caused the Dawgs to come out flat against Bama in ’08.) We are in the situation where the Dawgs have to play FLA (one of the top teams in the nation) as a road game every year. I understand that privately he has been vocal about not liking any of this. My point is that it is hard enough to beat the FLAs, LSUs and the Bamas of the world (where the administrations are 100% behind their football programs) without others (who are supposed to be helping) doing things that are undermining what the coach is trying to accomplish. One of these days Mark Richt just might get fed up enough to tell Evans, Adams and company to “get bent” and then take a hike. I wouldn’t blame him if he did.