The difference between pumped in noise and the real thing

Since I’m feeling musical today, here’s my favorite example of real juice, courtesy of Mr. Westerdawg.

Teenage wasteland, my ass.


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  1. EastCobbDawg

    I was there, believe it was 1976. JB put on a show. Seeing the crowd on the tracks brings back memories. Greatest game I ever attended was Bama ’76. Not just the game, where we drilled the Bear 21-0, but the whole weekend was upside down. We came out flat as a pancake the next week and lost at Ole Miss but still won the SEC and a trip to the Sugar Bowl.

    The piped in stuff is contrived. VT can play Enter Sandman all day long and it will still just be Metallica turned up loud. Meh….


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I believe that performance was halftime of the 76 Bama game. Bama didn’t get a first down the entire second half. Somebody stole the houndstooth cap. JB rode around town in a silver limo after the game. Love those Farah Fawcett haircuts and stack heel shoes. Milledge Avenue was like Bourbon Street Friday night.


      • Goober Pyle

        GA/Fla n old Gator Bowl stadium…look at endzone


        • Hogbody Spradlin

          You guys are right; that’s the good ole Gator Bowl, where the stadium rocked and the girders bent.

          I believe JB came on the cheerleading stand during the Bama game & sang the song.

          “And a great man in Joel Eaves”


  2. Chuck

    Those were good times for the Redcoats in general. They were still allowed to crank up the electric bass and while they never were anything you would confuse with Florida A & M’s band, nobody much left the stands while they played.


  3. Jayna

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! That brought back great memories and made me ready to start my day! I am ready for the return of the Junkyard dawg to Athens!


  4. King Jericho

    Just curious, but who would you suggest to perform live these days?


    • BeerMoney



    • After what I watched at the halftime of the Super Bowl, not The Who. 😉


      • ThetaDog

        Hey, I liked it a lot! I called my son in Athens to see if he was watching the halftime show and he said no, not really, those are old guys. I am ashamed, I raised him badly. (He does know who Joe Walsh is.)

        Apparently some of the press thought The Who are no longer “culturally relevant.” Let’s see, how many stadiums blast their music over the PA on game days? And the highest rated crime show on tv uses their music as the theme song…

        No baggy pants, no crude lyrics. Not relevant, just great, fun music. Play it for me in the nursing home.


        • Dog in Fla

          Speaking of Joe Walsh, he should have been the half-time show instead of The Who who looked pretty disinterested to me. Maybe they didn’t know there was going to be a fake juice light show and got distracted by it. At least Joe looks like he’s interested in playing the guitar even though he never attended the famous microphone twirling school.


    • RusDawg

      Should totally get Jennifer Nettles… voice+ high energy + Athens connection = teh awesome.


  5. halftime dude

    JB’s performance, I am almost sure, was at halftime at the ’76 Ga/ Fla game


  6. HVL Dawg

    I love JB as much as anyone, but…..FWIW… I get goosebumps when I hear teenage wasteland at Sanford Stadium ” Out here in the field….I put my BACK into my livin… I don’t neeeeeed to be forgiven..”

    And during the Superbowl halftime I put my tv surround sound on 10 and my wife and I rocked it.

    “Why don’t you all just f f f fade away?”

    🙂 Go Dawgs.


    • Reptillicide

      Agreed, and it’s probably because I’m younger (24), but to me, Baba O’Reilly is as much a part of gameday as the battle hymn being played from the Southwest corner.


  7. Russ

    +10 to JB and live music. I’m a huge Who fan, but piped in music sucks at college events.

    I also remember JB on the sidelines of (I think) the 1980 Texas A&M game where Herschel first broke off a long one, 76 yards, and we stomped the Aggies (once again). JB was rocking the sidelines during that one.


  8. 81Dog

    I never really quite understood what prompted James Brown to write a UGA fight song back in 1976, but after seeing him perform it live in both Athens and at the Florida game, I was surely glad he did.

    I suspect Coach Dooley would like to make all copies of the photo of him in the disco shirt disappear, however.

    One thing about that 76 team that younger fans may not know: The team had shaved their heads in August as a sign of unity, or dedication (a big deal in the long haired 70s). They tried to get Coach Dooley to go along with it, and he said he would if they won the SEC.

