Hugo Chavez’ plans for North American canine domination

I gave you early notice.

Now he’s got a toe hold.

Today, Iron Dog. Tomorrow, Hairy Dawg. (AP photo)

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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22 responses to “Hugo Chavez’ plans for North American canine domination

  1. Normaltown Mike

    I just watched an interview by Amy Goodman w/ El Presidente on Free Speech TV. Some notable quotes:

    “I wood like to say to all my fans een Atheens that I support the sweetch to the 3-4 deefense. Senor Grantham was a llanero jus like mee, so I know he gonna be reel good coaching the teem.

    I also wanna commeend Senor Adams beecau he make me proud the way hee is always tellin peeple what to do and if they no leesten they get fire.

    Finallee, I’m so very happee that Richar Samwill move to LB. The combonation of size, speeeed and no vision sound like a great LB to me.”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    A different caption:?

    ¿Qué hay de esos perros


  3. Brandon

    I’d rather have Ashley Judd.


  4. Phocion

    Interesting enough comments, but if you ever REALLY dig into which business does business/is owned by which other business you’d have little choice but to camp in the woods like the Unabomber if you were to honestly cut yourself off from all political issues (Left or Right) with which you disagree.

    I think most of us disagree with the way the Chinese government handles issues of “Human Rights”. Now look around your room/office and see if you can count in just how many ways you are supporting that regime and what it is doing to people. If you are going to level charges against Palin for this stance you might as well mark yourselves as a “Hypocrite” the next time you object to the Chinese government.


    • Did you see the word “Palin” appear anywhere in my post?


    • Dog in Fla

      Sarah doesn’t get a free pass on Todd getting oil from an enemy dictator just because China exports worthless and dangerous products to us.

      The hypocrisy is that Sarah accuses others, not herself or Todd, of palling around with terrorists and/or dictators

      The projected hypocrisy is that Sarah would explain what she would otherwise have a meltdown over if Citgo supplied gas and oil to U.S. government vehicles as not palling around with a dictator (who, at this moment, is not one of ours) but an act of patriotism on Todd’s part: he’s just trying to bankrupt Venezuela by taking Citgo’s sponsor money for his snowmachines.

      Because they don’t want to pay extra money, those end-users of toxic goods from China used to have freedom of choice but don’t now because there’s nothing left to use.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Fla.: Based on what I’ve seen you post here before, I get the feeling you might not be an officer in your local Sarah Palin fan club.

        There is a little savory irony in the fact that Hugo Chavez Gas & Oil has a piece of Todd Palin’s sponsorship, but I think Blutarsky was latching on to the fact that Chavez has any connection here.

        I’m going to put my toe in the political pool here: There is no shortcoming Sarah Palin exhibits which isn’t equally present in numerous leftist matinee idols. To me, intellectual snobbery is a worse problem than base populism.


        • Dog in Fla

          Hog, my thought is that labelling her as a populist would embarrass populists. Heck, even Beck used to be not big on the chick. But who says chick anymore?


  5. Phocion

    So you aren’t happy that I picked up on what subtlety you did you use?


    • If by “subtlety” you mean “complete obliviousness”, I guess you got me.


      • Phocion

        So you were completely oblivious to the fact that at the very top of the link, and what gets seen in the preview window, was a picture of none other than Sarah Palin? Interesting, very interesting….


        Funny, but when I read that “complete obliviousness” I hear it in my head in a German accent…and it comes out more like “I know nooothing.”

        I just can’t make up my mind as to which Hogan’s Hero reference to go with.


        • No, I was oblivious in the sense that when I read the linked article, the first thing that came to mind was the exact phrase that appears as a caption to the photo. I love having an excuse to post that goofy Chavez picture.

          Put it this way: if that had been Todd Jones being sponsored by Citgo, I still would have run with the post, but if the event that Todd Palin participates in were called the “Iron Bear”, I wouldn’t have. See the difference?

          Seriously, you might want to recalibrate your political sensitivity meter a wee bit.