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Physical ability can only take you so far.

Check out Bryan Evans’ numbers from Georgia’s Pro Day.

Then observe his mad coverage skillz on the Thomas TD (at about 3:18 on the clip):

It’s a damned shame, ain’t it?


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Out of the mouths of cranks

In the midst of John Feinstein’s current rant (even he calls it that) about this year’s March Madness selection process comes this observation:

… Gary Williams claimed to me the other night that there are more good teams today than in 1985 when the tournament expanded to 64 teams. With all due respect, he’s flat out wrong. In 1985, Villanova, a No. 8 seed WON the tournament. In 1988, Kansas a No. 6 seed WON the tournament. IN 1986, a Maryland team led by Len Bias finished SIXTH in the ACC. There were more teams in big conferences with juniors and seniors back then, there was more depth because of that and the quality of basketball was better at all levels than it is today. [Emphasis added.]

So if we take him at his word, even without any further expansion, the college basketball postseason is already watered down over the past quarter century.  That’s a helluva sales job for a playoff, John.

And before I get the inevitable basketball-isn’t-like-football complaints in the comments, read his entire blog post.  It’s a litany of complaints about seeding, conflicts of interest, the irrelevance of the selection of the final entries into the field of 64, etc.  In other words, it’s a shining tribute to “settling it on the field”.

Look, I get the point to a football playoff.  I really do.  But here’s the thing:  on a year-in, year-out basis, on average, how many teams can you say truly deserve to play for a national football title?  Four?  Six, max?  And how big a playoff field do you see most folks jonesing for a playoff advocate?  If you’re honest, it’s more than six.  So at some point, the debate here crosses over from settling it on the field to inviting Cinderella to the dance.  My question is, why does college football need the fake juice of potential upsets in a single elimination-format postseason to validate itself?


UPDATE: I swear to Gawd you can’t make this stuff up.  Today Feinstein bitches about the play-in game added a few years ago as being nothing more than a rank money-grubbing move – which it was, but that’s beside the point.  His solution to fix things?  Expand the tourney to 68 teams.

Intellectual consistency, thy name is John Feinstein.



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Getting to know you…

Does this man look comfortable to you?

Fear the thumb, baby. (photo via Sporting News)


UPDATE: Spencer Hall notes that it could be worse.

When Tuberville turns around and sees the Zorro-knockoff behind him, he’s gonna shit bricks. We recommend photoshopping other things behind him, like Nick Saban on Falcor.


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