Because you’re mine…

Off topic, I know.  But a good cause married to one of the greatest howling-at-the-moon songs of all time – how bad could it be?

Also, Chrissie Hynde.


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6 responses to “Because you’re mine…

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ahhhh…you’re just trying to make us believe you actually do like loud rock and roll.


  2. You put Shane McGowan, Mick Jones and Crissie Hynde in one room, you are bound to get genius. Awesome.


  3. Tommy

    He doesn’t look/sound as horrible as I would’ve imagined at this stage of his career, but, then again, I’d presumed him dead.


  4. Phocion

    “The island will takes years to rebuild”

    – A statement about Haiti that has been true about for any moment in time during the last 50 years. Just ask the UN and all the NGO’s that long ago took up permananent residence there…and they’ve been throwing money down that hole for decades.