What I did on my spring break.

Can you win the starting quarterback job if you’re suspended for the first two games of the season?


UPDATE: David Hale sheds some light on the answer to my question.


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  1. HVL Dawg

    Thanks Z. Logan’s carreer as a WR just went bust.

  2. Puffdawg

    The Remerton police just made a decision Bobo and Richt would’ve delayed until August.

  3. The Coondawg

    Gooooood Grief. If he was charged with a Felony I believe we would all know that now unless its something they are still investigating and was not associated with the alcohol incident.

    What not to do on Spring Break
    by Zach Mettenberger

  4. Sticks and Stones

    Not sure about this, Coondawg, without knowing facts hardly at all… but the possibility for felony charges may be related to his fake ID.

  5. Been there, done that. Look at the bright side; at least he’s not the “Savior of the Program.”

    • I didn’t realize Tim Tebow had morphed into a Georgia QB.😉

      • I actually had Stephen Garcia in mind. In all fairness to Garcia, though, he has been a model citizen, not to mention an at least decent ball player, since his wild days. So perhaps there’s some wisdom in giving a guy a second chance. Or a second, third, and fourth chance, as it was for Garcia.

  6. King Jericho

    My question is what the heck is he doing in Remerton on spring break? Go to the beach homie.

  7. D.N. Nation

    Partying in Valdosta? Nice.

  8. Farsider

    I’m beginning to think they might as well go ahead and issue the MIP’s (minor in possession of alcohol) at orientation and just get it over with, they’re so frequent.

    I didn’t see anything about a Fake ID in the article. But common sense would dictate that using one outside their home base of Athens would be…….imprudent.

  9. dawgfish

    College Sophomore arrested for alcohol possession and Fake ID on Spring Break. In other news, earth is round, bear defacates in woods, etc…
    This is why that 2 game auto-suspension is bunk, though. And alcohol/fake ID arrest does not warrant a suspension like that. Every kid on every team in every conference that is under 21 does the same thing every week.

    • Tommy

      “Everyone does it” excuses nothing. And “everyone” doesn’t have the potential to attract loads of negative PR to the most profitable enterprise at UGA.

      Understand, I’m not judging. I consumed early and often at Georgia. But my consumption didn’t reflect on anyone but myself. Fairly or unfairly, the rules are different for football players. That’s one of the tradeoffs that comes with a free education and all the other benefits of being on the team (Matt Stafford can explain what the other benefits are).

      • Puffdawg

        Ironically, Stafford can explain both the negatives and positives (I’m sure DiF has some good links to support this).

        Good statement all around though, Tommy. Those were exactly my sentiments.

        • Dog in Fla

          Thanks to the $40,000,000.00 + or – from the Loins, Matt’s got a newer used Winnebago so no one will be watching and he doesn’t have to do it in the road. He can leave his socks on but take his flip-flops off [the official State of Florida old man footwear] but the chick is still the only one who knows how to act…


          • Normaltown Mike

            Good link.

            Read the comments for a good chuckle. There are several “Stafford sux and will never amount to squat” posts by your average knuckle dragging anonymous posters.

    • Hackerdog

      A 1-game suspension is pretty much automatic. Richt has suspended others for the same thing. But yeah, at least the players could party at a house or apartment to lessen the chance of trouble.

  10. Sanford222View

    Who the hell is the UGA Travel Advisor for the team? Looks like Richt needs to make some more staff changes.

  11. Aaron Murray

    Thank you Mett. I hope you enjoy watching me from the bench on Sept. 4. I will be the one starting and solidifying the QB slot for 4 years while you help Katheryn fill up powerade for the non-suspended players.

  12. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Marks’ Hurt Locker” (extended version), 8 March 2010

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex Tunnel system located under what from the International Space Station appears to be a giant paper mache torso of a headless Stegosaurus:

    One of the Marks, the head one, works wistfully on the rough draft of his first statement about what he fears will be the first of many entries into the 2010 Fulmer Cup standings competition this Spring and Summer:

    “Bless his heart. We love him. We just have to do a better job of teaching these young men how not to get caught. I mean, really, how does anybody get caught doing this? Did he not check out the escape routes before going into an enclosed structure? That’s part of freshman orientation 101.

    ‘Flip Flops’? I know from recruiting South Georgia when I was at FSU, no one wears flip flops in Lowndes County. Its boots or barefooted. That should have been the first sign for Zak.