    Well. SEC title in hand, but pre-bowl game, they had the team banquet. Coach Dooley strides up to the podium, pulls off a wig to reveal his shaved head, and hollers “Hail to the Champions!” It is said the team went beserk. Maybe if that had been the pregame of the Sugar Bowl, we’d have done a little better against Pitt, but I don’t think Tony Dorsett cared much about UGA motivational ploys.


    • JaxDawg

      Our boys had too much fun in Nola before the Dorsett/Pitt game. Hungover, they played a terrible game and had their asses handed to them.

      We still owe Pitt for that one, and for ’81.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        I remember the meme for pregame prep for the 76 Sugar Bowl was restriction. There were stories floating about New Orleans cabbies disappointed at betting Georgia in 68. Supposedly a cabbie relied on victory guarantee heard from a Georgia player or two while he was driving the drunk players back to their hotel at 3 am.


        • 69Dawg

          68 game was so bad Mike Caven fumbled the snap quit a few times. He was so hungover his hands hurt. I was there and never wanted to hear soooooooie pigs again.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        And for ’75. Don’t forget that one.


      • 81Dog

        Jax, I have always hated Tony Dorsett, largely based on the fact that 1. We couldn’t beat him in 3 tries, 2. He seemed like an arrogant SOB, and 3. He basically ran all over us all 3 time we played Pitt during his tenure. Each time, it got worse.

        73? Unheralded Pitt team with new coach Johnny Majors, coming off a dreadful season, comes into Athens and ties UGA with a skinny freshman RB named Dorsett. It felt like a loss. Majors (in the pre-scholarship limit days) simply brought in about 70 new players, and one of them happened to be TD.

        75? Dorsett’s well known now, and Pitt’s not such an underdog. They came into Athens on opening day and won a close game against the original Junkyard Dogs (though I dimly believe UGA was a slight favorite). UGA goes on to the Cotton, Pitt becomes a top 10 team. It felt like we owed TD double at this point.

        76? Ah, what a year. Smoked Alabama in Athens. Won the SEC outright, despite a slip at Ole Miss, a clearly inferior team. Great comeback at Jacksonville, thumped AU and Tech. Sky’s the limit, and who’s waiting for us at the Sugar in a de facto NC game? Our old pal, Mr. Dorsett. Finally, a chance to pay him back for all the misery.

        Not so fast, my friends. He and Matt Cavanaugh chewed up our defense like soda crackers hitting a ceiling fan. Their defense completely smothered our heretofore formidable offense. We got beat by three TDs, but if felt like about 10.

        Much as I hate TD to this day, I have to say he’s the only RB I ever saw play who I would admit deserves to be in the discussion with Herschel as the greatest college RB ever. I give Herschel the nod because he had a greater impact faster, and with less offensive support, but TD was head and shoulders better than anyone else I ever saw, including the highly overrated (based on his actual accomplishments, not his TV commercials) Bo Jackson. Bo was a great athlete, and a great RB, but no way he’s even in the discussion based on what he actually did.


    • Dooley's Wig

      It was the coronation dinner, a touchdown club function at Poss’s Lakeview. I knew something was up because Coach Dooley was not wearing the usual Ted Koppel-with-amplitude comb over wig as depicted in the Senator’s masthead.

      I was in ninth grade and attended with my father. That was a big thrill and sure cemented me as a Bulldog forever(for-evah)!


  9. RC

    I have never for the life of me been able to understand at which point somebody in charge of finding a song to pump up a 2000’s-era crowd at a college football game in the Deep South said…”Baba O’Reilly. That’s IT!”

    Why not the original “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton? You’d draw in the older crowd as well as the younger crowd who only recognize it as the backing track to a Snoop Dogg song, but still… And it has “Dog” in the title and in the chorus. Baba O’Reilly? Not as much.


    • 4wholefriedchickensandacoke

      “Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals.”
      Without athletic exploits, no free meal plan.

      How does that not apply?

      I have never for the life of me been able to understand at which point somebody in charge of finding a song to pump up a [insert decade]-era crowd at a college football game in the Deep South said…”Battle Hymn of the Old Republic. That’s IT!”

      As they say in the piped in music crowd, hate not the player, but instead the game.


  10. aristoggle

    Ah, yes …. the old wooden stick shakers. Now that was something you could use to mix your bourbon and Coke!


  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh, so loud music is OK as long as it is so old the sheet music has mold.


  12. Smitty

    I was at that game. I had an onion tied to my belt, which was the style at the time…