Getting to know you…

Does this man look comfortable to you?

Fear the thumb, baby. (photo via Sporting News)


UPDATE: Spencer Hall notes that it could be worse.

When Tuberville turns around and sees the Zorro-knockoff behind him, he’s gonna shit bricks. We recommend photoshopping other things behind him, like Nick Saban on Falcor.



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10 responses to “Getting to know you…

  1. TheCasey

    Why is the cameraman focussing on TT and not Zorrette back there? I think I’ve got someone new to daydream about today.

    Also, somebody should tell TT that’s not how Nixon did it.


  2. Jim

    .45’s, chaps, bandannas and buried treasure
    We are raiders forever


  3. Spike

    Looks like is getting ready to pick his nose.


  4. Sefdawg

    Who’s got two thumbs and has no idea where he is? This guy, baby, this guy!


  5. Dog in Fla

    The twin goths on the Tech campus see Tommy. Knowing he’s from Auburn, an isolated place, they think he is making some kind of rudimentary effort to communicate to show that he is coming in peace. They return sign to Tommy…

    So does the head of the Political Science Department…


    • NCT

      Political Science, yeah, but how’s their Sociology Department?


      • Dog in Fla

        Sociology is doing well. After the coup, the Department has been under the control of this guy…

        and his student intern…

        While some of the changes have been difficult, the one thing everyone agrees on is that the Department meetings don’t last nearly as long now with these two new parliamentarians in charge to interpret the rules…


        • Dog in Fla

          Update: When the Soc Department got the ‘Code Red’ alert that the teabaggers were marching on Washington today to finish off, for starters, healthcare, they wondered who ordered the ‘Code Red’ because it could mean only one of two things: “fire” in a hospital or “violent extrajudicial punishment”.

          Anyway, they knew they couldn’t let that pass by. They contacted the Poli Sci guy to convince him that a two car cavalcade to D.C. is the thing to do because even if ‘Code Red’ is not enough to get the party started, Hon. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) locked and loaded the propane into the flamethrower by declaring, “There’s a whole lot of demon going on,” Gohmert said. “There are a lot of demons around here apparently.”

          They even asked Tommy if he had any interest in going with them. He said no because he’s got to learn the identity the masked Zorro Girl thinking that she may be a spy for Leach. So they stocked up on potted meat and headed toward D.C. hoping to get there before the fun was over.


  6. B Man

    Is he commenting on the size of the horse’s schlong or making grand proclamations about lil’ Tubbs?


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