    Most go to Florida for Spring Break so Zak almost made it there so he at least gets an ‘A’ for effort. But then again, if a pro or somebody else can get fingered in Milledgeville of all places anything can happen. I guess.

    Now in the spirit of fairness, we don’t want to do anything to take away the seniority of a redshirt freshman. So to avoid the usual rush to judgment that always seems to happen whenever Miranda Rights are read, Coach Bobo will not name a starting QB until the morning of the opener if it’s an afternoon game or the afternoon of the opener if it’s a night game.

    We know some of you may some of you fair-weathers who have never been in the arena have concerns about Logan doing anything other than fair-catching but rest assured he is going to be coached up as good as he can possibly be. How do you know that? Because we’ll be the ones doing it. Obviously, we didn’t try to do it last year but how many fair catches did he fumble? That’s right. None which is the same number as his punt return yardage. And it’s also because we want to keep Aaron on edge so he doesn’t become too complacent. Because as a coaching staff, you know we know what complacency is all about.

    On the other hand, and this is the silver lining for Zak, he’s not a defensive player. From what I’ve heard from those other two new coaches, who I think are named Lactose (‘Milky Way’) and Berlin (‘Ich Bin’), the first lucky defensive player who gets arrested will have to deal with the wrath of Todd (‘Odd Job’), which from what I hear is even greater than my own.

    Thank you for your interest in the Program. Continue to give generously and God Bless America!”

    (Mark pulls on left ear lobe as a high sign to Bobby, exits stage left answering no questions.)

    • hailtogeorgia

      *crickets chirping*

      • Dog in Fla

        Like this?

        or more like this?

        • hailtogeorgia

          No, it just wasn’t funny. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

          • Puffdawg

            What was entirely clear is that you went out of your way to go onto an internet blog to tell somebody you thought what they wrote was not funny. busy day at the office?

            • Dog in Fla

              Puff, I just want to thank you, all of the members of the Academy, my imaginary super-agent Jimmy and my imaginary super-hot blonde yes she’s barely over the age of 18 girlfriend and my wife who is a travelling broad.

              All of you individually and collectively, but not in a communist global warming sort of way, know just how much hard work is involved even when the goal is to churn out bad subpar comedy!

            • hailtogeorgia

              You do see the irony in your comment, don’t you?

              • Puffdawg

                Yes, with the difference being your comment was unprovoked, mine was not. I typically make comments relevant to the subject matter rather than unrelated personal attacks. You’re going to have a long day if you are going to go railing on every unfunny guy on the intertubes. Is your scroll button inoperable?

                • hailtogeorgia

                  The difference, Puffdawg, is that my comment was relevant to the subject matter. There were no personal attacks. I wasn’t railing on the guy, I was stating that I didn’t think it was funny. I’m not exactly sure why you take issue with that.

                  The comment implied that Mark Richt isn’t enough of a disciplinarian and compared the way he runs the Georgia program with the way Bobby Bowden ran Florida State. I don’t agree with this. I think it’s an unsubstantiated assertion and I get tired of hearing about how Richt is in the wrong for how he handles discipline. It seems to me that he attempts to take care of most things internally, and I see nothing wrong with that.

                  For all of the talk that he lets things go too easily, I just don’t see it. Figgins was suspended for six games last year, Houston for two…and both were valuable players who we needed on the field.

                  I could have voiced my displeasure with the comment differently, and perhaps I should have. In any case, I didn’t think I made any personal attack towards Dog in Fla. If he/she thinks that is the case, then I offer my sincere apology. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m honestly confused as to why you took it upon yourself to scold me for a comment I made that had nothing to do with you.

                  • Macallanlover

                    I agree, the FSU linkage comments are way out of line for the way CMR handles discipline ay UGA. We may have as many/more issues to be dealt with, but I know of no other school where EVERY situation is handled like it is at UGA. In fact, some of the school mandated punishments are out of line for the less severe problems. We should distinguish between drinking and rowdy/abusive from simple possession. Makes no sense to treat those as equal “alcohol incidents”.

                  • Puffdawg

                    Fair enough. It was either really rude, or really direct, or both. But it wasn’t my place to jump in, I guess. Just felt compelled to stick up for a long time commenter. I don’t always make it through his long, long, looooooong rants, but he has been commenting long enough not to be harrassed for not being funny. Maybe for being too verbose, but not for not being funny. Going out of your way to tell a guy he isn’t funny is harsh. Just don’t laugh at his jokes.

