Getting pissy in Lubbock

The motion by the Pirate’s attorney to subpoena certain records related to Tommy Tuberville draws the ire of Texas Tech’s lawyers.

“We are extremely disappointed that Coach Leach and his attorneys have chosen to invade the privacy of Coach Tuberville and his family through the issuance of a needless subpoena to the Frenship ISD,” wrote Dicky Grigg, an Austin-based attorney for Tech. “The subpoena issued by Coach Leach’s attorneys is clearly so broad that it could encompass homework assignments, grades, and even medical information about Coach Tuberville’s children.”

Grigg goes on to write that Leach, through the nature of the request, is fueling a “ridiculous conspiracy theory” that Tech had begun courting Tuberville before firing him.

That’s the spirit!  A little more bad blood and maybe you guys can drag this sucker into court after all.



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13 responses to “Getting pissy in Lubbock

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    That quote sounds like moral outrage, the kind all good lawyers display when the adversary scores a bullseye.


    • The Realist

      That’s what I was thinking. If there is nothing to hide here, then, uh, what’s the big deal?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If Leach’s lawyers can prove contact between TT and TT before Leach’s firing that would go a long way in Leach’s favor. This is clearly discoverable information. I agree with TR above. If there was nothing there, compliance with the subpoena would have been swift and without fanfare.


      • Dog in Fla

        For starters, this –

        The boner by Leach’s team of super-lawyers:

        “Grigg says Tech was not informed about the subpoenas, despite codes requiring the former coach’s lawyers to notify all involved parties at least 10 days before serving the documents.”

        So in addition to violating a basic Rule of Civil Procedure which most 1L’s learn within a week of two of Civil Procedure class, Mike’s team of super-lawyers will now have narrow the scope of production down in their next subpoena to a non-party and give ten days notice so the Tech lawyers can object again.

        Which of course they will do to get continued mileage about the horror of it all what with the untold invasion of privacy to the media so potential jurors will wonder why Frenship ISD could not get right on educating Tommy’s chirren because after all it’s a free country at least in those parts of Texas that have not seceded. And I thought I read somewhere they may have interviewed Mrs. T for some kind of position but could be, as usual, mistaking fantasy for reality.

        But most important of all some person, some where, some how, should have been in charge of making sure that the start of all that did not happen until after Mike was fired. Because if they didn’t, then they’ll probably get fired, Craig’s run for President comes to a premature end and Mike gets more money which is okay because it costs more to live in Key West than it does in Lubbock.


  2. Dboy

    Arghhh, matey, I want to know if those kids floss their teeth!.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    It sounds like Leach’s lawyer crew thinks TTU may have hired Tubbs before they fired Leach or something. Which makes TTU a whole lot sharper than they appear to be.


  4. Prov

    I misread your headline


  5. dawg1976

    getting pissy in Lubbock… lol

    to hell with Leach. I never liked him anyway

    oh, the drama!

    btw… anybody seen the movie Master and Commander (the far side of the world) I rented the DVD and saw that for the first time last night… damn good one. I liked