In the matter of Leach versus…. Tuberville?

We all know one of the words best used to describe Mike Leach is “quirky”, so nothing coming from his direction should be that surprising, but, still, how do you explain what this is all about?

… Meanwhile, Leach’s attorneys have subpoenaed documents from Frenship Independent School District. They are seeking any correspondence between F.I.S.D. and Texas Tech University and/or Tech’s new head football coach, Tommy Tuberville. Court documents imply that Leach’s legal team is especially interested in any conversations about enrolling members of the Tuberville family in the school district.

The only thing I can think of that may be relevant is timing – when did Tuberville know he was getting the Texas Tech job, in other words.  You wonder if somebody is going to be chasing after Tommy with a subpoena soon.

God, please let this case go to trial.  We’re talking potential epic here.



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9 responses to “In the matter of Leach versus…. Tuberville?

  1. Chuck

    May not need a trial: if we could just rely on some court reporters to violate their oaths and leak some of the depositions we could have all the fun and less expense.


  2. Macallanlover

    Senator, you are drooling all over my computer! I am still betting on the Pirate in this case, and that it never goes to trial (that would be as unsatisfying as a BCS finale….we will never know who would have prevailed.)


    • I don’t care who wins. I just want to see Craig James get eviscerated in court.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        As pointed out by Chuck above, if we could just get Craig James’ video deposition uploaded onto YouTube that would be almost as entertaining. I, however, do care who wins. If Texas Tech gets away with this, the tactic of rewriting the facts of a minor incident and using that as a pretext to get rid of a coach you do not want–without paying contractually obligated severance–will become the norm in college athletics. All those coaches that have big buyouts will be stuck with them if they want to leave but the college will fire them for cause using a trumped-up incident as justification when the college wants to make a change. Remember, we will be talking about many millions of dollars. It will be worse than the nastiest divorce in history every time.


  3. S. FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    Was Leach’s tactics unusual? Yes. Were they cruel? Yes, but I’m guessing probably not as much as we were lead to believe. That’s just my opinion.

    Was James a punk? I’d say probably so. Did James need his butt put in line? I’d probably agree with that statement too. Did he disserve the utility room when he had a concussion? I don’t think so.

    Was TTU sick of Leach’s crap? More than likely. Did that incident warrant dismissal from the University? I have to say probably not.

    Is Craig James a pompous ass? I’d probably agree with that ass well. Do I believe that he inserted himself into Leach’s business more than any other parent did or should? I can see it happening.

    This would make for a good story line in a movie or TV show…I’d say only about thirty minutes worth though. After that I’d either be ready for Leach to kick both CJ and his kid’s ass or for Tommy Tuberville to ride into town and kick Leach’s ass. Now that would be good TV!

    In all seriousness, I agree with the Mayor above…if TTU did use this as a reason to get rid of Leach then it needs to be brought to light. Now physical harm to a player, student, facility or staff member is definitely grounds for termination.

    I’m just glad that Coach Richt is a stand up guy and I have thought about it a lot over this past season with all the rumors and people calling for his head….I wouldn’t want any other coach in the nation to lead the Dawgs at this point! He is a DGD! Go Dawgs! Time to kick ass and take names in 2010! How Bout ‘Em! How Bout Them Dawgs!


    • Macallanlover

      Seems unanimous about who we are pulling for, me included. I don’t see the “cruel” about Leach’s actions. He was under the watch of TT personell, including the training staff, had access to water, etc., and the room was ample size. I think it was just a smart arse way to deal with a player who showed up for practice in sunglasses claiming the amount of light could impact his concussion. Unique/unusual? Yes, but we are dealing with the Pirate here. Cruel? Hardly. Baby James was a definite punk from reports I have read from Texas Tech fans, and he was before this incident. And he was leaving the school before this incident which is indicative of both his and James Sr.’s status with Leach’s staff.

      But as stated above, the way TT admin chose to handle this is much bigger than putting Baby James in a dark room. It defies credibility that Leach would be fired before the bowl game if there wasn’t the matter of an $800K bonus involved. TT will have to settle this, the cost of the bonus is small compared to their actions’ impact on Leach’s chance for employment in a field where $2-3MM per year is becoming pretty common.


      • S. FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

        I was simply going off of the term cruel and unusual punishment….is a shed with the lights off really a cruel punishment. no…

        I’d be interested to find out what kind of conditioning Caleb and Bacarri were made to do when they were recovering from their concussions…

        I bet they weren’t half assin it jogging around the field or showing up in street clothes, wearing sunglasses, cryin about the sun hurtin their eyes either! If I was that James kid’s teammate I’d want to kick his ass!

        Leach definitely got screwed…there’s no doubt about that!