Senator Hatch’s new shopping list

Fresh off of this week’s insult, Orrin Hatch has had enough of lobbying Barack Obama and has turned his sights directly on the BCS suits.

Spring football practice is beginning at many universities. And after a bit of an off-season, Sen. Orrin Hatch resumed attacks Tuesday on the Bowl Championship Series, too.

Hatch, R-Utah, and Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., sent a letter to BCS executive director Bill Hancock attacking — and seeking more information about — BCS revenue sharing, TV contracts, computer rankings and even whether money that should go to colleges is instead being spent to lobby Congress.

Besides that letter, Hatch also issued a press release saying, “It’s clear that the BCS is fundamentally unfair and harmful to schools, students, college football fans and consumers throughout the country.”

Consumers?  Sounds like Senator Hatch ought to think about teaming up with Ralph Nader.

Anyway, the man wants answers:  “I think the architects of the BCS should provide the public with more information to dispel the notion that the system is explicitly designed to favor certain teams while disfavoring others.”

Dispel what?   The market favors certain schools’ fan bases, so of course the system favors certain schools.  Why else is Hatch’s beloved Mountain West Conference fighting the hard fight to gain an AQ bid?

If this is a true mystery for Hatch, perhaps the University of Utah has an online Econ 101 class he can sign up for.  In any event, what kind of information is he demanding?

  • why the Big Six receive a bigger share of the BCS money than the mid-majors do
  • what those dadgummed computers are up to (can’t wait to hear Hatch try to explain that to us):

They also want the BCS to de-mystify formulas used in six computer rankings that are utilized, in part, to determine BCS rankings and who will play in the championship game.

“The exact standards utilized to derive the computer rankings have not been made public. This is particularly troubling in that the apparent reason for including the computer rankings is to ensure some level of objectivity,” they wrote.

They said something seems askew since Texas Christian University of the Mountain West finished the regular season undefeated, but ranked only fifth.

The senators said one team ranked higher had a loss, and TCU had as many wins against ranked opponents as two teams that finished higher in computer rankings. They also complained that undefeated Boise State was tied in computer rankings with two-loss Oregon.

  • the new TV money and whether revenue disparity “is going to increase under the new arrangement.”
  • and, my favorite, the hiring of an executive director and a lobbying/public relations firm by the BCS.

They asked whether such spending is being “paid from funds that would otherwise be distributed to the schools?” In short, they wonder if schools from conferences without automatic BCS berths may be giving up money to lobby against their chances of obtaining better treatment from the BCS.

Gosh, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if the debate hadn’t moved into the government sphere in the first place, ‘ya think?

In response, the BCS yawned.

Hancock issued a statement in response to the senators’ letter: “I look forward to carefully reviewing the senators’ letter with its many requests. However, it sure seems odd for Congress to worry so much about college football when the nation has so many important issues to deal with.”

All that’s missing is a press release from Ari Fleischer decrying socialism and we’ve got it totally covered.



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10 responses to “Senator Hatch’s new shopping list

  1. Bernard Madoff

    It sure seems odd for Congress to worry so much about a few little investment matters when the nation has so many important issues to deal with.


  2. Chuck

    In a diner somewhere in Utah, there is a big round table where a bunch of old guys sit and drink coffee every morning, and you know they vote, and tell others how to vote, and they are counting on Orrin getting some answers. He has to do something.


    • Dog in Fla

      And that’s bipartisan Obama. To do that, Orrin plans to donate to Obama as a love offering John ‘Agent Orange’ Boehner to get The BCS Trust Busting Bill rammed through Congress as a rider to the HCR bill.

      In the meantime Orrin’s worthy adversaries, Hancock and Ari Fleisher Sports Communication, are preparing for the showdown. In fact, Ari was just priming himself by getting focused on things like the economy, campfires, why a mid-major is called a mid-major, Boy Scouts, Anthrax, Saddam’s second attack against us, Congress has better things to do, who had watch on 9/11, separate but equal bowls and My Pet Goat.

      Ari’s press release on the dangers of socialism is expected to include the key words and phrases of how dare anyone attack The BCS, its Executive Director or its lobbying and PR firms, they all keep us safe.

      Likely outcome is that in the greatest upset in sports entertainment capitalism, heavy favorite The BCS will be upset by underdog Orrin who had a huge credibility before Ari and Hancock got involved.


      • Dog in Fla

        Ari postpones socialism press release to get busy with this so Hancock’s on his own for awhile:

        Tiger Woods has summoned someone even more significant than swing coach Hank Haney to help facilitate his wildly anticipated comeback.

        Two sources in the golf community told The New York Post that Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to Pres. George W. Bush and the man who was brought in to help repair the steroid-shattered image of Mark McGwire, has been huddling with Woods, plotting a strategy for his return to golf — at the Arnold Palmer Invitational starting March 25 at Bay Hill in Orlando.

        ‘They were in his living room this week going over a strategy for how to handle Bay Hill in two weeks,’ one source said.”


  3. Mormaniac

    Decaff Coffee in a diner somewhere in Utah….