                    BTW, if it’s any consolation, I completely agree with your stance on Richt as a disciplinarian. He does a fine job, at least from this outsider’s perspective.

                    • hailtogeorgia

                      I can see where you’re coming from. The comment just hit me the wrong way and I reacted unfavorably. In the future, I’ll try to be more cordial in voicing it. To be honest, I’ve only been a regular reader here for a couple of months, so I am not familiar with everyone. Had I had a bit more history with Dog in Fla, I probably wouldn’t have reacted the way I did. In any case, I can see your point and will work to prevent being rude in the future…that’s certainly the last thing I want.

                    • Normaltown Mike

                      funny how?

          • Dog in Fla

            No apology needed – the asterisks were the tell.

            • hailtogeorgia

              No worries, Dog in Fla…after watching Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin at the Oscars last night, you could very well have a future in show business.

              • Dog in Fla

                Heck, compared to the fine work of those two last night, anyone here could have a future in show business. I think they slept their way to the top.

                • hailtogeorgia

                  It’s pretty disappointing. I was hoping for Steve Martin comedy similar to his rant in the airport in Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Not Steve Martin comedy from Cheaper By The Dozen. I know they had to keep it relatively tame for TV, but come on.

  13. I was against changing the underage drinking law from 18 to 21 when it passed. Still makes no sense to me. HS Grad Working or going to school & it is illegal to drink a beer. Enforce that one & the fines should help ease the local governments’ current financial crisis. Lots of luck with that.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      FWIW I agree with you about changing the law from 21 to 18. That said, every 16 year old in the state (and some younger) had a fake ID that said he/she was 18 back in those days. That was the real problem and, I think, the real motivation behind the change.

  14. Macallanlover

    Tough one for me to wrestle with. I am usually a hardliner to obeying rules and clearly this will result in some disciplinary action for him. Sure football players get extra benefits and in return get held to a higher standard, but this making a big deal about underage drinking for college students is tiresome. It is a law, I understand that, but it is a bad law. If you are going to support all people adhering to the rules, you should make damned sure the rules are not a mockery. I put this law (for those 18 and over) in the same class with seat belts, parking tickets, and jaywalking. Give a $50 ticket and don’t act like offenders should be sent to Gitmo.

    In some states possession of small amounts of marijuana is treated like a parking ticket. In Georgia having a single beer at 18-20 and behaving normally gets you fingerprinted, booked, and having your picture listed with dangerous felons. (I don’t know if ZM was behaving decently, just making the point that others have gotten the same treatment just for simple possession and no rude/dangerous behavior.) That makes no sense to me. All that said, ZM should have known the consequences of his behavior.

    • King Jericho

      Considering he was cited for disorderly conduct and 4 other violations as well, I think it’s probably a little more than just “having a single beer and behaving normally.” We probably won’t get the whole story, but I’m sure he wasn’t doing everything else right. In his defense though, what’s an Athens guy suppose to do in Remerton?

    • Puffdawg

      “All that said…”

      Felt like I was watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm there. What’s the point of the lead in if you’re going to contradict yourself at the end?!

      Seriously though, Mac, I agree with you on the “kids will be kids” theory and some laws are made to be broken, but in this situation, I think Mett is a total and absolute moron. I don’t know all the details, but I don’t have to. If I’m in the running to be starting quarterback at the University of Georgia, I’m not getting drunk and fighting cops in some small towen in south Georgia. Judging by the charges, he probably spouted off at some small town deputy on a power trip, and we all know how that will wind up. I’m just saying, he obviously wasn’t watching his actions considering what was at stake. Whether it is a fair law or not, he knew CMR and UGA’s rules and he broke them. To me, that is very telling ESPECIALLY since he is battling for a starting job with a guy who is his very own age. Just seems really irresponsible on his part. He was not just having a beer at his apartment with friends.

