Daily Archives: March 14, 2010

“He made no bones about it.”

Sorry about the continuing series on the Leach saga, but it’s a dry time for college football and the depositions are one of the few games in town worth blogging about.

Yesterday was the James family’s turn.  The AP report doesn’t contain any real shockers, as it mainly consists of lawyer spin for each side, but this report from the Lubbock Fox station has one gem about Craig James:

Ted Ligget, counsel for Mike Leach, says Craig James admitted he has hired Spathe Communications Group out of Dallas, and that Spathe Communicated with Texas tech in a manner to manipulate messages to the media regarding Adam James and Mike Leach.  Including actually using pseudonyms to go online and blog and try to shake the nature of the news.  (Ed. note:  Channel 34 – go hire an editor.)

If Craig James manages to stay employed by ESPN after all is said and done, it’ll be another sad day for sports media.



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