Thursday morning buffet

The pickings are a little slim today.  But spring practice gets underway!

  • A feature, not a bug for Andy Staples:  “Sometime between five and 10 years from now, most of us will watch our sports in 3-D, and we’ll wonder why anyone bothers to actually attend the games.” Sigh.
  • Matt Hinton shows again what a bunch of BS 40 times tend to be.
  • Factoid of the day #1“The 2009 AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl (Georgia 44, Texas A&M 20) gave ESPN2 its highest- rated and most-viewed bowl game ever, averaging 2,334,000 households; 3,276,000 viewers; and a 2.4 rating.” Just think what those numbers might have been if the game had been broadcast in 3-D!
  • Factoid of the day #2“Back in 1951, Frank Branch completed 60 percent of his passing attempts (24-of-40). No Mississippi State quarterback has been that accurate since.”
  • With exposure comes wisdom – Guy Morriss hangs up on AP reporter calling to inquire about newspaper-theft story.  So much for being proud.
  • The Orlando Sentinel indulges in a little more of that Urban Meyer, molder of quarterbacks meme.
  • I’m not sure that Mark Richt deserves credit for this, but add Ole Miss’ Tyrone Nix to the ranks of SEC defensive coordinators getting big raises.
  • Speaking of Ole Miss, how ’bout the Rebels making an offer to Ralph David Abernathy IV?  The times, they are a-changing…


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13 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Its progress that Ralph D. Abernathy, IV is being offered by Ole Miss, but there’s some tasty irony in the fact that he’s going to Westminster instead of one of those public schools his grandfather risked life and limb to integrate.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh….I get it, RDA4 is significant because he is…..


  3. Chuck

    3-D television won’t kill attendance at football games, at least not in the south. The truth is, imo, that the game is just the excuse for the tailgate, and the weekend is all about the tailgate. We already have people who bring TVs to the tailgate and watch games there, and sometimes – like a big game where you can sell a ticket easily and you may have some feeling of illness due to the party you have been attending – they stay behind and watch at the tailgate. In Jacksonville, the tickets to the game cost less than the parking space for the tailgate. Okay, maybe the price of the ticket would be more if you included a pro-rata portion of the money you had to pay to get the ticket the, but you get the idea.

    No sireee, as long as people invest thousands of dollars in RVs (and in the case of UT, large boats) and set aside all their vacation time/sick days for the purpose of attending the weekends, and as long as there is a line of RVs waiting to get a space to the ‘village’ at least a day before the game starts (in Jax, it is almost a week before the game that they begin lining up) there will be people at football games. We have too much invested to just give it up.


  4. IGP

    In 10 years I will just fly my rocket car to the game, right?


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Guy Morriss hangs up on AP reporter calling to inquire about newspaper-theft story. So much for being proud.”

    Guy most likely still remains proud of his players. He’s just decided not to answer any phone calls to his house. Here’s a shot of Guy when he was probably proud after one of his Baylor players got penalized.

    Guy’s spirit is a fine reminder of that shown by Zook when Ron led his players on a teambuilding exercise for revenge on the frat boys at Florida who previously whipped the ass of some of Ron’s players. Guy and Ron know what college football is all about.