      • adam

        he definitely made a mistake, but i doubt mett had to do much to get disorderly conduct from those assholes in remerton.

        some of those cops were fired from valdosta police or from the sheriff’s dept and went to work in remerton to “make a name for themselves.” i actually know a couple that fit that description to a t. obstruction (if that’s one of the other counts) he could have easily picked up from disagreeing with a cop. you’ll never find a bigger group of unqualified cops on power trips.

        i’m from valdosta (and have been pulled over by remerton cops… for going about 30 in a 35) and i’m really shocked that there weren’t people there to tell mett that remerton cops are crazy and to calm down/leave the bar/etc.

        hope this doesn’t get worse for him, cuz he’s caught in a bad situation. and he probably didn’t have to do much to get in the situation he’s in.

      • Dog in Fla

        “I’m not getting drunk and fighting cops in some small town in south Georgia.”

        You are absolutely right. He should have done what a Stafford would do, not what a Garcia might do.

        He could have stopped in Hampton for the Kobalt Tools 500, settled down somewhere in the middle of infield, lifted a keg or three, had a fight or two, find one girl to spoon with and then head back to Athens.

        No one at the race would have noticed because they were all too busy paying attention to Carl Edwards flipping a newbie which by the way was a great lesson of how aerodynamics affects revenge.

        That way he would have saved on not only gas and but on attorney’s fees too and no one would have been the wiser.

      • Macallanlover

        I agree with both Puff and King, he screwed up and it will be a set back for him. Given the leadership required of QBs, it should probably be a difference maker to some degree, depending on the actions beyond the drinking, of which none of us know at this point. In my post I stated I did not know if he misbehaved beyond having a beer. I make no excuse for any “obstruction” or resisting arrest charges if they are applicable here.

  15. smart guy 2009

    I’m not really a smart guy now(was in 2009) but at 18-21 or so I was a real dumb guy. These guys are really put on a close watch and should but I’m hoping he’s just punished like a dumbass should.

    Give him the same opportunity to win the job after a suspension he deserves.

    I hope the kid gets over it.

  16. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The prudes have taken over the country. If a redshirt freshman (sounds like 20 years old or at least pretty close to me) wants to drink beer it really ought to be OK for him to do that. The law used to be (a long time ago) that you had to be 21 to drink alcohol. Then along came the War in Viet Nam and the mantra became: “If you are old enough to fight in the war you are old enough to drink.” People became enlightened. So the drinking age got changed to 18 (in 1970 I think). I do not remember exactly when the prudes changed it back to 21 but it was a sad day when that happened because it made lawbreakers out of almost every college kid, male or female, in 2 ways. First, they drank while under age in violation of the law. Second, they all got phony IDs in violation of the law. The felony business for a fake ID came about, as I understand it, out of the fear of identity theft (a legitimate concern) but the rather innocent (I think) use of a phony ID for drinking got swept up in the hysteria about the identity theft problem. So supposedly it is now a felony to have a fake ID with the State of Georgia logo on it. Lord help us. We trivialize serious sh!t and make a big deal out of minor (no pun intended) sh!t. I hate the Georgia General Assembly. I can say for certain one thing: I went to college with several of the Bozos now serving in that august body and some of the ones I knew drank like fish. I even bailed one of them out of jail for DUI. But now they want to ruin kid’s fun and make them into perps with a record for doing the same things the Bozos did when THEY were in college. It really pisses me off.

    • Macallanlover

      Mayor, I am with you all the way on this one. I believe the reason the law was changed back to 21 was first due to MADD blaming DUI deaths on young drivers. Why someone drinking excessively and driving should be held against those who obey the law is baffling to me. Using that logic, only Senior citizens who have had their licenses taken away for vision and reaction declines at the nursing home would be able to drink in the US. When some states refused to be bullied and change the drinking age back to 18, our marvelous Federal government threatened to cut off highway and education funds until they did (so much for any pretension of states’ rights.) They did the same thing about mandatory enforcement of seatbelt laws. Two bad laws, Feds involved in both…..shocking.

  17. Mr. Mayor, You Got It Right.

  18. ugafish

    The rumors from the VSU Greek scene are that a sexual assault charge is possibly on the horizon. There is a reason he was kicked out of the bar.

    • hailtogeorgia

      I’m not saying there’s never any truth to rumors, but citing the VSU Greek scene as to why someone was kicked out of a bar is a joke. Anytime things like this happen, speculation goes wild as far as why it happened, and that speculation very quickly turns into “facts” according to some people.

  19. It is retarded that the drinking age is still 21 rather than 18 in this country.

    Then again, the driving age should also be 18, not 16.

    But I digress…