“But the NFL doesn’t care at all.”

Hey, I’m not the one saying this.

“Playing quarterback in college, you can get away with being an athlete sort of like what Florida did with Tebow. My father loved Tebow, but was amazed by how four months ago he was the best player ever and now he has such a low grade as a quarterback that some teams are saying they wouldn’t even draft him as a quarterback.”

That’s Russell Shepard, who just moved to wide receiver at LSU.

Soon after the Tigers opened spring practice last week, Shepard got a call from his dad.

“He just said, ‘Son, I believe you made the best decision of your life, just looking at the whole Tebow thing,’ ” Shepard recounted. “I know it’s the right decision.”

And the meme goes on…


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4 responses to ““But the NFL doesn’t care at all.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You may not be saying it, but you ain’t shedding any tears broadcasting it.

    Hee Haw again: “We don’t go round repeating gossip, so you better listen good the first time.”


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wow almost a week without mentioning Tebow, a new GTP record.

    He did not do well on the Wonderlick either.