Friday morning buffet

It’s a proven fact:  watching basketball games that don’t finish until after midnight requires massive doses of caffeine as a counter the following morning.

  • Matt Melton gives you a good statistical picture of what Tresselball is all about:  “The Buckeyes take very few risks on offense and usually rank in the bottom half of the Big 10 in yards per game. However, they create a lot of turnovers and use their fine special teams to produce a field position advantage (or actual defensive or special teams scores) that help them win games.” You know, kinda the exact opposite of what we saw out of the home team last season.
  • Reshad Jones plans on finishing up and getting his degree.
  • Chris Brown highlights something I’ve noted before:  completion percentage has to be analyzed in context.  It’s more important in some offenses than in others.
  • Frank Deford thinks the O’Bannon case against the NCAA has the potential to be far-reaching as to amateur athletics.  Maybe, maybe not.
  • I am shocked, shocked to hear that cursing goes on in college football locker rooms.  In related news, I’m pretty sure a dog bit a man somewhere yesterday.   Did I mention that I was shocked?
  • He’s back, baby.
  • Alabama-Florida in prime time and other SEC broadcast news here.
  • This is just plain pathetic.  Slightly weird, but pathetic.


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14 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Charles D.

    Reshad Jones had really good statistics in his career.


  2. X-Dawg

    The GTU thing left me speechless.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s easy to complete 66.7% of your passes. Throw 3 times a game to a RB in the flat and complete 2 of them.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    There was a lady there who asked Paul the Johnson to touch her pissy.

    The bit about Corch belongs in the shocked, shocked category too.


  4. GumpDawg

    Sarcasm meter corrected my shock at your use of “slightly”


  5. Sanford222View

    I admit the Tech vid is pathetic but sadly there are thousands of Georgia fans that would do the same thing with Richt.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Coach Johnson, touch my baby? There is nothing in the world more pathetic than a Georgia Tech fan. NOTHING.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Casual Friday rumor is that agents for Head Coach Paul Johnson and former Head Coach Mike Leach, still fresh from a stellar performance in a deposition, are in negotiations with MTV to make a guest appearance as a tandem coaching duo on the hit reality show “Jersey Shore” when it opens its second season in Miami.

    As with most who end up in Dade County, the Jersey Shore cast is there after having been run out of Jersey.

    After being blown away by Mike’s performance in his deposition, especially the riveting parts about the James Gang and Where is Tommy, as part of a settlement package expected to come about soon, Texas Tech will charter a helo for Mike from Key West.

    Upon arrival, after signing autographs for all his fans, Mike is expected to order all cast members, extras and locals to round up and put The Situation in a cool dark room for enhanced interrogation by specially trained dogs and officers from the Miami Dade Police Department on how the rent would be paid if in fact the Jersey Shore cast members were ever actually going to pay for anything.

    Just as the interrogation is starting to heat up with useful info about the split of the security deposit and first and last month’s rent, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms suits show up and kick MDPD and its dogs off the job saying the Feds control.

    MDPD will bitch about it, their dogs will bark, but they leave like they always did in Miami Vice because they know the script.

    The Situation will be shaken but not stirred. Back at the penthouse, CPJ (and he doesn’t know this yet) will be expected to tickle Snooki when, after release from interrogation, The Situation sticks Snooki in front of CPJ and yells, “Touch my baby!”.

    Jimmy Johnson, who liked the look of Mike’s hair when a younger Mike was caught on video preaching to the God Squad, is expected to yacht in from the Bahamas for a cameo.

    As soon as Jimmy and Mike finish autographing the Jersey Shore cast, Jimmy will teach Mike, CPJ and JWoww how to get more bouffant in their hair just like Snooki does.


  8. Macallanlover

    Tresselball is very Dooleyesque, imo. It can make you happy with your W-L record but makes you long for the prettier, flashier sister.

    I am now concerned about UGA/SC being an early afternoon game even though it looks to be a better game, and more significant in conference implications than TN/LSU. Columbia can be brutally hot that time of year, but it may be better for UGA than playing them at nighttime when their crowd will be stoked. Huge game this season, even more than normal, as this is my pick for the decisive East game tie-breaker.


  9. Dboy

    Coach Johnson,

    Touch my abacus.




  10. Lewis Skolnick

    I got CPJ to sign my custom made Keyboard Music Machine.